Closure of the Eugales Superproject And Movement of Associated Facilities

Hello to all,

This is a formal statement regarding the cessation and closure of the Eugales Superproject, all related terraforming, infrastructure, and development activities in the unincorporated system of Eugales after more than seven years of dedicated operation in the area to enforce both personal development claims of the UNF and House Brezia, and the System of Interest Claim initially made by the Unified Principality of Archavoinet, and later reaffirmed by the combined will of the UPA and other Memberstates of the Archavoinet system.

The reasons for this cessation are myriad and varied, among them repeated assaults by CONCORD DERAIL, SARO Red Troop, assorted mercenary entities, and current belligerence from the Gallente Navy and Federal Intelligence Offices after years of relatively peaceful and productive progress. This departure and closure of activities was discussed for some months with the memberstates of Archavoinet, recognizing that it would leave their System of Interest claim unenforced, and to that end, they have unanimously retracted the SoI claim to Eugales.

Capsuleer Entities associated with the United Neopian Federation faction will continue to maintain Security&Shipping franchise coverage in the system of Archavoinet and continue with smaller scale activities therein, such as the ongoing refurbishment of the ruined military station near the Eugales gate, and Project Aurora, the starlifting reconfiguration of a standard Athanor class refinery, as well as the Brezia Companion Services continuing to maintain its admin hub Fortizar in Archavoinet as well.

As for what is to become of the megascale infrastructures that have survived the recent conflicts and belligerences, much of it is being… relocated. Those who have been watching may be aware of the capability to do so already. The energy expenditures in doing so are exceptional and extreme, but necessary to safeguard hundreds of millions of lives.

Spaciotemporal storms will likely be present in Eugales for some time after final activation of the Translocation systems, and such navigational hazards are herein advised to be avoided where its possible to do so. An in system announcement of this potential set of hazards was made three hours prior to inform any loitering fleets of the Federation Navy, or continuing wetwork operators of the FIO, time to prepare and avoid these hazards.

To @Oveg_Drust , a good day to you. If you wanted a date all you had to damned well do was ask for it, instead of overseeing aggressive, wanton slaughters and destruction alongside your colleagues. You can say you warned me, and I suppose you did… DERAIL really do not play around… but neither do I, not with the likes of butchers of your ilk.

To the Federation Navy, Black Eagles, and President Agaurd, with respect, I believe your actions, though perhaps believed to be necessary to stabilize the system, have been made far too late and far too little, unfortunate as perhaps it may be. You have unfortunately lost what I had hoped would be a permanent fixture to the system’s infrastructure to improve the quality of life of any civilian comers or extant residents, even if such infrastructure would have remained Neopian facilities.

The primary infrastructures, orbital and planetary, including the plant VI Orbital Ring and Yard, for now are being translocated to MHC-R3, and will largely be clustered around and onto planets III and VI. If we must move again later, we shall, but for now we will take time to continue to build and heal. Some may wonder why I’d announce this, but the mass energy displacements are quite hard to miss even for those not paying particularly close attention.

To all others, the UNF are not done, we are not simply folding over, this is but one chapter closing, and a new beginning is ahead. Fair Fortunes, and Fortune’s Favor.


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