[Announcment] Eugales Harbor Complex open

The United Neopian Federation is pleased to announce the formal openning of the Eugales Harbor Complex, a lowsec freepot grid in orbit around Eugales VI at a lag of approximately 29,000km from the planetary customs office.

The complex consists of two structures, the Neopian Bazaar, a Fortizar class citadel fitted with a market hub, and the Virtrupets Orbital Waystation, a Raitaru class engineering complex fitted with a specialized reprocessing center for Ice and Low/Null security ore processing.

As with the Solar Plaza complex in Archavoinet, aggressive action within 5000km of either structure may result in docking rights being revoked temporarily, pending investigation of UNF Administrative Officials.

Travel Advisory: it is suggested that those traveling to the Eugales Harbor Complex avoid the systems of Oulley and Aubenall.


Awesome. Eugales has had only one benefit - it was low populated low sec system, calm waters inside of FW battle zone. You guys managed to make it a mess. Congratulations.

Your trade hub can not compete with Vlillirier., there is a 0% tax public refinery in Algasienan. As well as Azbell trade citadel.
You decided to make Eugaless your home, nice to you. My wild guess it is because you could survive there. Advert it with functioning trade hub, and Vey masters will come to evict you.

Just words of caution, I, personally, do like your team.

Oh this I do like. I mean, I don’t think the odds are in your favor, but this is exactly the kind of initiative we need a lot more of.


Yeah. I don’t have enough information to have a very good sense of whether it’s actually a good idea, but I’ll look forward to finding out what happens!


Very rarely are the odds in any particular group’s favor Ms. Del’thul. We shall see where this endeavor takes us.

Mr. Erg, very rarely do places in New Eden stay quiet forever. If I’m not mistaken, some years ago Eugales had a reputation of not being so calm, quiet, and forgiving as it is now. Truly, it was only a matter of time, one way, or another, before it returned to that state.

Thank you for this opportunity.

I hope that many loyal State pilots will use your facilities to bring law and order to the system, that is still, unfortunately, withering under gallentean oppression regime. These democratic fanatics and freedom zealots prevent us from developing the system and they stay on the way of prosperity of honest workers. It will be awesome if you will help us to clean the system from the Federal fanatics for the colonists’ sake.

Ms. Kim, while I appreciate your… Enthusiasm, I would like to remind you that the UNF is a neutral party to the factional wars, and that our aggression policies apply to ALL capsuleer entities that choose to come within range of our structures, and may be subject to docking revokation should aggression occur there, this includes members of the State Protectorate. I’m sure that you can understand.


Some things people are sure of are almost certainly in vain.


An update on the Harbor Complex.

With the immenent release of Upwell’s Refinery line of structures to the general capsuleer populace, the Virtrupets Orbital Waystation is having its enhanced reprocessing centers offlined pending deployment of an Athanor class Refinery in the coming weeks.

The Waystation will be converted and restaffed as a specialized manufacturing center in the near future.


A further update to the progress of the Harbor Complex, and the development of the Eugales system as a whole.

The Virtrupets Orbital Waystation has been properly remodeled as a manufacturing center, specialized around Basic Capital Component, and Structure Component Material Effeciency, with further extensions of Material Efficiency for additional item manufacture still pending.
Additionally, a small Lounge in the lower industrial sector of the Waystation has become a popular stop for many baseliners that travel through Eugales on the way to other destinations.

The KreluCorp LLC, a UNF baseliner entity from the remote core worlds has helped to sponsor the deployment of the UNF’s first Upwell Refinery center the KreluCorpLLC Harvester, over Eugales V - Moon 1, and the enhanced ore and ice reprocessing equipment has been moved over to this structure, and high grade reprocessing capabilities are now restored in the Eugales system.
The moon over which the Harvester has been deployed has been designated as ‘Umai,’ by the LLC, and many UNF Capsuleers have taken to calling the moon by the designation as well.

For now, that is all. Thank you for your time.


An update to the progress of the Harbor Complex, a Composute Reaction Center athanor with enhanced composite efficiency has been added to the primary grid, alongside the Waystation and Bazaar.

A new Travel Advisory is also in effect for Oulley and Ostingelle, two systems often in the transit line toward Eugales, depending on your direction of travel, both have been frequented by pirate camps as of late. Caution is advised.


Pirate blocking Oulley path is no new thing. I am surprised about unusually high level of aggression on Ostingele gate to Stacmon appears on regular basis. Instead of advising caution I would advise to maintain a kind of intel channel about WH in Unour and Josmaert constellations. Very often there is a high sec to high sec WH in the pocket.

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Pirates… In Oulley… Why I never…

Miscreants, scoundrels, neardowells, thugs, hooligans, vermicious knids… That I certainly believe, but pirates? Never.


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