[UNF-A/Eugales Development Authority]Press Release Bulletin - Eugales Developments and other Claims

Press Release Bulletin*
United Neopian Federation and subsidiary Eugales Development Authority Release Statements on DERAIL Activities and Varied Claims, YC123.10.08, Eugales VI

  • DERAIL Activity Denounced As ‘Targeted Brutality and Intimidation’ By Capsuleer and Baseline Authority Figures Within the independent United Neopian Federation
  • UNF and EDA Baseline and Capsuleer Leaders Re-affirm Support for Unincorporated and Breakaway Colonies in Unincorporated System of Eugales, Defenses and Materials Openly Provided to Colonies Seeking Aid.
  • UNF Re-affirms Claim on Eugales VI and Near Orbital Zone, Closes Orbital Yard and All Surface Colonies to CONCORD DERAIL and Auxiliaries
  • UNF Doubles Down On Salvage and Repair Claim on Abandoned Station Infrastructure in Archavoinet And Algasienan, Particular Focus on Abandoned Station off of Eugales Gate in Archavoinet
  • Eugales Development Authority Denounces ‘Stranglehold Terms’ Many Sponsored Colonies Previously Held Under in System
  • UNF ombudsman delivers pointed remarks appealing for cooperation with the interstellar community on establishing adiquate checks on DERAIL & Megacorporate overreach

Bulletin Ends


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