[UNF-A] An Open Letter to the DERAIL Commander

To the DERAIL Commander in charge of counter-subversion operations,

On behalf of the United Neopian Federation, the Arcology on planet VI, and related infrastructure projects, I’d like to offer our cooperation in this endeavor of yours… Should you be willing. Perhaps even tours of the facilities on and around planet VI to see if they are to your standards? Perhaps even share some of the details of the ongoing work related to the Orbital Yard and Arcology?

Of course, I’d be remiss in my duties as a diplomat if I did not communicate the state of relations between UNF and CONCORD itself, its been no real secret to this point, yet still an oft overlooked detail, that the United Neopian Federation, the baseline national group that the capsuleer alliance largely represents in interstellar affairs, is a non-signatory entity of the Yulai Accords; partially, due to comparatively recent contact with the wider cluster, and largely by choice as my people have worked to understand the merits of abiding the treaties and agreements that would come with attempting to reach signatory status, or becoming directly party to any of the currently existing signatories.

This in mind, I’d like to think that UNF’s relation to CONCORD has been largely cordial, and I’d hope that such could continue to be so, even now. That said, I would like to provide a reminder that, as the above is the current case, UNF structures and facilities being sovereign territory and our non-signatory status… while your input and insights are welcome, I’d encourage you to remember this fact during any inquiry processes or tours, and that things may not quite meet your exacting standards. Of course, to presume they would is largely unrealistic considering the circumstances.

I’d also like to encourage you to, perhaps, stand down your commandos briefly from the other storm worlds in the system of Eugales, in the spirit of cooperation of course. We could find more amenable ways to broach this investigation that don’t require such armed units busting down airlocks and terrifying civilians.

I’m quite amenable to having an appointment for your inquiries made, and… perhaps you could pursue actions in the Arcology’s, or even the UNF’s primary legal system.

With Regards,

Lauralite Anne Brezia
Head Diplomat
Capsuleer and Colonial Director


Colonel @Oveg_Drust , do you think you may be able to forward this to your esteemed colleagues in DERAIL perhaps? It seems I’m unable to find a public contact point for them.


With respect to our friends in the UNF in Eugales and their wish to seek a diplomatic resolution to this incident, I cannot sit by silently any longer while DERAIL continues to bully them into submission. Justification for DERAIL “counter subversion” meddling in Eugales isn’t just tenuous, it’s non-existent. To this day I have yet to see clear charges brought against the UNF or Bosena Accords-affiliated warclone clans in the system.

More than likely, this is a thinly veiled shake-down for materials that are the culmination of years of collaborative research and development in structure megaprojects, ship building, and advanced manufacturing heuristics. CONCORD seems to be continuing the age-old tradition of seizing that which they can’t develop themselves, against a target that they have repeatedly libeled and slandered. The Neopians are free to pursue their course of action as they see fit but so far as I’m concerned this is unlawful seizure, and warclones stationed in Eugales have the personal right to protect their assets if threatened from unlawful confiscation or tampering.

At this time the Office of the Warden of Avalon, and the Bosena Accords Organizationally would like to reiterate standing orders and instructions to all signatory warclone members or members of signatory organizations to comply with any legal investigations or actions, and to reiterate that Mortal Lives must be Preserved to the best of the signatory’s abilities.


It seems DERAIL didn’t much care for the offer of cooperation. I’ve had several reports of raids against UNF facilities across the surface of Eugales VI, some successful, others less so, as well as an attempted intrusion at the Orbital Yard, which was repulsed. It seems a peaceful solution was never an option based on their conduct, and all members of ArSec, the Sain baina Shar.Meyzmul Pruuzan Accordiat warclone clan, Purosopekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, and all other security and military units are being mobilized.

I also have learned that several long term archaeological facilities on Eugales V - Moon 1 have been raided, both by Lai Dai Protection Service and DERAIL, seizing a number of collected artifacts related to the Yan Jung precursors. Other facilities there remain operational, and have had reinforcing security and equipment deployed to them.

All UNF Facilities have been put to full alert status, and in space facilities have had all docking accesses rescinded both for DERAIL and LDPS units both.

Suppose this is what I get for hoping for a peaceful solution.


It is never a pleasurable thing when agency and freedoms are taken from you, worse so when it is done at the tip of a knife blade or the barrel of a gun.

I will spare some thoughts for you and your people at this time.

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