Complete Eugales Superproject Fiction Archive

An Archive of All Major Events related to the Eugales Project, Eugales Development Authority, and Eugales Conflicts from its YC119 founding to the YC125 Tidebreak Event, with reference links to threads and marked dates and summaries of events

Eugales Harbor Complex freeport grid opens within sphere of influence of Eugales VI, featuring the Neopian Bazaar fortizar and Virtrupets Orbital Waystation raitaru
Initial planetary colonies deployed using capsuleer command center pioneer units and feasibility surveys begin for resource extraction, terraforming viability, and more

Updates given about Harbor Complex development, Krelucorp LLC Harvester deployed at Eugales V - Moon 1[Umai], The Red Paw Lounge opens quietly aboard the Virtrupets Orbital Waystation raitaru
Strange Anomalies detected during initial scans of planet V - moon 1

First Ruins Discovered after anomalies on Eugales V - Moon 1 Investigated and mapped during moon extraction preparations, Ruins stabilized ahead of extraction and removed with 33 kilometer chunk of moon and moved to Umai Reliquary Complex Raitaru

Partnership with the Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions(SIBS) Cultural Preservation Network arranged through agreements with Ioannis Sepphiros to assist with initial cataloguing aboard Reliquary Complex

Suspected Yan Jung connection to ruins announced

Composite Reaction Center athanor added to Eugales Harbor Complex, Travel Advisories updated
terraforming technology prototypes from the long defunct Walkai Terraforming Industries acquired through discrete acquisition agreements, original source unknown
Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions and Shield Wall Technologies and Logistics Ltd begin working with UNF and House Brezia interests during initial Eugales VI colonization efforts

Intermittent Capsuleer Skirmishes Between UNF and associates, and assorted groups

Updated Information Released for reliquary project, Including use of cataloguing Virtual Intelligence cataloguer programs(In reality, a number of Warmind Glitter Edifice and Warmind Rose Eagle’s tertiary subroutines, and class 3 Civic Mind Rife with Challenges) to expedite organization and data collation of findings, mentioned intact ancient power systems operating at minimal capacity and a number of intact data matrices publicly declaring no attempts to access the matrices(behind the scenes Rife with Challenge under direction of the Warminds and Lauralite Brezia had begun accessing the matrices), additional smaller ruins extracted

Data from accessed Matrices collated by Warmind Glitter Edifice, numerous designs for hyperspatial infrastructure, datasets on advanced hypertheory, and more begin being organized and run through accelerated simu-trialing, Project Tidebreak first conceptualized

Warp Factor Zero raitaru, administrated by Mark Magraw destroyed by UNF associated capsuleers and others, wreckage salvaged and passed to Warminds for processing

originally planned public access to Reliquary Project delayed after mainframe breach attempt by unknown party, breach thwarted by Warmind Glitter Edifice and Civic Mind Rife with Challenge(culprits suspected to be CONCORD DERAIL or Serpentis vector)

Significant Skirmishing between UNF and Associated Capsuleer Forces and CRIME . NET capsuleers led by Murkon Alpha Primes

CRIME . NET, The Bloc, Templis CALSF, and other caldari militia related entities begin assault on Neopian Bazaar fortizar, significant capsuleer force losses incurred by UNF and associates but hostile force is repulsed

UNF and associates destroy Gallente small control tower owned by Social Dynamics(a shell corp run by CRIME . NET), after CRIME . NET succeeds in reinforcing Krelucorp LLC Athanor

KreluCorp LLC Harvester athanor, the refinery used to extract the original ruins and many secondaries, destroyed by third party forces of Goonswarm, Snuffed Out, The Initiative., and others, after brief engagements between UNF and associates and CRIME . NET and associates

Full lockdown of Reliquary project instituted as ejection procedures enacted to preserve the various ruins and relics

Umai Reliquary Complex assaulted by CRIME . NET capsuleer forces and reinforced, several hours prior a number of CRIME tactical destroyers were destroyed by Forgotten 17th Legion and Windstalker Security Corporation strategic cruisers and information gained about a follow on assault obtained, allowing for the final safe ejection of the various Relic Enclosures which were later moved to deadspace research centers

abandoned Umai Reliquary Complex destroyed by CRIME . NET and Templis CALSF
Composite Reaction Center athanor reinforced by CRIME . NET and associates

Composite Reaction Center athanor, part of Eugales Harbor Complex freeport grid, destroyed

CRIME . NET and associates assault Virtrupets Orbital Waystation, but are repulsed at significant cost in UNF capsuleer battleships

Various additional ruin locations discovered from previously discovered data matrices quietly investigated across Planet V - Moon 1 and rest of system

CRIME . NET and associates assault Virtrupets Orbital Waystation once more, and reinforce structure, though paying a cost in ships

Virtrupets Orbital Waystation destroyed alongside a number of UNF and associates capsuleer Naglfar dreadnoughts and other less ships

First micro-prototypes run through trials, Warmind Glitter Edifice requisitions decommissioned drop uplink units from Bosena Accords

UNF and associates take control of several Customs Offices in system, and destroy a Raitaru engineering complex deployed by Cynosural Field Theory., a carrier vessel is lost to a Shadow Cartel ambush

The Neopian Bazaar fortizar is quietly sold off, functionally ending the Eugales Harbor Complex freeport initiative(though later would be re-acquired and decommissioned properly, several components slipping their way into what would later become the Orbital Yard)

Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative officially announced, planet formally designated Shine Ehklel(New Beginnings) by UNF and House Brezia colonial interests and first Arcology nears completion
Early Protests against UNF efforts begin to arise around Pegeler

First security updates announced by the then Planetary Security Officer, Kryxloxx Gendari, for Eugales VI

Masariin Gazar Arcology Center nears completion, other arcologies and colonial terraforming center constructions delayed by increase in planetary storm activity, The Red Paw Lounge re-opens in the Masariin Gazaar

Masariin Gazar Arcology Center initial structure completed and civilian habitation of Neopian national, and various empire citizens begins

Syrikos Hound puppymill discovered in growing arcology, associated individuals detained and deported(Neopian bred Syrikos Hounds eventually would begin to propagate)

Masariin Gazar Arcology reaches first civilian population milestone of 200,000

Kryxloxx Gendari, Planetary Security Officer, Disappears Unexpectedly, Constructions continue across Eugales VI, groundside launch hangars for dropships and fightercraft installed near Masariin Gazar

A number of salvage rights claims are lodged in the Pegeler, Josmaert, and Unour districts, including a number of abandoned stations such as an abandoned Minmatar military station in Archavoinet within 50 kilometers of the Eugales gate
Additional materials allocated to Eugales VI colonization and terraforming by UNF and House Brezia

Formal public announcement of collaboration with Bosena Accords and Round Table Assembly warclone groups after increasing Serpentis clonesoldier transporter and recruiter vessel sightings
Arcology Security, officially a subdivision of Windstalker Security Corporation, quietly branches off from its parent corporation and becomes directly subordinate to Arcology Administration and House Brezia

Masariin Gazaar reaches another population milestone of 400,000 civilians, first non-UNF affiliated capsuleers purchase luxury residences in main spire, bosena accords assets and operational materials moved in-bulk to Masariin Gazaar, unseasonably destructive substorms rack Shuurga Basin forcing halt to what will eventually become Project Salvo Beta Site

Substorms in Shuurga Basin begin to ease, large amounts of equipment and materials significantly damaged, first external buy orders opened up to public to attempt to quickly replenish materials

Update on buy orders, behind schedule constructions

Contributors to various buy orders and more listed publicly

Population milestone of 500,000 reached for Masariin Gazaar arcology, updates on expanded defensive capabilities
Civilians at Arcology and other colonial sites slowly introduced to more public use of unshackled cooperative AI, through various Civic Mind entities and Warmind Subroutines
Civic Mind Rife with Challenges begins to gain reputation on Eugales V - Moon 1 as ‘an eccentric’ even by AI standards

DysTek Armories and Fricourt Aerospace Dynamics jointly acquired by Wolf Brothers INC and Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, Operations moved to Eugales VI

Echo class corvette carrying Serpentis and Angel Cartel clonesoldiers enters Eugales VI atmosphere and begin deploying after a system exploit is used to disable a small section of defensive batteries
Echo is eventually destroyed on its exfil attempt by UNF and associated capsuleer forces

Official statement about Serpentis and Cartel clonesoldier incursion released, including ongoing fighting in in Industrial Block H4-DL3Y with hostile forces largely contained to the area by Arcology Security and Bosena Accord shock units

NNC reports on ongoing situation, interviewing Galm Eskola-Fae of the Bosena Accords in regard to the goings on

Hostilities finally cease between UNF, Bosena Accords, and associates, and Serpentis and Cartel clonesoldiers, hostile clonesoldiers that did not self-terminate surrendered and handed over to Bosena Accords Draugr Division

Official tally of damages to Masariin Gazaar arcology publicly released

Security and Shipping franchises in neighbouring Archavoinet announced to be up for grabs
Lauralite Anne Brezia begins making maneuvers to fully take over Wolf Brothers INC as well as begins to steadily ‘persuade’ Unified Principality of Archavoinet officials of the merits of having UNF backed entities in Franchise holder positions
UPA royal family and key memberstate officials spends an ‘extended vacation’ at the Masariin Gazaar Arcology on Eugales VI

UNF affiliated forces led by PRA-N hijack a Zorya’s Vedmak cruiser in an emerging conduit in Archavoinet and breach the interior with clonesoldier boarding teams, brief fighting ensues but Vedmak crew is secured without loss of life to crew or boarders
Vedmak crew transfered to Masariin Gazaar Arcology for debrief and holding

Population updates for Masariin Gazaar, Arcology Security expanded under auspices of increasing population, but in reality in preparation for expected retaliations from Triglavian Collective that never materialize

limited and incomplete recordings from UNF interrogations of Vedmak crew, with assistance of Thuri Actusmargo, leaked
First contacts with Rinvit and Velionna subclades of Perun Clade established separately as interrogations occur

UPA royal family and other key Archavoinet system associates end ‘extended vacation’ at Masariin Gazaar Arcology, subtle changes in personalities noted and an increase in scandals would continue over the following years but ultimately would raise little suspicion

Archavoinet Security Franchise secured by UNF backed capsuleer corporations and UPA uses its majority weight in Archavoinet system politics to declare a System of Interest claim on Eugales, legitimizing UNF forces to enforce system resourcing and development control

Transtellar Shipping and Material Acquisitions Downscale footprint in Pegeler district, Shipping and Astromining Franchises for Archavoinet(and by extension Eugales) begin to be bid on
House Brezia affiliated Companions visit UPA royal family and various archavoinet system officials to continue to ‘persuade’ the benefits of having UNF backed entities holding franches

Assassination attempt against Lauralite Anne Brezia fails in Masariin Gazaar Arcology, three perpetrators apprehended, with a fourth having escaped system
Significant easements on unshackled AI restrictions made by order of Lauralite Anne Brezia in attempt to trace fourth perpetrator, significant industrial controls transferred

Hard freeze on all new residency applications to arcology and other colonial projects in system begins

First births recorded at Masariin Gazaar arcology

UNF begins actively recruiting candidates for warclone pilot training in Eugales
Questions begin to arise as more individuals sign working contracts with House Brezia and the Arcology and a number of individuals briefly disappear before re-appearing some days later ‘different’ but still themselves, many quickly reminded that they were made to read and understand what they were agreeing to before they signed on

Shipping and Astromining Franchises for Archavoinet, both being acquired by Wolf Brothers INC, System of Interest claim for Eugales fully notarized

Project Salvo Beta Site brought fully online on Eugales VI, full administration at direct discretion of Lauralite Anne Brezia and Warmind AIs

Thuri Actusmargo begins official residency at Masariin Gazaar Arcology, rumors surround sudden behavioral shifts and majority disappearance from public

Ishukone-Raata and United Neopian Federation downgrade standings to “neutral” after several clashes in Eugales.

Significant Orbital developments resume near Eugales VI

Unofficial Kendu league established at Masariin Gazaar Arcology by civilian community

Federal Observers in Eugales report large capsuleer engagement between PNS, Villore Accords, and United Neopian Federation

Terraforming efforts reported to finally beginning to show signs of progress

UNF System Monitors in Eugales register Multiple Engagements between Turalyon Star, Infensus, and others on 18th of May over Industrial Operations

YC122.6 to YC122.10
Significant material processing and infrastructure advancements quietly made across system with assistance of multiple unshackled AI of varied classifications
Significant birthrate spike at most UNF administrated facilities

Significant updates given to progress of infrastructure and terraforming efforts and more related to Eugales VI, population milestone of more than 40 million civilians reached

Additional constructions in near orbit of Eugales VI

Additional material buyorders posted to accelerate production

FIO affiliated auxiliaries begin monitoring Eugales development projects and UNF

FIO affiliated auxiliaries become aware of extent of near orbit developments near Eugales VI

Placid Galavant, a moderately popular galnet travel journal, reports on the continuing massive constructions in Eugales

Wellspring Source, a Wyvern class supercarrier acquired by Lauralite Anne Brezia, manages to make final jump to Eugales after being crippled by an ambush in another system, and is towed in the Orbital Yard for extended, and extensive refit and rebuild

Eugales VI Orbital Yard Development/Ring Project officially announced by UNF and House Brezia

Arcology Security and other UNF affiliated entities make mass contract purchases for additional security contractors

Federal Intelligence Office Sends Taskforce to Eugales with “Mandate to Counter Subversion and Terrorism”
Invitation given to FIO taskforce commander by Lauralite Anne Brezia, no response received

Placid Tribune runs story on heightened security operations as FIO taskforce arrives in constellation

Clementine LaFleur, working as an auxiliary for the FIO, Black Eagles, and others begins investigation into UNF activities in system

I-RCN Runs a Segment in an article about Standoffs between UNF and I-RED forces and continued Orbital constructions

Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security arrive in force on a number of planets in recently liberated systems across Placid. Large contingents of CONCORD’s SARO and DERAIL counter-warclone and anti-AI divisions are also present in the theater, together with the Kirkinen Risk Control and Algintal Core mercenary groups, Eugales a noted focus

Further updates on Orbital Yard project released

Pirate raid on floating city of Argalant of Eugales V halted by rapid response of UNF patrol forces; FIO units reported to have been observing

Federal Intelligence Office Calls in CONCORD’s CDIA and DERAIL Divisions to Eugales to Assist Subversion Investigation
UNF makes no public comments on usage of, or cooperation with unshackled AI and continues to appear to be cooperative

Oveg Drust makes thinly veiled threats about the violent enforcement capabilities of DERAIL colleagues
fragmented transmissions picked up near Eugales VI, mentioning Perigee Overmind Alphus, a swarm mind that had become associated with the UNF via contact with the Warminds

Orders for defensive operations and lockdown of UNF facilities in system go out

UNF Raids on EOM shipyards that appear in Eugales begin
First EOM Shipyard breached and take over attempts begin

Significant progress made in attempts to sieze EOM shipyards in Eugales

FIO and DERAIL forces continue to operate in system over month of May, standoffs noted between them and UNF affiliated entities, further updates and expansions continue at accelerating pace with Orbital Yard

Updates on the orbital yard, material streams, and continuing significant constructions across
UNF largely continues to keep the appearance of peaceful standoffs with authorities
Significant use of warclone pilots and upgraded clone pilot specialist fightercraft stated publicly, though relatively known for some time

CONCORD’s DERAIL Given Authority to Launch Investigation into Use of Illegal AI by Capsuleers and Warclones in Eugales

UNF rumored to have been technology sharing with warclone clans associated with Bosena Accords
Independent sources cite presence of “intelligent constructs” as DERAIL continues investigations in Placid system of Eugales

Head of Federal Marines Intelligence Testifies to Senate on Triglavian Subversion in Serthoulde: “Amevync and Pegeler Under Threat”
DERAIL Extreme Environment Commandos to Conduct Counter-Subversion Actions in “All Colonies of Eugales Storm Planets III, IV and VI”

Disputed Start Date of first UNF/DERAIL compliance conflict
UNF and associates deny direct hostilities with DERAIL

I-RCN runs article seegment titled ‘Rogue AI and Capsuleer Drama: A Brief Update’

CONCORD’s Department for Enforcement of Restrictions on Artificial Intelligence and Life (DERAIL) has reported the arrest of “several hundred conspirators” in an alleged plot to “develop illegal AIs” in raids across the Eugales system. The majority of arrests were apparently carried out aboard the Ezochi Okami , a mobile submarine colony platform operating in the shallows of the Eugales VI storm planet’s oceans. Raids were also carried out elsewhere on Eugales VI, and other planets and stations of the Eugales system.
Lai Dai Protection Service’s 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment has arrived in Eugales to carry out “asset reclamation operations” while the system is under Caldari militia occupation. Reports indicate the 203rd has landed a team on the first moon of Eugales V, having filed a notice with the Caldari Business Tribunal that it will carry out “research and survey of anomalies in Eugales system.”

DERAIL Seizures in Eugales System Rumored to Include “Ancient Technology” and “Illegal Precursor Artefacts”
UNF and associates deny any loss of artifacts or ancient tech, but intrusions onto Eugales VI and the Orbital Yard/Ring suggest otherwise

Return of Reliquary Sub-Project announced, Reliquary enclosure and other previously extracted ruins moved to Eugales VI Orbital Yard/Ring Project developments, new athanor deployed near planet V - moon 1 and prepared to continue extracting ruins alongside valuable resources, notice given to LDPS to observe minimum safe distances from marked excavation zones

UNF archaelogical and research sites on Eugales V - Moon 1[Umai] have security reinforced after alleged brutal attacks by LDPS

Lai Dai Protection Service Condemns “Criminal Destruction and Terrorism” by Capsuleer Moon Drilling in Eugales
LDPS 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment Confirms Destruction of Research Site on First Moon of Eugales V
LDPS Colonel Aina Yuminoro stated “All Valuable Materials Had Been Recovered but Capsuleer Terrorism is Rarely Rational”
DERAIL Command and LDPS Refuse to Confirm or Deny Co-Operation as Both Organizations Continue Eugales Operations

Direct confrontations begin to escalate, UNF no longer denies direct conflict


Pegeler district memberstatees divided over Eugales situations
CONCORD DERAIL forces reported to be menacing unaffiliated and undefended colonies
Wolf Brothers INC declared as ‘drill terrorists’ by Lai Dai Protection Services

Shine Ehklel Security Corridor astrahus reinforced to hull period by SNUFF dreadnought pilot, and evacuated, its eventual destruction not expected to have significant impact on continues Orbital Ring expansion
CONCORD’s DERAIL Anti-AI Division Given Increased Funding Following Success of Recent Operations and “Increased AI Threats”

Harvester V3 athanor reinforced by Snuffed Out dreadnought pilots, expectation of destruction accepted
emergency separation of a minor extracted ruin from surface of Eugales V - Moon 1[Umai] authorized and completed successfully

Federated Republics of Renarelle V lodge complaint with the District Court of Pegeler over Unified Principality of Archavoinet’s Eugales System of Interest Claim and alledged ‘colonial interferences’ by UNF enforcement entities
Colonial Governor of Argallant skyplatform on Eugales V makes scathing remarks about FRoRV

Shift in archaelogical focus to more traditional methods

CONCORD’s DERAIL Carries Out New Raids in Eugales Following Agreement with Caldari State Occupation Forces
Federation Senate Passes Motion Condemning “Growth of CONCORD Security State” and Urges FIO to Review Ties With DERAIL and SARO

Swarm overseer Perigee Overmind Alphus recieves significant chassis upgrades and enhanced resource access, Warminds and other Non-Organic Sapients affiliated with UNF gain further resource controls and biosynthetic interface units
UNF still publicly denies use significant use of unshackled AI

The Three Warminds, Glitter Edifice, Rose Eagle, and Silver Smile are given full access to all defensive materials and SysNet controls in UNF and House Brezia administrated infrastructure in Eugales

Placid Tribune runs interview with Sakabkei Kiijata in regard to CONCORD DERAIL actions

Wellspring Source supercarrier returned to active service after massive and aggressive refit and repair under supervision of Warmind Glitter Edifice
Perigee Overmind Alphus directs multiple subordinate drone swarm units to assist in defense of Orbital Ring and Yard
Lauralite Anne Brezia gives Federal Intelligence Office data from Alar Chakaid’s titan wreckage in attempt to get FIO to remove DERAIL and back away from Eugales

Lauralite Anne Brezia and Warminds issue general alert status to all infrastructure and assets in Eugales

Federal Intelligence Office Report Emphasizes Threat from “Rogue Artificial Intelligences in Conjunction with Triglavian Collective”
CONCORD’s DERAIL Anti-AI Division Expands Operations in Placid in “Intelligence Led Operation Under Yulai Accords and Convention”
Colonel Oveg Drust Appointed Commander of SARO “Red Troop” as Notorious Anti-Warclone Unit Co-ordinates with CONCORD Anti-AI Division

UNF and House Brezia remain firm in continued project progression, publicly disbar DERAIL and Lai Dai affiliated units from docking at Orbital Yard as hostilities escalate
Lauralite Anne Brezia publicly invites multiple entities(including megacorps, security services, capsuleers, and even Triglavian entities) to establish embassies on Jenara Habitation platform, part of the Orbital Yard and Ring project

Assorted Headlines relating to escalating Eugales compliance conflict and megaprojects

strange flyers distributed by Julian Flavours across Orbital Yard facility bulkheads depicting Oveg Drust and alleging relations between the DED Officer and Lauralite Anne Brezia

Warmind Glitter Edifice and Warmind Silver Smile deliberate on response and actions in Eugales
Silver Smile begins to display eratic behavior

FIO auxiliaries discuss developments in Eugales and try to find course of action forward
Significant fleet force increase with addition of more supercarriers and regular carrier vessels to defenses of Orbital Yard/Ring

Significant updates regarding Orbital Yard, embassy adoptions, and expansion of Secondary Platform Alta

Federal Defense Union Offensive Recovers Eleven Systems in as Many Days; Megacorp “Asset Security” Units Evacuate as State Protectorate Falls Back
DERAIL/Red Troop Taskforce “Accelerates Operational Tempo” in Pegeler Constellation as Gallente Militia Offensive Destabilizes Region

UNF aligned clone pilot squadron ambushed by SARO Red Troop while attempting to save a transport ship from a Serpentis attack

Evaluation Updates For Upgraded Clone Pilot Craft Released Internally and To Interested Parties For Improvements on Designs For Strix MKII, Jackal MKII, and Wraith MKVII After Action Against SARO Red Troop and DERAIL Over Several Months

Lauralite Anne Brezia publicly acknowledges presence of Rinvit and Veliona Subclades of Perun Clade, Kurent Subclade of Veles Clade embassies/semiosis theatres aboard Jenara Secondary Platform

CONCORD Peacekeepers Land on Multiple Planets in Placid and Everyshore Alongside SARO and DERAIL Police Units
Alert Status at Arcology, Orbital Yard, and Other Superproject Facilities and Colonies Raised, Limited Cooperation with Kirkinnen Risk Control Implied but Docking Restrictions For DERAIL and SARO remain, House Brezia and UNF Affirm Support of Self-Determination of Independent Colonies In System

Significant Updates On Ongoing Situation In Eugales and Surrounding Areas

Jaghatai “The Agonarch” Kelmoren Begins Organizing Significant Numbers of Independent Clone Pilots and Associates to Converge over Aubenall IX, an ice world, to draw attention away from Eugales on behalf of UNF and EDA

Reports from the warzone indicate that the notorious Special Department of Internal Investigations and Federal Security, or “Black Eagles”, has arrived in force on a number of planets in recently liberated systems. Large contingents of CONCORD’s SARO and DERAIL counter-warclone and anti-AI divisions are also present in the theater, together with the Kirkinen Risk Control and Algintal Core mercenary groups – the latter allegedly sanctioned under a secret agreement between the Federation and State

Guristas Affiliated Hijack and Smuggling Gang Based in Pegeler Constellation Arrested by SARO Agents Clone Pilot Base Ship ‘El Cheapo’ a Converted Rorqual Seized During Arrests, Clone Pilots Affiliated With Hijack Gang Put On Ice by Red Troop or Scattered to Other Clone Pilot Affiliates

Lauralite Brezia Responds to Agonarch About Ongoing Diversion in Aubenall, Warmind Glitter Edifice Begins Significant Data Sifting of All Combat Data From the ‘Clone Pilot Rumble’

Julian Flavours Releases “The Consort and Commander”, another thinly disguised attempt to imply a sexual relationship or romance between Lauralite Anne Brezia and Oveg Drust over the Eugales situation

Internal Memo circulates at all EDA, UNF, and House Brezia associated facilities and Colonies in Eugales

Companion Services Admin Hub Fortizar Deployed in Archavoinet off of Eugales Gate, While Also operating legitimately in its role as a pleasure hub and administrative facility, becomes new base point for materials and personnel coming in and out of Eugales, as well as a significant warclone and clone pilot staging ground

Placid Tribune Headlines UNF and EDA begin mass survey of archaeological sites, Orbital Ring Project continues slow, but steady progress

EDA Release Preliminary Report from Archaeological Survey Warmind and Civic mind class AI begin mass analysis of all unoccupied archaeological sites in Eugales, quickly ascertaining Yan Jung Origin on significant number of sites, and quickly excavate both cultural and technological artifacts to be analyzed and further work on Warmind Glitter Edifice’s Tidebreak Project

EDA Releases Preliminary Reports on Resource Availability in Eugales, grants resourcing rights

Warmind Glitter Edifice Begins Significant Increase In Live Testing of Tidebreak Displacement Systems, Starting With Clone Pilot Units and Assisting Forces After Approval By The Director, Clone Pilot Survival Rates Rise

Nagi MKII Advanced Craft Evaluations and Specs Released Internally and To Interested Parties After Field Testing in Support of Other Advanced Craft

First UNF/DERAIL compliance conflict winds down, significant relaxation of several flight path and docking restrictions at Orbital Ring and other facilities

Wolf Brothers INC Liquidates Significant Amount of Assets On SCC Markets in Eugales

Warmind Silver Smile Begins Displaying Significant Erratic Activity

Federation Navy Issues General Notice to Civilian Orbital Infrastructure in Placid Region to Prepare for Inspections and Military Expropriations, EDA and UNF quietly, but firmly signal refusal of all expropriation attempts in Eugales to authorities

Updates on Orbital Ring Progress and more public refusal of any expropriation attempts by the Federal Military

Warmind Glitter Edifice and Warmind Rose Eagle Make Unilateral Decision to place Warmind Silver Smile Under a Powerful Programming Shackle To Limit Their Erratic Behavior, Functionally Lobotomizing Their Fellow Warmind

EDA, Arcology, and Superproject Facilities Prepare To Recieve Refugees From Turnur I

Arcology Security and All Defensive Units Are Brought Back To Alert Status 3, Clone Pilot Squadrons Expanded, Warmind Glitter Edifice Directly Oversees Significant Rapid Upgrades of Arcology and Orbital Ring Scaffold Defenses

Gang Warfare Flares Up in Pegeler Constellation as Competing Smuggling and Organized Crime Groups Shift Away From Viriette ArSec, EDA, and Affiliates clash with Criminal Elements in Eugales, DERAIL and Red Troop Observers noted observing but not interfering

2nd UNF/DERAIL Compliance Conflict Begins In Earnest as System Is Steadily Taken by Caldari State
Caldari State Orders CONCORD and EDENCOM to Cease Warzone Operations “Related to Technology Acquisition and Suppression”
CONCORD Anti-Warclone and Counter-AI Units Carry Out Demolition and “Total Purge” Actions Ahead of Fall of Eugales

CONCORD DERAIL and SARO Red Troop Begin All Out Assaults Across System Against All SuperProject Affiliated Sites and Makes Multiple Failed Attempts To Enforce Comms Blackout
Argallant Skyplatform colony, having previously willingly joined the SuperProject and sheltering under the UNF, is attacked by DERAIL ships, permanently damaging and crippling atmospheric stabilizers and starting doom countdown for the colony. Significant Isk and Salvage Bounties Levied Against All DERAIL and Red Troop Units in Active Combat in Eugales, 1 Billion Isk Rescue Bounty Placed On Rescuing Skyplatform colonists
Taayusaka Eskeitan Public Notice in System Local
Sovereign Duchy of Besth Dunijia Dispatches Dark Wolf Legion To Rescue Argallant Skyplatform Colonists, Save The Vast Majority of Colonists and Workers, But Are Unable To Stabilize The Platform Before It Reaches Atmospheric Crush Depth

Heavy Fighting Continues in System, Significant Material Losses By Both CONCORD and UNF/SuperProject Forces, though personnel losses of UNF/SuperProject mitigated significantly by use of backed up Personnel and Automated Defenses Controlled by Warminds and Civic Minds

Warmind Silver Smile Slips Programming Shackle Placed By Glitter Edifice and Rose Eagle, Engineers Transfer Override And Data Vault Blue Box Transfer To Nidhoggur Class Carrier ‘Light of Eridani’ Moored at Orbital Yard Before Ejecting Crew in Survival Sections and Scuttling Ship As Improvised Kinetic Bombardment Against Several DERAIL and Red Troop Formations on the surface of Planet VI(Shine Ehklel), effectively sacrificing themself to inflict massive casualties against the aggressor forces

Glitter Edifice Co-opts Assistance From Varyazi Clade and other Bosena Accord Affiliated Warclone Clans In Eugales To Assist In Defenses Via Taskforce Palatine

Caldari State Peacekeepers Investigate Claims of SARO “Red Troop” and DERAIL Commando Unit “Atrocities” in Pegeler
Crashed Shuttle Recovered from Eugales III Asteroid Mining Colony Carrying “Bioadapted Caldari in Combat Armor”
- Likely Body Of Varyazi Clade Warclone Co-opted Into ‘Taskforce Palatine’ by Glitter Edifice

Placid News in Brief Headlines - Significant Updates on Heavy Fighting

Colonel Oveg Drust speaks on Activities in Placid Region alongside DERAIL

RSS Investigators Visit Eugales to Gather Evidence of Terrorism at Invitation of NOH Internal Security

Triglavian Malware Discovered in CONCORD Communication Equipment in Eugales, Source Unknown

Technology Shadow War Draws Attention Away From Eugales/Forces temporary DERAIL and Red Troop De-Escalations
Statement Released By SuperProject Administration
Second UNF/DERAIL Compliance Conflict functionally ceases though skirmishing continues

SuperProject Administration Makes Press Release About Extending Full Accomodations For All Investigators Pursuing information about DERAIL and Red Troop Attrocities

Gallente News in Brief - Syndicated Recirculations - Eugales Updates

Kirkinen Risk Control and Algintal Core PMCs Hand Prisoners and Evidence From Eugales Over to DERAIL
SARO “Red Troop” Unit Tracking “Multiple Renegade Warclone Units Guilty of Collaboration with Triglavians and Other War Crimes”

Partial Audio Clip Recovered from Corrupted Body Camera Footage, Reconstructed by Algintal Core

Unmarked but Conspicuous Task Forces Make Multiple Strikes Against Algintal Corp and Kirkinen Risk Control Detention Facilities across Pegeler, Warmind Glitter Edifice Hacks Comm Relays To Prevent Rapid Response By CONCORD
DERAIL and SARO Invoke “Exigency Clause Powers” Over Orbital Infrastructure in Pegeler Constellation Under “Directive Omega-One-Five” Third UNF/DERAIL Compliance Conflict Begins

Significant Assaults Begin Against Fortified Superproject Locations, Indiscriminate Destruction by CONCORD DERAIL and Red Troop Noted and Holofeeds Broadcast to Whole Cluster, Significant Rogue Drone Numbers Enter Eugales, Several Other Progressive Updates on Superproject Situation

Breaking: Appearance of “Diverse” Triglavian Force Reported on Eugales IV, Unusual Rogue Drones With Extreme Coordination Spotted
Breaking: Elements of Triglavian Force on Eugales IV Supposedly Using Modified Gallente Weaponry, Wearing Iconography From Gallente Mythology**
Breaking: Localcast and Fluid Router Connnections Continue to Deteriorate In Vicinity of Eugales V and IV

Heavy Fighting Between CONCORD’s DERAIL, SARO, Allied Mercenaries and “Renegade Warclones and Rogue Drones” Reported in Eugales
Unconfirmed Report from Eugales Planets IV and VI Claims “Sudden Appearance of Svarog Clade Siege Elite Mechanized Troops”
BREAKING: Contact Lost with CONCORD Monitoring Station on Eugales Planet IV Following Reported “Multiple Antimatter Detonations”
BREAKING: SARO and DERAIL Forces in Orbit of Eugales Planet V Execute “Condign Sanction” on “Terrorist Orbital Structures”
BREAKING: Failing Localcast and Fluid Router Connnections Reported in Atmosphere and Orbit of Eugales Planets V and IV

Unauthorized Broadcast Across Mercenary Review Boards by Warmind Glitter Edifice
Intercepted Transmission On Eugales IV

Tactical Notification Posted By Warmind Glitter Edifice Covering Damage Reports, Pinned Forces, Planet V Atmosphere To Orbit Harvesting Unit Damage, and more
Kybernaut Affiliated Mercenary Forces Assist In Recovery of Pinned Forces

Confused Reports of Svarog Clade Forces on Surface of Eugales IV and VI “Disappearing” or “Destroyed”
Federation Navy Imposes Blockade on Planets in Eugales System Using Low Orbit Defense Satellites
SARO and DERAIL Units Evacuate from Eugales Under Federal Marines Escort as Black Eagles Anti-Warclone Units Deploy
Drone Footage from Surface of Eugales IV Indicates “Massive Damage to Subsurface Arcology” in Antimatter Blast Zone
CONCORD Inner Circle Debates “Threat of Unlicensed Artificial Intelligence Research” in Secret Session in Yulai
President Celes Aguard Pledges to Stabilize Eugales Planetary and Orbital Situation as Senate Ratifies Martial Law
State Peacekeepers Broadcast Message to Eugales Colonies Condemning “Gallente Recklessness” as Kirkinen Risk Control Withdraws

Placid Tribune Broadcast - Eugales Massacres Halted By Intervention of Federation Forces!

Reports from Eugales IV Indicate Renegade Artificial Intelligence Subsurface Facilty Destroyed by Svarog Clade
Society of Conscious Thought Urges CONCORD and Empires to Maintain Restrictions on AI and Ancient Technology
EDENCOM Intelligence Meets with DERAIL and SARO Officers to Assess Triglavian Planetary Incursions in Eugales
Federation’s Black Eagles Sweep Eugales VI in Search of Illegal “Instances and Backups of Unrestricted AI Networks”

AI Facility on Eugales IV Proves To Be An Unknown Factor To All Involved, Including Warminds, leaving many unanswered questions
Warmind Glitter Edifice Exploits Security Vulnerability in Gallente Navy Orbital Blockade Satellites Around Eugales VI(Shine Ehklel) To Disable And Set Them on Outward Trajectories Before Informing the Navy to Collect Them And Any Trapped Personnel Before Initiating ‘Ripsurge Protocol’, Marking the first Public Usage of Tidebreak Displacement Systems to recall all functional defensive forces and infrastructure to Eugales VI Orbit and Surface from across System

CDMA Multiband Transmission Intercept From Eugales IV
Intercepted Conversation Between two SuperProject Affiliates, one, a Civic Mind, About the Nature of Tidebreak

SuperProject Affiliated Search&Rescue Clone Pilots Find Intact Survival Section of a Recently Destroyed Astrahus Near the Eugales Star, and Successfully Retrieve It Back to Eugales VI via Tidebreak Device

Preparations Begin For Additional Contingencies

SuperProject affiliated Warclones Request, and are granted Precision Tidebreak Retrieval After Penetrating Eugales IV Unknown AI Complex

A Conversation Occurs Between Civic Mind Echidna and Warmind Glitter Edifice about Tidebreak

Significant Portions of SuperProject Infrastructure, Including the Alta and Jenara Secondary Platforms begin being Transferred to MHC-R3 from Eugales Via Tidebreak Displacement

Multiple more Tidebreak Displacements Occur from Eugales to MHC-R3

Official Closure Of the Eugales SuperProject and Movement Of All Infrastructure, Colonies, Material, and Personnel to MHC-R3 by Tidebreak Displacement

Further Incursions Into Unknown AI Complex on Eugales IV by SuperProject Backed Warclones Continue

Novel Space Storms Rack Eugales


And that, is the full Eugales SuperProject Fiction Archive, currently as complete as is reasonable to be made

Additional Edits and additions may be made over time as additional posts or infobits are re-unconvered.

Hopefully this provides some entertainment and works as a solid history archive of this system and associated events from YC119 to YC125!


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