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The Caldair Navy has placed an emergency blockade on all non-military traffic on Torinos V following an unidentified explosion during a raid on the CBD lunar colony. The colony was reportedly already on lockdown to contain subversive anarchist elements and was subject to a recent counter-insurgency operation after evidence was discovered tying the terrorists to the attempted bombing of the Jita 4-4 space elevator earlier this year.

The nature of the explosion is still being investigated and HAZMAT teams have been deployed on scene in response.

The following is a notification that had sent to traders and merchants aboard the Aliastra, Pend Insurance, Sisters of Eve and Core Complexion stations near the northern border of Aridia and Genesis.

The Ministry of Internal Order has sent you this memorandum in relation to concerns expressed by numerous domestic and foreign merchants over inter-piratical violence occurring in the Anama constellation of Aridia. Rest assured that Imperial Navy scouts have surveyed the conflict between the Blood Raiders and the the Serpentis Corporation and have concluded that their interests lie mainly with each other, and that merchant vessels are not considered to be at a heightened level of threat due to these hostilities. Travelers are still encouraged to take the standard necessary precautions in relation to travelling through low-security space.

Be aware that any discovered collaboration between foreigners in Empire space and the two aforementioned entities will not be tolerated, and will be subject to punishment at our discretion. The Ministry of Internal Order takes the security of Amarrian citizens seriously, and will not permit threats to their livelihoods to foment within its borders.

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 19 Feb YC123


Recent rumours amongst analysts and experts in the field of Private Military Contractors have caused concern over the future of a group based in Nakri; Gagana Defence Solutions. Although there are no confirmed reports, it is believed that GDS were the Amarrian based group that met with disaster recently in Raa. Further information, also unconfirmed, suggests that this may not be the only recent failed operation in which GDS has been involved, and, if true, two such occurrences will have a significant negative impact on the ability of the company to fulfil further contracts without a lengthy recovery period or strong financial backing. GDS is known to have received many contracts for smaller, protection-oriented operations, particularly from the Koval Family, and such a significantly offensive undertaking such as that in Raa, if it involved GDS, would be a highly unusual step for them to take. Neither Gagana Defence Solutions nor any of Gagana regular contractors, including the Koval Family, have issued any statement on the matter.


“So? Did he do it?”


“What the ■■■■? What happened?”

“Boss lady came down with something and he wasn’t about to push it. It just seems like poor timing on his part.”

“But that’s not his fault! He’s cleared months of time for this!”

“I didn’t say it was, but there’s nothing to be done about it.”

“Well what do we do with this crate then?”

“Leave it. If he wants to share, he’ll have something for us by the time he comes back after the next raid.”

“I hope so. She can’t have all that by herself.”

“Not in one go, I couldn’t imagine. But you don’t know her very well if you think she won’t wear it down over time. We’re lucky if it lasts half the year.”

“What 'bout the challenge?”

“He’s a fool, remember? He doesn’t give up so easily, he just waits.”

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“There he goes.”

“Welp. That’s done.”

“Think the boss lady’s going to slow down?”



“She’s the second biggest fool behind him. Not a chance.”

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system monitors in Eugales note a cynosural field lighting over Eugales VI around the time of 13:40 NEST and a series of detonations following a jump translation, a tattered Wyvern class supercarrier, catastrophic damage apparent and venting atmosphere, barely being held together, before it is towed with rapidity toward the nearby orbital yards trailing debris

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System Monitors in Archavoinet note an uptick in claim contestation and low level conflict between subcontractors for Astral Mining, Material Acquisitions, and Wolf Brothers INC leading to a number of mining vessels belonging to AM and MA being severely damaged, but not destroyed in ensuing spats


“Are you in the batch getting transferred?”

“Yea, my subcircle and and a few others are to head out next week, part of the whole companies re-organization.”

“Nice, I hear the facility is no joke. No cut corners, top of the line everything. Not sure how the commander pulled it off.”

“Word is that it has something to do with Skarkon. You know how secretive they are about that entire Op.”

scoff “Yea”

“Regardless, it’ll be nice to be back on the Old Mother. Its been an age since I was back. Might even be able get chance to see my folks, spirits know its only a few hours away near Sundsele.”

“It sure would be nice to get back. If I give you a few things, would you mind dropping them off, at least at the courier? I got a kid brother who love some of this kniknaks.”

“Sure, won’t be a problem.”


Some disturbing rumors have started to leak out of Pochven, for the most part they are confined to local newspapers and sensationalist rags but the narrative around the stories might be compelling to some. Apparently a Leshak bearing Kybernaut colors had been witnessed traveling throughout known space before mysteriously vanishing, most likely through the network of wormholes and filaments that Triglavians often carry.

That would be unnerving enough, but the ship had apparently been sporting a mix of Triglavian and rogue drone technology. Exhibiting advanced radar systems and adaptive armor systems that augment the already lightweight but sturdy Triglavian armor plating. Those who claim to survive a violent encounter with the ship often report a nearly sentient swarm of drones being unleashed upon them in retribution, sometimes sporting drone models as advanced as the Geckos developed in the secret ghost sites around New Eden.

Quietly, some even claim that these mechanical abominations are occasionally sighted roaming the forests of worlds nearby.


overheard discussions near external drydock 4, Eugales VI Orbial Yards

“Gods and spirits, look at that…”

“First time getting a good look at her?”

“I’d heard the damage was bad but… The Director’s brought Wellspring back in bad shape before… this is a completely different level.”

“Some bastard jammed her capsule interface with a custom spoof of some sort, one of her inner circle crew.”

“Damn… well, bet whoever they are, they aren’t having a good day with their contract details.”

“Doubt it indeed.”

“■■■■ though, there’s multiple sections that are through and through damage, full punctures… all the Cap Banks are practically slag… the reactor’s fragged… how the hell did she manage to get it back here at all?”

“Director overrode every safety and ran surviving damage control teams ragged to hold her together for an emergency jump.”

“Must have lost more in the translation…”


“This is a full gut and retool job. Might be cheaper just to buy a new one, if one can be found.”

“You know how the director is, she’s sentimental. Plus the investment in Wellspring to begin with has a lot of custom gear anyway that would need replacing on a new hull so cost balances out.”

“Just glad we have the extra help from those contractors she brought in. Makes this a bit less of a turn around job.”



The Amarrian Church’s Office of the Bishop for Aeman Constellation, Sinq Liason has released a “Syllabus of Errors” purporting to list faults with the branch of the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist operating in Lamadent III. The “syllabus” does not directly challenge the theology of the Sedevacantist Church, which holds that the Amarr Throne became vacant during the reign of Heideran VII, who issued the pacifistic Pax Amarria. Instead, the sedevacantists are criticized for such “heresies” as “Use of Quafe Girls as Scripture Readers”, “Allowing Extreme Form-Fiitting Clothing in Church”, “Substituting Holy Water for Quafe”, and “Erotic Slave-Girl Holoimages in Church”. The Amarrian Church’s missive implicated @Laurienne_Quafegirl_Cherbourg as the probable culprit for the Quafe-related “heresies”, stating that she was recorded in the “Summit” channel discussing church strategy with sedevacantist leader Nauplius.

Sedevacantist Church spokesperson Calyce Io rejected the allegations of heresy. She pointed out that the so-called Quafe girls are properly ordained to the minor order of lector and their micro-atomically thin, form-fitting clothing was legal under the pre-Heideran canon law accepted by the sedevacantists — not until prolonged contact with the Gallente Federation were clothing tightness regulations added to the traditional Amarrian body coverage laws. The coming “True Emperor”, said Ms. Io, would have to decide for himself whether to regulate clothing similarly; in the meantime, she claimed, the sedevacantists would continue to adapt to such elements of Gallentean culture as aid proselytizing without compromising church doctrine.

Similarly, continued Ms. Io, the Sedevacantist Church does not consecrate Quafe, but rather consecrates water into holy water in typical Amarr fashion and then adds carbonation and Quafe syrup later for the benefit of Gallente congregations. Finally, she said, the so-called “Erotic Slave-Girl Holoimages” are actually the “Minmatar mistresses” of church members, but because the Gallente Federation does not allow slavery, the mistresses remain legally owned by church leader Nauplius and held in his hanger in Mehatoor, whence they are projected into the church lounges and lobby areas where church members and their holo-mistresses can mingle. During the service, the mistresses are projected into the balcony level of the sanctuary — the only section of the sanctuary where Minmatar are permitted. According to the sedevacantists, the holo-mistresses are a preview of the rewards that will be available to the “Chosen” once the “True Emperor” begins a new Reclaiming, and are only provided to the most dedicated church members.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist declined to comment on outstanding legal action involving its Lamadent branch.

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 02 Mar YC123


Cyber attacks across the system of Nakri struck a number of institutions and companies today, causing serious disruption. The full extent of damage is not yet known, nor the full list of victims, though it is understood that private companies and enterprises across a wide range of sectors, from supply and logistics to security were targeted. Amongst the latter, recently troubled Private Military Contractor, Gagana Defence Solutions, was hit, raising concern over the company. Facilities and interests belonging to the two Noble Families of Nakri, deSilvestris and Koval, also suffered attacks, though neither family has yet released a statement revealing what, if any, damage was done.
The identity of the perpetrators has not been confirmed, but initial reports from victims and witnesses claim that a significant number of infected systems displayed the word “Nadezdha”, and links between this attack and previous incidents across Nakri involving the use of this word are inevitably being drawn. Security Forces in Nakri have launched an investigation, vowing to “identify and apprehend the person or persons responsible”.




Posters bearing the slogan Престол вакантен along with propaganda for the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist have appeared on warehouses and other properties owned by House deSilvestris in Nakri System overnight. Each poster features the slogan, which translated means “The Throne is Vacant” along with a depiction of Lord Alexandr deSilvestris, brother of capsuleer @Ekaterina_deSilvestris, together with his bride whom the poster describes as a Minmatar criminal slave and symbol of House deSilvestris’s degeneration. Experts suggest that the sedevacantists, who believe that the Amarr Throne became vacant with the publication of the pacifistic Pax Amarria, are continuing their program of stirring up resentment among Amarrian commoners for their holders whom the sedevacantists portray as no longer cultivating their ancient, holy lineages and thus no longer worthy of reverence.

The Sedevacantist Church through its spokesperson Calyce Io claimed responsibility for the posters. Although Ms. Io declined to state the means by which the posters were put up, the sedevacantists are known to have used TCMC-controlled slaves to cause public disturbances in the past, and TCMC experts say that clandestine distribution of posters is within the capability of a conditioned, TCMC-controlled slave, of which the sedevacantists have an enormous supply thanks to their sponsorship by capsuleer Nauplius. Asked whether the Sedevacantist Church bore any responsibility for recent hacking attacks in Nakri, Ms. Io replied in the negative, although she added, “There is no hope as long as the Throne is Vacant. Престол вакантен.”

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The Caldari Navy has imposed strict quarantine measures on the troubled Torinos V lunar mining colony as a result of anarchist terror bombings on Caldari infrastructure. The combination of nanoforming swarm hives and bioadaptive mutaplasmids appear consistent with rapid terraforming measures utilized by the Triglavian collective launched against inhabited worlds. The effects have proven immensely destructive on the strategic value of the corporate facilities located there as the moon continues to shift to an entirely alien climate and ecosystem.

It is unknown how the attack was conducted or if the weapon has the potential to mutate and bioadapt those exposed to it. The Caldari Navy and PKN Interstellar officials have officially requested assistance from AEGIS anti-subversive specialists to contain the ongoing threat.

(((Artist Credit)))


//Bodycam footage – Angel Cartel raid on Chaneya VII. Monastery of His Holy Peace//

The footage is silent for the first thirty seconds. It’s dark and grainy, a small part of the bottom left portion of the screen is taken up by a camouflaged helmet, clearly the user’s. In front of him stand two great golden double doors. He stacks next to it as the sound comes online.

“Breaching charge!” A shout goes down the line, several other men and women can be seen. Wearing Republic Fleet uniforms and carrying standard issue Republic Fleet small arms. A woman runs up from the back, placing two small bricks of explosive on the door.

“Prepare for breach, cover!” The camera goes dark as the user crouches and turns.

“Breaching” The woman yells. Immediately a low thump can be heard, the user turns and boots the door. It crashes open, revealing a garden courtyard cast in golden light. Colonnades on all sides and a fountain in the middle.

“To the chapel! Azrael has them herded in there.”

The user and the other soldiers move swiftly, professionally. It’s possible to see his weapon up at the low ready. They move straight ahead, to the rear of the gardens. As they move it’s possible to see the bodies of two guards in deep pools of crimson. One’s throat has been slashed, the other lays on his back, a knife still buried in his eye socket.

“■■■■” A voice can be heard, thick with mirth “Azrael doesn’t ■■■■ around.”

“Quiet” a gruffer voice says. “Keep to the mission. We’re here to rescue the Matari.”

They pass through the doors at the end, down a long corridor lit with stained glass. At the end of the corridor is the chapel. The door flanked with statues of Imperial saints. The user stacks on one side of the door. He nods to the soldier on the opposite side before slicing the pie and pushing through.

The chapel is a traditional Khadorian design, flooded with a low golden light which leaves the alcoves and area behind the altar cloaked in darkness. Imperial flags and flags of House Khador hand either side of the altar. There are about twenty rows of pews, the brothers and sisters of the monastery take up the pews, heads down as if in prayer. Silent but for the occasional whimper, as the soldier passes them a few can be seen shaking, shivering. He steps over a wet pool as he passes one of them.

“Azrael!” The gruff voice calls out “Stop ■■■■■■■ around, is the product in place?” A small laugh rings out from the darkness behind the altar. Two glowing yellow eyes appear as a figure steps forward, dressed in slave’s work uniform. The sleeves stained a dark red. Azrael’s skin is coal black as she steps into the light, it fades to very light brown as she steps forward.

“Yea, hun… they’re all ready by the dropsite. Giving thanks for their new found freedom and planning their new lives in Pator. All ready for ya’ll heroes of the republic to step in and save em!” She lifts a bottle, sacramental wine, half empty.

“Wanna drink? Figure we can have some fun with them before we get outta here…” She gestures to the prostate clergy, a wry smirk on her face.


“I reject this notion that humanity are destined to adopt augmentations and implants as this 'advancement” of our species’ quality of life. Such things I call “Jove Talk” as it the very same logic that landed the Jovians where they are today… Jovians were disgusted with what the limitations and cons of being a human being entailed and tried to run away from it by mutilating themselves with augmentations and genetic engineering. And did all this lead to some perfect and efficient society? No, it lead to their society’s utter destruction! It lead to their next generation being cursed with an illness that their ‘advancements’ made them vulnerable to!"

Do I condemn such technology when it comes to replacing a lost limb or retired organ? It be unfair of me to say so… But I find it troublesome when human beings trade in their natural flesh for metal and wire in pursuit of some advancement. Someone that thinks like that will continue to replace their flesh with machinery until it must be debated whether or not they are a human, or a machine."

“Do note that I have said that we shouldn’t fear such technology if no better alternative is present. What I am teaching is not to treat such technology should be seen as taboo and those that currently utilize such tech are impure humans. What I teach is that we should come to embrace ourselves as human beings and to accept the cons and limitations of our corporal forms and not go on a mad chase to try to ‘improve’ what the human being is. Prarimily because such an endeavour would be naturally sabotaged by human error.”

    • Suha Raibuya, speaking at the Windchime Shrine aboard N5Y-4N’s Guristas Logistical Station.
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Articles in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 05 Mar YC123


Nakri based Private Military Contractor, Gagana Defence Solutions, today announced large financial losses in the wake of serious difficulties recently suffered by the company. Reports and commentary from experts and analysts in the sector have centred on the impact that contract related difficulties may have had on the company, and these, combined with a major cyber-attack across Nakri only days ago, are believed to have dealt a fatal blow to a once successful operator.

Speculation is rife, however, that a buyer may be found who can offer a rescue package to Gagana. It is known that the contractor has often been favoured in the past by the local noble Koval family, principally to cover security arrangements at that family’s many facilities in the system. The Kovals have not yet commented on the matter, and whilst they do appear as the most likely party to make any sort of bid for Gagana, it is not impossible that another group, including a rival military contractor, may also seek to sweep up Gagana’s assets.


Security Chief Evgeniy Sokolov took questions today on the recent attacks of vandalism against the noble deSilvestris Family, which has seen properties belonging to the well-respected and ancient Nakri family being defaced with a slogan known to be an attempted rallying call of the so-called Sedevacantist Church, a heretical and treasonous criminal organisation, denounced by a large number of Organisations and groups loyal to Empress Catiz and the Amarr Empire.

“The motivation of these misguided smear attempts against a loyal and beloved Noble family in our system appears to be a reaction against the relationship in which a scion of the deSilvestris family is involved,” stated Chief Sokolov. “Whilst it is not my place to comment on the private affairs of any family or individual, nor to pass judgement on any person’s apparent feelings of resentment and jealousy towards such affairs, the fact of the matter is that this group, quite clearly based outside of our system of Nakri, is spreading heretical beliefs and attempting to undermine the security and stability of our home. This is an act that will not go unpunished, and anyone involved in such activities, either directly or indirectly, whosoever they may be, as well as anyone found supporting or harbouring any notions of disloyalty to Her Imperial Amarrian Majesty Empress Catiz, the Empire, or legitimate Imperial institutions, will be tracked down and dealt with accordingly.”
Asked if there was any suggestion of a link between the actions of the heretics and the similarly recent “Nadezdha” movement in Nakri, Chief Sokolov said, “the ability of this foreign group to undertake sophisticated actions such as the recent attempted hackings is doubtful. However, although we have no direct evidence that the two groups are linked, it is entirely possible that there is a relationship, and this is forming part of our ongoing investigation”.
The deSilvestris family has been approached for a comment.


footnote in earnings report from wide sector audit at Jita 4-4

Jita 4-4 Security Contractor and Paramilitary Job Office Sees Mass Movement of Marine and Marine Equivalent Operatives

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Customs agents in Nakri have siezed hundreds of posters intended for illicit distribution in Nakri by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist. According to Amarr authorities, routine inspection on the baggage of a Brutor male with Freed Slave status travelling from Mehatoor revealed the posters, which feature a painting of Nakri nobleman Alexandr deSilvestris romantically intertwined with his Thukker bride in a pose and style similar to that common to the covers of smutty Gallentean romance novels. The posters were impounded on the grounds of Amarrian morality laws, but further investigation revealed they contained the slogan Престол вакантен or “The Throne is Vacant” along with other text supporting the Sedevacantist Church, which believes the line of legitimate Amarr Emperors was broken with Emperor Heideran’s pacifist policies and which has been trying to win over the commoners and vassals of those holders it considers overly libertine.

The Brutor carrying the posters having been taken into custody, interrogation revealed little, as he would only repeat Престол вакантен and was non-responsive when asked whether others were bringing sedevacantist posters into Nakri. Despite his paperwork indicating a Freed status, authorities suspect him to be an slave illegally held by the sedevacantists. Medical imaging of the Brutor revealed the presence of a Transcranial Microcontroller, a device known to be favored by the de facto leader of the Sedevacantist Church, the capsuleer Nauplius. Customs authorities promised tightened security as a response to sedevacantist infiltration in and around Nakri.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist declined to acknowledge the arrested slave but stated that their slave supply is vast and the loss of one agent would not stop the distribution of what they called their second printing of posters targeting House deSilvestris.

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Local Delinquent Sought by State Police for Defacement of Corporate Property

Spaceplane Patrol officers in cooperation with Lai dai Protection services on Torrinos V’s lunar Mining Colony are in the process of tracking down the culprit responsible for the recent trend of corporate property being vandalized and defaced.

((Art made by @Alen_Asques))

Recovered security footage shows the culprit to be nothing more than a small girl in her mid-teens with short amber colored hair defacing corporate property with profane graffiti that borrows symbolism from the Guristas Pirates. While authorities are still searching for an identity, the culprit has gone by the allias “Okiku”, a name left as signatures across multiple pieces of graffiti.

Most of the culprit’s graffiti can be found in scheduled and out of the way spots, however the culprit has progressively gotten more bold with several more high-profile attacks on corporate property, having tagged entrances to ration depots, reprocessing plants and even the sides of public monorails with Guristas symbolism. The most recent and “Last straw” for authorities however came in the form of a stylized and lewd depiction of the CBD Corporation’s CEO Imanima Hinpas being gagged and ‘pegged’ by Lai dai’s CEO Alakoni Ishanoya wearing rabbit ears atop the walls of a apartment complex for CBD corporate executives in the commerce district.

How the culprit managed to pull this off is an entirely different case being investigated with the belief that the culprit had assistance either in the form of a supporting gang or staff. With the recent terrorist bombings and general unrest, authorities are already in the process of stepping up security tenfold and expect this vandal to be swiftly found or have their actions permanently halted by the Increased presence of security throughout the colony.