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Transmission Intercepted by Tribal Resistance Army Forwarded to DIA-AEGIS JTF




Restitution of normal now time relations with Krai Veles graciously celebrated by native augmented infantry following stabilization of proving on Skarkon II. Liminal proving of augmented infantry through military conflict with Krai Svarog shall be met equally with diplomatic and scientific proving with Krai Veles. Scientific and cultural exchange, additional transfer of volunteer muta-adopted population for close study and assimilation with Flow of Vyraj to be expected shortly. Limited conflict and liminal proving cultural exchange upon Skarkon II shall continue uninhibited with Krai Svarog until mettle is proven. Augmented infantry offers its sincere thanks and mutual respect.

Mass marriage of mutaplasmid technology with augmented infantry armory assured to lead to advantageous scientific advancement and furthering of inter-clade proving efforts.


Article taken from a news outlet based in Raa, Devoid, dated 01 Feb YC123


A clash between mercenary units on opposite sides of the Amarr-Minmatar proxy war took place yesterday in a remote area of Raa X. Although few details are available, it is understood that a Private Military Contractor based in the Amarr Empire was ambushed by another Contractor in the employ of the Tribal Liberation Force, possibly on the strength of Intelligence known to the TLF-associated forces. Reports also indicate that the Amarrian mercenary group suffered what may be a complete loss of personnel and materiel, whilst the attacker’s casualties were minimal.
The aftermath of bodies and destroyed equipment was discovered by locals some time after the encounter, though witnesses have spoken of hearing exchanges of gunfire and the sound of at least one airborne vehicle. Upon investigating, however, it was discovered that the ambushers had already departed, and their true identity, as well as the reason behind the presence of Amarrian-backed PMC personnel on a planet currently held by the TLF, remains unknown.



Three Freed Slaves sent out by the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist were taken into police custody following public disturbances outside separate cathedrals in the Amarr capital city of Dam Torsad today. Each slave erected a portable chair, one fashioned to look something like the Amarr Imperial Throne, and then in an anguished voice began repeatedly screaming “the throne is vacant” in the direction of the empty “throne”. Police summoned to the scenes removed the slaves from public visibility and each precinct in which the cathedrals are located initially reported “suspected transcranial microcontroller (TCMC) malfunctions”. However, no further updates have been issued even after repeated press inquiries.

According to scholars of the Amarr Empire at the University of Caille, the Dam Torsad police probably connected both the slogan and empty chair prop used by the slaves to the Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist, an extremist outfit led by notorious capsuleer Nauplius which believes that the Amarr Throne became vacant with the promulgation of the pacifistic Pax Amarria. Not wishing to give the Sedevacantist Church any publicity, the police then ceased further press communication regarding the case. Even so, some rumors and gossip regarding the incidents is likely to circulate in Dam Torsad circles, raising awareness there of sedevacantism, which was likely the goal of the Sedevacantist Church in sending out the slaves to cause a scene in the first place.

According to TCMC experts, with the right conditioning and TCMC programming, a slave could be made to go to a designated place and repeat a short slogan, having set up a simple chair prop. Capsuleer Nauplius is known to have a substantial number of illegally held freed slaves, whose free status likely facilitates their movement around the Empire once released, meaning his Sedevacantist Church likely has the means to repeat pro-sedevacantist sloganeering in Amarr public places in the future.

The Amarrian Orthodox Church, Sedevacantist refused comment on the events.

We Jin Mei feel great attachment to our writing system. As a result, we look for any excuse to write something down. Even the simplest word can be expressed in a beautiful shape. These shapes frequently become tattoos in larger Gallente society - sometimes with comical results.

However, there is nothing we love to write down more than laws. We have a great many. For every law, there exists three squads of dueling essayists. East Essayists argue the law is virtuous and must be respected as written. West Essayists argue the law is not virtuous and must be amended to bring it into celestial alignment. Floating World Essayists argue the law is an illusion, and seek to expose what it reveals about our society.

This is to say law interests us.

My majordomo, whose surname is Kim (no relation), and I have argued over whether or not individuals screaming “the throne is vacant” would be subjected to criminal sanctions under Amarrian law. Secretary Kim (no relation) surmises Amarrian theologists would maintain automata which profane God must be disassembled to prevent them from repeating their profanity. The fact that their statements are not made with criminal intent does not matter.

However, my optimistic opinion is that the Amarrian judiciary will recognize an individual who lacks control over their actions cannot justly be held criminally liable. Secretary Kim insists I only have such optimism because I grew up in a garden with my own water pavilion.

What is the resolution?

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article in the Placid Galavant, a moderately popular travel journal in the Pegeler and Josmaert constellations, 1.06.123

Eugales, has, for some years been a largely unremarkable system. Despite the presence of FedMart and Material Acquisition contracts in system, and long standing titanium and chromium stripmining operations on assorted moons, it has remained unincorporated, so to say that, much of its administration has been controlled at the district level, and by corporate interests, with little in the way of memberstate involvement.
There are some interesting footnotes in the system’s history(which can be read on a separate site)despite its general unremarkableness but that is not the concern of today’s article, and more to the point we are focusing on Eugales’s recent surge in popularity with the arrival of foreign national sponsors and capsuleers aligned to the United Neopian Federation, who have beenn continuing to develop infrastructure in the system, both with upwell structures, and more mundane construction techniques. Much of this so far has been under the aegis of a system of interest claim by the Unified Principality of Archavoinet, with whom the UNF holds key franchise contracts with, to enforce the claim, but rumors have circulated for a while now that much of this is self-serving.
Like any of you read this for the politics though! What IS happening in Eugales now? Well, that’s a very good question. A lot of time and effort has gone into the system, lot of big numbers in materials, people, and interstellar kredits, and the system’s population is burgeoning, as is the job market, all centered on planet VI, a storm world. Strange right? Well, for the blind, there’s been some major build up on planet VI for a while even before the UNF had franchise rights to enforce that SoI claim, including construction of major colony centers, and even steady orbital construction. Main attraction of course being that Arcology run by that capsuleer x-rated holo star, you know the one. Bit of an odd duck place but very welcoming and homey, place is huge but certainly doesn’t feel like it half the time you’re running about. Some of you might remember there was a recent Kendu tournament there.
Anyway, the real interesting bit has been what has steadily been coming together in orbit. There’s that orbital tether, and orbital dock yard s connected to the astrahus citadel in orbit, but there’s more than that going on if you watch the space lanes and assorted public routers. Constant shipments of materials, calls for import of more goods… pretty hardcore stripping of ores and production lines constantly churning… that ‘orbital yard’ continues getting bigger by the week, and anyone that passes through(and if you’re headed to the surface of planet VI you certainly will be passing through) will be able to see it. Big things are a foot. Keep your eyes on Eugales, and maybe give the place a visit to see for yourself! While you’re there, ask about the fine liquor they keep about, stuff’s got plenty of kick but is smooth as they come.
Fly safe and happy travels!

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Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 08 Feb YC123


Security Authorities on the Amarr Navy Logistic Support Station orbiting Nakri VI have put out a general appeal to the public after unknown parties carried out a number of occurrences of graffiti vandalism across the Station. Security Chief Evgeniy Sokolov stated that “although the small number of individuals that were involved in the incidents are not a concern to Station security, the fact these individuals appear to have been able to carry out their acts in public areas and deface several pieces of Station and private property suggests that they may have access to restricted equipment”. Chief Sokolov was also quite clear that such acts are “an offence according to Station regulations”, and that the perpetrators should “answer for their misdemeanours, if only to be charged for the expense of cleaning up”, which would be a relatively lenient punishment that could be considered “if they voluntarily gave themselves up”.
It is understood that no anti-Imperial or offensive slogans were used, but rather that all examples of the graffiti involved only the single word Nadezhda. The reason or meaning behind the use of this particular word remains a mystery at this time.


The Solitude Sentinel, YC 123/2/7
Aenebra, Blood Raiders Forces Driven to Aridia After Latest Massacre by the Intaki Death Cult on Agaullores Deadspace Complex
Agaullores, Elerelle District

After weeks of fighting had forced the Intaki death cult known as the Aenebra further west towards the edge of Solitude, the hopes among Federal forces that the Aenebra could be funneled back in to the Syndicate via Faurulle were dashed when the enemy forces regrouped in the Agaullores system, on the border with Imperial space in Aridia. While attacks that the cult had made against the Blood Raiders that infest the space around Aridia and Genesis had caused their forces to appear in Solitude for a brief moment, Federal forces have confirmed that their attention seemed to be focused on the opposing cult, and that there were no reported Federation citizens that had come under attack by the Blood Raiders.

Pictured: The Agaullores III Miner’s Complex. The Aenebra Cult is believed to have murdered an estimated 300 Federal citizens, the majority of which were discovered in the “Pit” module. A Mammoth-class industrial is pictured aiding in the transport of survivors to the Material Acquisition station in the system. It is currently unknown as to when those residing at the complex will be allowed to return.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said of the Aenebra, as following multiple raids on what seemed to be under-staffed Aenebra bases in the system, in what seemed to be a final strike before ultimately being driven for the most part from the region, the cultists raided another deadspace complex intended for the various miners in the region. Bystanders who were situated on the other modules in the complex witnessed Serpentis-liveried ships warp in to the complex and make short work of the frigates and destroyers patrolling the complex.

“I saw it all from the next mod over,” one miner reported to the Sentinel. “An Exequor touched down on the cargo rig, and dozens and dozens of people poured out of this ship and rushed towards the Pit. Since it’s big and open and all, unlike the others in the complex, it couldn’t have been hard for them to find the people in there.”

Eventually, a capsuleer-piloted Gila belonging to the Mobrault Security Consultants arrived at the complex to engage the cultists. While many of the smaller ships escaped, wrecks including those that were apparently from a squadron of Brutixes, as well as the aforementioned Exequor were present at the site. MBSC confirmed in a statement that they had responded to the Aenebra forces at the complex, but no further comments were given by the organization.

“It is our estimation that the majority of Aenebra forces have been ousted from Solitude,” commented Federal Intelligence liasion Boinget Fettere in a separate statement offered from the FIO. “Citizens of Solitude, especially in the Elerelle district have no need to fear any large scale coordinated attacks from the Aenebra, although standard levels of caution with regards to operating within low-security space are still encouraged.”

While it could not be officially confirmed where the Aenebra are currently operating, statements from travelers along the Anama Pipeline towards Solitude have continued to witness battles between Blood Raider and Serpentis vessels waged on stargates throughout the area.

“I’d never seen anything like it,” a trader bound for Yvaeroure remarked to the Sentinel.

“I’ve heard stories of pirates attacking vessels like mine. Everyone has. But to witness them fighting each other like that is something new to me… and slightly reassuring that they’re not targeting me, I suppose.”


9 February YC123
Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities

Station administrators have noticed an unusual increase in blockade runner traffic leading up to the expected Guardian’s Gala event.


11 February YC123
Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities

A flyer appears on the door of the known Angel affiliated establishment, The Eyrie of Heaven.

For one night only!

Presenting the angelic musical tones of Lasairiona Raske.

The bottom of the flyer has a number of tabs that are all removed, seemingly having listed the date and time of the concert.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 11 Feb YC123


The Amarr Navy Logistic Support Station orbiting Nakri VI was the scene of a tragic accident in the early hours of this morning (station time) when a service elevator suddenly malfunctioned, plunging 27 levels. Station authorities were on the scene in moments, but there were no survivors, and an investigation into the reason for the failure of both the elevator and its numerous safety features was underway immediately. Station officials released a statement, assuring inhabitants and visitors to the station that such an incident has “never before been recorded in the history of this Station”, and that whilst the elevator involved was a minor, older, and little-used one in a relatively quiet area “all elevators are undergoing immediate diagnostic safety checks”.

Although no details of the victims have yet been released by Station Security, pending positive identification and allowing time for the families to be informed, it is understood that the elevator, situated near the Naval Hospital, was used primarily by staff living nearby, and that at least one of the dead may be a doctor who worked there. Further information is expected from the authorities within the next few days.


Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 15 Feb YC123


Station Security on the Amarr Navy Logistic Support Station orbiting Nakri VI released the name of the first victim of the tragic accident that claimed six lives just four days ago. Doctor Adalric Todt was a highly regarded trauma surgeon at the Naval Hospital on the station responsible for saving the lives of countless wounded service personnel. The Hospital issued a statement describing the shock felt by staff and patients, saying that “Doctor Todt was not only an astoundingly skilled surgeon, but also a kind, gentle man, whose comforting and reassuring bedside manner gave much ease and confidence to recovering patients. He will be very sorely missed.”

Security Chief Evgeniy Sokolov announced that investigations into the cause of the accident are ongoing, but that new evidence had been discovered near the scene; another occurrence of the word “Nadezhda”. Recently seen in a number of acts of vandalism around the Station, no responsible party has yet been identified. Chief Sokolov did not draw any definite connection between the two matters, saying that the elevator tragedy is “still being treated as an accident”, but that the possibility “though extreme, cannot be completely ruled out at this stage”, and appealed for anyone “who may have seen anything suspicious” to come forward.


15 February YC123
Asakai II - State Protectorate Testing Facilities

Reports from Dock 11 indicates heavy traffic after a Rhea class Jump Freighter arrived later this evening, rumours has it that staff person carried an emblem of a silver snake eating its own tail. In other news, three people have been reported missing by station command after a cargo lift malfunctioned and ruined two creates of Brandy.

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The Caldair Navy has placed an emergency blockade on all non-military traffic on Torinos V following an unidentified explosion during a raid on the CBD lunar colony. The colony was reportedly already on lockdown to contain subversive anarchist elements and was subject to a recent counter-insurgency operation after evidence was discovered tying the terrorists to the attempted bombing of the Jita 4-4 space elevator earlier this year.

The nature of the explosion is still being investigated and HAZMAT teams have been deployed on scene in response.

The following is a notification that had sent to traders and merchants aboard the Aliastra, Pend Insurance, Sisters of Eve and Core Complexion stations near the northern border of Aridia and Genesis.

The Ministry of Internal Order has sent you this memorandum in relation to concerns expressed by numerous domestic and foreign merchants over inter-piratical violence occurring in the Anama constellation of Aridia. Rest assured that Imperial Navy scouts have surveyed the conflict between the Blood Raiders and the the Serpentis Corporation and have concluded that their interests lie mainly with each other, and that merchant vessels are not considered to be at a heightened level of threat due to these hostilities. Travelers are still encouraged to take the standard necessary precautions in relation to travelling through low-security space.

Be aware that any discovered collaboration between foreigners in Empire space and the two aforementioned entities will not be tolerated, and will be subject to punishment at our discretion. The Ministry of Internal Order takes the security of Amarrian citizens seriously, and will not permit threats to their livelihoods to foment within its borders.

Article in Nakriskaya Gazeta, a news outlet of Nakri, Domain, Amarr Empire, dated 19 Feb YC123


Recent rumours amongst analysts and experts in the field of Private Military Contractors have caused concern over the future of a group based in Nakri; Gagana Defence Solutions. Although there are no confirmed reports, it is believed that GDS were the Amarrian based group that met with disaster recently in Raa. Further information, also unconfirmed, suggests that this may not be the only recent failed operation in which GDS has been involved, and, if true, two such occurrences will have a significant negative impact on the ability of the company to fulfil further contracts without a lengthy recovery period or strong financial backing. GDS is known to have received many contracts for smaller, protection-oriented operations, particularly from the Koval Family, and such a significantly offensive undertaking such as that in Raa, if it involved GDS, would be a highly unusual step for them to take. Neither Gagana Defence Solutions nor any of Gagana regular contractors, including the Koval Family, have issued any statement on the matter.


“So? Did he do it?”


“What the ■■■■? What happened?”

“Boss lady came down with something and he wasn’t about to push it. It just seems like poor timing on his part.”

“But that’s not his fault! He’s cleared months of time for this!”

“I didn’t say it was, but there’s nothing to be done about it.”

“Well what do we do with this crate then?”

“Leave it. If he wants to share, he’ll have something for us by the time he comes back after the next raid.”

“I hope so. She can’t have all that by herself.”

“Not in one go, I couldn’t imagine. But you don’t know her very well if you think she won’t wear it down over time. We’re lucky if it lasts half the year.”

“What 'bout the challenge?”

“He’s a fool, remember? He doesn’t give up so easily, he just waits.”

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“There he goes.”

“Welp. That’s done.”

“Think the boss lady’s going to slow down?”



“She’s the second biggest fool behind him. Not a chance.”

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system monitors in Eugales note a cynosural field lighting over Eugales VI around the time of 13:40 NEST and a series of detonations following a jump translation, a tattered Wyvern class supercarrier, catastrophic damage apparent and venting atmosphere, barely being held together, before it is towed with rapidity toward the nearby orbital yards trailing debris

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System Monitors in Archavoinet note an uptick in claim contestation and low level conflict between subcontractors for Astral Mining, Material Acquisitions, and Wolf Brothers INC leading to a number of mining vessels belonging to AM and MA being severely damaged, but not destroyed in ensuing spats


“Are you in the batch getting transferred?”

“Yea, my subcircle and and a few others are to head out next week, part of the whole companies re-organization.”

“Nice, I hear the facility is no joke. No cut corners, top of the line everything. Not sure how the commander pulled it off.”

“Word is that it has something to do with Skarkon. You know how secretive they are about that entire Op.”

scoff “Yea”

“Regardless, it’ll be nice to be back on the Old Mother. Its been an age since I was back. Might even be able get chance to see my folks, spirits know its only a few hours away near Sundsele.”

“It sure would be nice to get back. If I give you a few things, would you mind dropping them off, at least at the courier? I got a kid brother who love some of this kniknaks.”

“Sure, won’t be a problem.”