Rumors! Gossip! Tabloids!

On Backstage there is a thread where players can write all sorts of rumours and stories about that characters. I would say that it is the most important thread there as it can be a great way to develope your storyline and ‘leak’ IC information to other people. Therefore I thought it would be an excellent idea to bring it here as well so people who do not use backstage can also participate.

As per the original post:

Has your character been up to something that might have raised eyebrows and set tongues wagging?

In the real world, the thousands of people who surround capsuleers - crew, staff, agents, vendors, just plain passers-by - would pick up all sorts of juicy titbits of information, true or untrue. A snippet of conversation overheard between two crew-members in a dockside bar, a chance encounter in Rens Bazaar or on the Crystal Boulevard, all would be grist for the gossip mill. However, in EVE, those channels of communication simply don’t exist.

This thread is to provide the opportunity for players to pass on those kinds of gossip and rumors. They may be true, they may be false, they may be a combination of the two. They might be dockside rumors, tabloid headlines, or anything else you can think of.

I hope you all find this thread useful for both developing your own storyline and to find a way to interact with others.


Thanks for bringing this to here. Not everyone is (or wants to be) on Backstage, and for people new to RP it can even be somewhat obscure to find and jump into.


I’m gonna start by bring over two ‘articles’ from the original thread.


Caille Entertainment TV!

video demonstrates various Sepphiros takes throughout his business life

The philanthropist, investment banker and capsuleer Ioannis Sepphiros seems to have been engaged into a legal dispute over a case of Slander and Libel.

The narrator then would explain some aspects of Ioanni’s business life including his presence in the city of Caille

video switches to Mizhir Devara’s various pictures here and there

The person whom Ioannis Sepphiros is directing this lawsuit is Mizhir Devara who apparently has been publicly tarnishing the reputation of Ioannis Sepphiros over what many speculate is due to a romantic affair gone all wrong. Mizhir Devara apparently has taken this in both slander and libel defamatory nature against the reputation of the investment banker, where Mademoiselle Devara even went into suggesting that the investment banker manipulates the market!

the narrator would then proceed into giving some presentation, unbiased, to Mizhir

…What is to come from all this we ll keep you informed, here, in Caille Entertainment TV!

Doree Micquier, reporter for Caille Entertainment TV!



Caille Entertainment TV!

Video shows various clips of Mizhir Devara

Capsuleer Mizhir Devara, who is currently being sued by Ioannis Sepphiros over a case of Slander and Libel, has been spotted in Caille at the office building of the well esteemed law firm Schauman & Besuv. Rumours say that she has hired the young and ambitious lawyer Laurianna Besuv to lead her case in the upcoming trial. Despite her youthful age, Mademoiselle Besuv has already proven her worth in several larger cases and with the recent partnership with Morten Schauman her career has skyrocketed. Mademoiselle Devara is the first capsuleer she will work for directly. Will this take her career to the stars or will it be the first major defeat on an otherwise spotless record? Our man on the field, Ido Renes, will fill you in.

Video feed switches to a landing platform next to a large office building. On the platform is a rather anonymous planetary shuttle, and surrounding it is a sea of journalists from different medias eagerly waiting for Mizhir to leave the building. In the front of the feed is Ido Renes reporting.

Ido: “The situation here is getting tense as Mademoiselle Devara could leave the building anytime. This is the first time she has been spotted in public after the news of the lawsuit and with the …….”

Ido is interrupted by a racket caused by the other journalists. The camera turns towards the door from where Mizhir appears. The journalists rush to get her attention: “Mizhir Devara! Mademoiselle Devara! Miss Devara!”

Gurvir Jangla of The Crystal: “Miss Devara, what do you think about the lawsuit?”
Mizhir: “I’m rather disappointed that he would hide behind a wall of lawyers rather than face me directly. But it shouldn’t have surprised me”
Gurvir: “Can you elaborate on that?”
Mizhir: “He is a man who cares much about his image. Any scratch in the paint will be great harm to him.”
Ido Renes of Caille Entertainment TV: “Mademoiselle Devara! Do you think that you will win the case?”
Mizhir: “Yes, this is the Federation, freedom of speech is a core value and he can’t take that away from us.”
Anja Sorakken of Caille Today: “How was your relationship?”
Mizhir: “Do you mean how I thought it was or how it actually was?”
Anja: “Let’s start with how you thought it was”
Mizhir: “Well I thought I had found true love. A man who has been hurt by previous partners just like I have been. So I thought that I finally found someone who cared and would understand me. And maybe one day settle down and start a family.”

Mizhir looks emotionally affected by it, her eyes look downward and sadness fills her face

Anja: “And how was the relationship actually?”
Mizhir: “A big lie. In true womanizer style he had caught me in a web of lies and false promises.”
Aiko Nikorajin of the Caille News Network: “Do you think he was trying to use you in any way to further his fortune?”
Mizhir: “It’s certainly something that I can’t rule out. He did talk about his Rhea project on one of our dates and it was clear that he would like me to work on the project.”
Anja: “Do you think there is any chance of you two would get together again?”
Mizhir: “That bridge has long been burned. I can’t love a man who has hurt me like this.”
Ido: “It’s known that Laurianna Besuv is a strong women’s rights activist and is homosexual, did that have an influence when you picked her to represent you?”
Mizhir: “No. Laurianna is a strong woman who fights for what is right. I see a lot of myself in her, and her iron will and her ability to deliver solid results is what made me decide, that she is the right one to represent me. I am looking forward to the collaboration with her.”
Ido: “This does seem to be an ideal case for a feminist like her. So are you sure it’s not one of the major deciding points?”
Mizhir: “I can’t comment on her personal motivation to take this case. What I care about is having a lawyer who will not disappoint me, and Laurianna is the one who could deliver the results I need.”
Alison Flacker from True Gallente News: “Does your relationship with Miss Federation YC120 Catherine Gillot have any influence on why Mr. Sepphiros decided to sue you?”
Mizhir: “I highly doubt it. He doesn’t care enough about me to worry about who I am in relationship with.”
Anja: “How about your pregnancy with Mr. Sepphiros?”
Mizhir: “There has never been a pregnancy, it was all rumours started by eager journalists.”
Anja: “What explains the cold turkey from drinking?”
Mizhir: “It was a medical reason. No further comments on that.”
Jonavier Rule of Xtra: “Do you think the conflict between you and Mr. Sepphiros is due to your drinking problem?
Mizhir: “I do not know where you would get that idea from. Alcohol plays no role in this and as previously mentioned I did not drink during the relationship.”

Mizhir looks like she is getting increasingly annoyed

Gurvir: “How deep is the cleft between you and Mr. Sepphiros?”
Mizhir: “Well he is sueing me.”
Jonavier: “Aren’t you just being dramatic? After all your split with your ex-husband was also a dramatic ordeal.”
Mizhir: “I am over that. No further comments. And this concludes the interview.”

The engines of the shuttle start spooling up and the security crew makes way for Mizhir to enter the shuttle. The shuttle takes off once the crowd has cleared the platform. Ido turns to the camera.

Ido: “Mademoiselle Devara certainly seems confident about her choice. But will she be able to keep her head calm as the drama unfolds? Only one way to see, but one thing is certain: Caille Entertainment TV will be there to report on the case. This is Ido Renes signing off. Back to the studio.”


The following statement was released by the Numayr Family approximately one week prior to the uprisings on Thebeka and the disappearance of Lord Numayr.

A Statement by the Court of the Honorable Numayr Family of Numayriyah
Regarding the Trial of Samira Kernher

The noble House of Numayr declares this day, the third of December in the 120th year since the Yoiul Conference, that the woman known as Samira Kernher is convicted of the following crimes within the lands of Numayriyah:

  • Engaging in and promoting false teachings against the right traditions of the Imperial Rite of Faith as divinely revealed to the people of Amarr by the Lord,
  • Producing blasphemous libel against Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, Empress of Holy Amarr, the Theology Council, and the institution of Blessed Servitude, and
  • Producing seditious libel and promoting the cause of insurrection against Holy Amarr, the rightful rule of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, and the rightful rule of the Holder and those otherwise the convicted’s superior in station.

Henceforth, Samira Kernher is declared Heretic and Traitor, and stripped from the rolls of personhood. From this time forth, no person carrying her blood may step foot in the lands of Numayriyah, on penalty of enslavement or death.

Any person that can produce information that leads to the successful capture of this heretic will be awarded one hundred thirty million Numayriyan bashics.

This sentence is set forth and declared in effect by,

Naser Shariati, Chancellor of the Numayr Family

on behalf of,

Lord Khalil Heshmat Numayr, Holder of Numayriah on Amarr’s Holy World of Thebeka III

witnessed by,

Maleeha Baddour, representing the Ardishapur Family
Justice Selissa Behmatau of the Theology Council
Ordinator Jasad Catirdus of the Ministry of Internal Order
Lord Caul Tol-Sarpol, representing the Tol-Sarpol Family
Adila Numayr, Governor of Dam-Sertene
Murad Numayr, Governor of Dabara
Lord Consort Aldrith Ter’neth Newelle, representing the Newelle Family
Aladri Khatagi, representing the Chakaid Family


Official Numayr Family records would keep a copy of the statement, and local news sources dealing in courtly politics for the Numayr Family or on Amarr capsuleers would likely have reported on it. It is said that, during the proceedings, Samira rejected an offer from Lord Numayr to recant her heresies in exchange for the Numayr Family’s protection against the Chakaids.


Quafe is made in part out of dead crew members-there’s gossip for you

That was some special edition Quafe. Normal Quafe is made of garbage and hazardous waste. Anyway, not really the type of gossip this thread is primarily meant for.

There have been some murmurs in Matari bureaucratic circles over a pair of documents regarding adoption and citizenship for a former Caldari scientist.

The pair of documents include a request for recognition of clan adoption filed with the Sebestior Tribe and a recommendation for Republic citizenship sent to the Tribal Council, both of which were submitted by Tiama Ramijozana, chief of the Ramijanawa clan in Mikramurka, Matar. They were filed on behalf of Shorai Aikyoraan, the last in a long line of Ishukone R&D scientists, although his specific standing within the State is unclear.

Both documents reference a November YC120 incident wherein, according to Ramijozana, Aikyoraan’s quick thinking helped to save several clan members from a mountain leopard attack. The clan chief also references Aikyoraan’s work within Corovid Industries, the clan’s manufacturing outfit. Corovid Industries is reportedly assisting rebel forces in the ongoing Thebaka conflict.

Once highly regarded for its development of space-ready equipment during the first Matari space age, Corovid Industries has struggled to recover and regain relevance in recent times. It was reestablished as an interstellar corporation in late YC120 by Melisma Ramijozana, the current chair of the company. Aikyoraan is listed as the company’s chief operations officer.


Rumors have started to circulate about strange outside involvement after one Vindicator class battleship and two Vigilant class cruisers escorting an Occator class DST docked and had group of armed individuals unloaded strange and sealed cargo at the Sorn Interstellar Industries (S-II) humanitarian center in Thebeka.

Maira Sorn Blackfire CEO of S-II have refused to comments on the situation. But COO Aiko Nekorajin have given the statement that nothing illegal or harmful to the conflict in Thebeka was in those crates.


Published in the Gallente tabloid “See and Hear” magazine on YC121-01-10.

Miss Federation goes big in real estate?

Catherine Gillot - Miss Federation YC120 - has been doing UNUSUAL business on Hueromont the last month. First bought the castle d’Ars, on the edge of Old Hueromont and now there’s rumors she’s started a half-a-BILLION ISK fund for the development in Ars.

There is a video interview with Catherine, she’s obviously caught by surprise on a street somewhere by the reporter

Reporter: We heard that you’re investing half a billion into the development of Ars?
Catherine: Um… I won’t confirm or deny that.
Reporter: But you did buy the feudal barony of Ars?
Catherine: I can’t really deny that one either, can I?
Reporter: Why did you buy it?
Catherine: I don’t know, it felt kinda cool thing to do. You know how it is? Tease the Amarrians and their serious business. Also it’s a nice place, and the previous owner was a bit of a douche so it’s nice to be able to clear some stuff up.
Reporter: Who was the previous owner?
Catherine: No idea, but he had a lot of unpaid tax debt that I had to pay off that he never told me about. I don’t mind paying, but it would have been nice if he told me about it.
Reporter: You used to be the target of two lawsuits in Ars? They suddenly disappeared why?
Catherine: Those? Yeah, they were kinda the fault of the previous owner’s debts. I think it’s resolved now, everyone involved have been lovely throughout the process. Extra shoutout to the Hueromont Heritage Railway Society for lending me their house. Real peach.
Reporter: Do you like trains?
Catherine: I don’t want to lie, and I don’t want to tell the truth.
Reporter: What do you mean?
Catherine: I don’t know.
Reporter: You don’t know what you mean?
Catherine: I think this interview is over.

The video ends with a picture of the castle in Ars, it looks quite ruined. There’s a pretty nice waterfall in the background. Superimposed is Catherine in full Miss Federation outfit. There’s some sponsored links to various beauty products and other articles.

We did some more investigation, but the locals seemed very angry and refused to answer any questions. We’ll keep looking into this mystery and figure out what Miss Federation is up to!

Video loop of local resident trying to close the door as the reporter tries to interview them, a shoe in the door to prevent it closing, if you enable the sound the resident yells “I don’t speak to class traitors!” on repeat.


Ars? Really?

New Hueromont City Hall – Main Conference Hall – 13-01-YC121

Mizhir Devara steps up on the podium. Additionally on the stage are Catherine Gillot, representatives from The City of New Hueromont, as well as personnel from Devara Biotech.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Citizens of Hueromont. Many of you may have been wondering what has been going on with the new island just outside New Hueromont Harbour.

A large hologram shows a live feed from the construction of an artificial island.

But today, you will have to wonder no more, as it is my great honour to announce the New Texel Biomedical Research Centre.

The hologram switches to showing an animation of the research centre.

Mizhir remains silent for a moment to let the audience study the image. The hall is filled with applause. As the hall calms down again, Mizhir continues:

When my beloved Catherine…

Mizhir turns her look at Catherine and sends her a smile, and then returns her attention to her crowd:

…When Catherine brought me to Hueromont, I quickly fell in love with the city. It became my second home in no time, but as a capsuleer and the owner of Devara Biotech, it has been hard for me to find the time to spend in this wonderful city. This sparked an idea: Why not build a research centre here?

Hueromont is a city that combines the history and culture of Old Hueromont with the modern Gallente society of New Hueromont, both being beacons of our Federation’s core values. It is thereby a great honour for me to be a part of this city, and I am thrilled that with this project, we will develop Hueromont into an academic leader as some of the most cutting-edge biomedical research will take place right over there!

Mizhir points in the direction of the harbour. The hall is once against filled with applause.

And when I say cutting-edge, biomedical research, I mean it! The Devara Biotech Centre of Xenobiology will be moved to New Texel. So Hueromont will be the place in the Federation when it comes to Drifter Physiology Research.

The audience applauds even louder this time, and Mizhir basks in the positive attention. The hologram shows several images from various Drifter Research projects. Including an image from the original Drifter Autopsy

The centre also serves another purpose. In addition to the research facility, we will also build an Entertainment & Education centre in New Hueromont city. The purpose will be to promote science, especially biomedicine, to the next generations. I want to help grow the curiosity of the children of the New Hueromont so they will become the next great scientists.

The hologram shows animations of the Entertainment & Education centre. The audience applauds.

I will now pass the word to Dr. Camina, who will lead the New Texel project. She will tell you more about what the project will bring.

Mizhir bows and steps off the podium. The audience applauds, and one of the Devara Biotech representatives steps up and talks more about the project. Afterwards, representatives from the City of New Hueromont talk about what the project means for the city.

((Art credit:


The view is absolutely stunning, Mizhir. Whatever you pay your architect, it’s not enough.

BTW, New Eden Enquirer published an article on this research centre which alleges that some of its scientists formerly worked in Sansha’s Nation on advanced ways of mind control. This kind of raises a question about the real goals of the centre’s research.

Excerpt from the “latest gossip” -GalNet feed of “The Coop!”, a capsuleer focused tabloid:

1601121_19.44.09: Independent capsuleer Athryn Noduri, better known by her callsign Teinyhr, has reportedly visited Boundless Creations’ headquarters in Hagilur in person. The nature of her visit is unknown at this time, though members of her security escort were seen to be carrying a pair of hardened, high-security briefcases. Her Astero -class frigate arrived late last night, universal time, and has been docked for 22 hours.


Bits of an article from a GalNet industrial news network

170121-21:54:51: Now a week after the strange delivery of sealed cargo at the S-II humanitarian center In Thebeka fifty-six hangar workers how been quarantine after a strange gas started to leak out from the sealed crates. station medical personal insures that the effects of the strange gas don’t match the effect of the drug deathblow that has ravaged the system. The current state of the victims are unknown

Armed security force onboard the station removed the crate and is said to have disposed of the gas, even though operation logs don’t show them listed as station personnel, Security chef Sitaara Hai had this to say:
“The response force that was responsible for the removed and cleaning of the hangar is not of S-II personal, but of the CEO’s own private force acting outside of S-II interest. We are still trying to find out where this cargo came from and what it contained. We have currently three people in question but given the hallucinogenic properties of the gas, it has been hard to get a clear answer out of them. so far the only lead we have is a messy hand drawing from one of the victims, depicting two squares split down the middle by an S”


New Hueromont Tribune (YC121-01-26)

Ars Investment Group buys Brandy house Henry & Sons

After a series of agricultural investments in west Hueromont last week, Ars Investment Group today announced the acquisition of historical Brandy house Henry & Sons.

Ars Investment Group is rumored to be owned by Catherine Gillot, but the company did not immediately respond to requests for comments.


Placid Tribune

Foreign Entity Lodges Salvage Rights Claim in Pegeler, Josmaert, and Unour
This past weekend, a formal claim of Salvage Rights to multiple derelict station ruins in the constellations of Joesmaert, Pegeler, and Unour was placed in the district courts of each aforementioned jurisdiction by the United Neopian Federation, a neutral foreign governmental entity to the Gallente Federation. So far, one claim, for the abandoned minmatar station ruin off of the Eugales gate in Archavoinet has recieved uncontested recognition, and remaining claims in Unour and Josmaert continue to undergo processing, with one claim in the system of Algasienan being contested on a temporary basis by local representatives of the Federation Navy for a military station ruin.


Published in the Orvolle Observer on 09.03.121


Published in the Gallente tabloid “See and Hear” magazine on 11.03.121.

[[Art credit: On The Streets, Jose Borges]]


On the frontpage of one of the Caldari newspapers, the “Caldari Naaru Tribune” there is in one corner a picture of a burning forest under the headline

“Capsuleer attacks Caldari security forces”

At noon on 11.03.121 a recon group from the planetary security forces of Matias (New Caldari) was securing a package from a ship in low orbit that had crashed due to engine problems.

They had just started to remove the package when a Stratios-class cruiser intervened. The forces on the ground had no chance to react when the Stratios opened fire and killed several members of the recon team before seizing the package with one of its drones.

“We didn’t have a chance,” one of the surviving soldiers stated when interviewed in the aftermath. “The ship just came out of nowhere and was firing as soon as it was in range. One of our transport ships just disintegrated.”

Ships in orbit that were called in tried to follow the Stratios when it left Matias’ atmosphere but it managed to warp away before they came within disruption range. The Stratios had disabled its transponder but we know it headed towards Amarr space a spokesperson informs us.

Investigation is continuing.


A short article published on “The Pegeler Heat”, a lowbrow Gallente tabloid site focused on happenings with Capsuleers and ‘Celebrities’ in the Pegeler Constellation, on 17.03.121

Neopian Capsuleer Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia Sighted In Revealing Swimwear, Extensive Tramp Stamp On Display
Early this morning, the somewhat noted and evocative Neopian Capsuleer and Diplomat, Lauralite Brezia, was seen at an enclosed public recreational swimming facility in one of the residential districts at the Masariin Gazaar arcology complex on Eugales VI, sporting rather revealing swimwear bordering on the indecent!
One of our investigative journalists tried to follow and capture images of the salaciously clad egger, but was unable to get a clear shot of her despite the sparse appointment of the area.
A slightly blurred image of Lauralite’s back, with her in the water, is displayed, clearly taken from a far distance, the image barely catches the glint of water shimmering on her cybernetics in the artificial light
Despite the poor quality of images, we were able to catch what appears to be a rather large and never before seen Tramp Stamp reaching from her lower to mid-back, and disappearing under the lower piece of her swimsuit in the other direction! Clearly Ms. Brezia is a woman with some secrets left to reveal!
We here at the Pegeler Heat will continue to work on getting more detailed images of this saucy new aspect of the foreign beauty!