YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest

Judges are almost done! Tentative date for Awards and announcement is June 29th or June 30th, Golden Masque.


hrrr hrr hrrrrr

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Ok time for the awards!

They will be announced June 29th, at 20:00 NEST

Location “The Golden Masque”

Venue Rules and Information

Besides the main prizes, there will be some special prizes also awarded. All are welcome to attend, subject to the Rules of the Venue, contestants and non-contestants alike.


Thanks for the update.

And will the results be posted here as well?

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Of course!


Thank you and good luck to all of the contestants…


I will try to attend! Unfortunately around that time I am usually participating in drills with VaskTech’s security division. I will see if I can make an exception this time.

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Friendly reminder!

Those at other events during the day are welcome to attend holographically… or to stay in costume if you drop in.


Damnt! This being can’t be available personally at the location and he is very sorry for that.

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Please accept my apologies, which I asked one of my colleagues to convey on my behalf at the event, for my inability to attend. I was unavoidably deployed back home. I hope the event went well, and I thank you for the opportunity to take part in the competition.




First - Elassus Herron - Nine Lyrics of Hirvomiakken
Second - Charles Cambridge Schmidt - A Really Long Title - See Post
Third - Lynn Yi - The Harpy Sings
Fourth - Creetalor - [Rememberance ]([YC121 NECWC] Rememberance

Organizer’s prize to Cilisa Lugara for Every single in God’s Light . Lunch in Mrs. Daphiti’s Dam-Torsad Garden.

Honorable Mentions in Poetry to Valdezi and Charles Surge.

First - Melisma Ramijozana - An Entirely Fictional Account of an Entirely Fictional Incident
Second - Auriga Menkalinan - Clay Maiden
Third - Tanagura Amoii - The Dragon of Hei Shi-an
Fourth - Thomas Markand -What Serpents Would Call This Paradise

Organizer’s Prize - As she was not eligible for a primary prize, being a judge, but her entry made me giggle, Loai Qerl - Kingdom’s Just Desserts (Not Prize Eligible) . Dinner at Mrs. Daphiti’s Khanid Garden,

Judge’s Prize - Loai Qerl - “I would like to congratulate Tanagura Amoii on writing a piece of exceptional excellence and delicacy. It spoke to the cluster’s best urges toward decorum and scientific advancement. Also, it was a bit rude.” The prize will be delivered privately.

Honorable Mentions in Prose to: Havohej, Vaari, Lynn Yi (both entries), Rue, Mahazkei Vas’Hiigara, Aiden Vayle, DeMichael Crimson, Ninavask


First - Valdezi - Malkalen Address
Second - Auriga Menkalinan - Scandal at Syndicate’s Kendu Showdown!
Third - Taora Teonsur - Gelfiven News Network Collection
Fourth - Auriga Menkalinan - Make ours a Henry’s!

Organizer’s Prize to Sky Seolec for Early-Life Traumatic Experience As a Predictor of Capsule Compatibility . Lunch in Mrs. Daphiti’s Ni-Kunni garden.

Honorable Mention in Prose - Non-Fiction/Academic to - Valdezi, Mantelglobalindustries, Bakul en Divalone, HC Androidson, Sky Seolec, Valerie Valate, Ninavask, Diana Kim, Koren Akko, and Roirdan Bouchate

Melisma Ramijozan for her prose entry. Prizes being a Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 and a Sarum Sheperd puppy.

Thanks again for all who participated, donated or judged! I hope the rest of you enjoyed the entries!

P.S. Prizes to be delivered in 48 hours.


Congratulations to all the winners!


Yes indeed, gratz to all the winners.

Also much appreciation to Lunarisse Aspenstar, the Judges and all Sponsors for their time and work in conducting this contest.


I was not able to attend, though my holographic actor did. I’m happy for the other writers but disappointed in my overall performance matched against them. I will have to do better the next year.

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Aww yeah, I got a medallion for this year.


Had fun,

While I didn’t even place I am still very happy with the story I submitted. I hope this will be a start of many more to come. While the judges might not of thought it was a good 18 page read. I am really happy with it and hope others can read it and enjoy the story as well.

My goal was not to make isk but share a good story with other people. As I found that is what life truly is. A collection of stories. The greatness of a person is the amount of good stories they amass by the end of the road.

Until the next story comes along…Cheers!!

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


I echo the thanks of pilot Crimson.

Could the scores be published as well?


I would like to echo that as well.

Also since spelling and grammar were not included in the grading criteria then what was? What was the basis in which the judges were required to judge and base points on? As so I might improve on different areas in my own works it would be nice to know what the judges are looking for.



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I looked at sentence and story structure. Use of description and if I was engaged from the first line.


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