YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest


First - Elassus Herron - Nine Lyrics of Hirvomiakken
Second - Charles Cambridge Schmidt - A Really Long Title - See Post
Third - Lynn Yi - The Harpy Sings
Fourth - Creetalor - [Rememberance ]([YC121 NECWC] Rememberance

Organizer’s prize to Cilisa Lugara for Every single in God’s Light . Lunch in Mrs. Daphiti’s Dam-Torsad Garden.

Honorable Mentions in Poetry to Valdezi and Charles Surge.

First - Melisma Ramijozana - An Entirely Fictional Account of an Entirely Fictional Incident
Second - Auriga Menkalinan - Clay Maiden
Third - Tanagura Amoii - The Dragon of Hei Shi-an
Fourth - Thomas Markand -What Serpents Would Call This Paradise

Organizer’s Prize - As she was not eligible for a primary prize, being a judge, but her entry made me giggle, Loai Qerl - Kingdom’s Just Desserts (Not Prize Eligible) . Dinner at Mrs. Daphiti’s Khanid Garden,

Judge’s Prize - Loai Qerl - “I would like to congratulate Tanagura Amoii on writing a piece of exceptional excellence and delicacy. It spoke to the cluster’s best urges toward decorum and scientific advancement. Also, it was a bit rude.” The prize will be delivered privately.

Honorable Mentions in Prose to: Havohej, Vaari, Lynn Yi (both entries), Rue, Mahazkei Vas’Hiigara, Aiden Vayle, DeMichael Crimson, Ninavask


First - Valdezi - Malkalen Address
Second - Auriga Menkalinan - Scandal at Syndicate’s Kendu Showdown!
Third - Taora Teonsur - Gelfiven News Network Collection
Fourth - Auriga Menkalinan - Make ours a Henry’s!

Organizer’s Prize to Sky Seolec for Early-Life Traumatic Experience As a Predictor of Capsule Compatibility . Lunch in Mrs. Daphiti’s Ni-Kunni garden.

Honorable Mention in Prose - Non-Fiction/Academic to - Valdezi, Mantelglobalindustries, Bakul en Divalone, HC Androidson, Sky Seolec, Valerie Valate, Ninavask, Diana Kim, Koren Akko, and Roirdan Bouchate

Melisma Ramijozan for her prose entry. Prizes being a Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 and a Sarum Sheperd puppy.

Thanks again for all who participated, donated or judged! I hope the rest of you enjoyed the entries!

P.S. Prizes to be delivered in 48 hours.