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Excerpt from the “latest gossip” -GalNet feed of “The Coop!”, a capsuleer focused tabloid:

1601121_19.44.09: Independent capsuleer Athryn Noduri, better known by her callsign Teinyhr, has reportedly visited Boundless Creations’ headquarters in Hagilur in person. The nature of her visit is unknown at this time, though members of her security escort were seen to be carrying a pair of hardened, high-security briefcases. Her Astero -class frigate arrived late last night, universal time, and has been docked for 22 hours.


Bits of an article from a GalNet industrial news network

170121-21:54:51: Now a week after the strange delivery of sealed cargo at the S-II humanitarian center In Thebeka fifty-six hangar workers how been quarantine after a strange gas started to leak out from the sealed crates. station medical personal insures that the effects of the strange gas don’t match the effect of the drug deathblow that has ravaged the system. The current state of the victims are unknown

Armed security force onboard the station removed the crate and is said to have disposed of the gas, even though operation logs don’t show them listed as station personnel, Security chef Sitaara Hai had this to say:
“The response force that was responsible for the removed and cleaning of the hangar is not of S-II personal, but of the CEO’s own private force acting outside of S-II interest. We are still trying to find out where this cargo came from and what it contained. We have currently three people in question but given the hallucinogenic properties of the gas, it has been hard to get a clear answer out of them. so far the only lead we have is a messy hand drawing from one of the victims, depicting two squares split down the middle by an S”


New Hueromont Tribune (YC121-01-26)

Ars Investment Group buys Brandy house Henry & Sons

After a series of agricultural investments in west Hueromont last week, Ars Investment Group today announced the acquisition of historical Brandy house Henry & Sons.

Ars Investment Group is rumored to be owned by Catherine Gillot, but the company did not immediately respond to requests for comments.


Placid Tribune

Foreign Entity Lodges Salvage Rights Claim in Pegeler, Josmaert, and Unour
This past weekend, a formal claim of Salvage Rights to multiple derelict station ruins in the constellations of Joesmaert, Pegeler, and Unour was placed in the district courts of each aforementioned jurisdiction by the United Neopian Federation, a neutral foreign governmental entity to the Gallente Federation. So far, one claim, for the abandoned minmatar station ruin off of the Eugales gate in Archavoinet has recieved uncontested recognition, and remaining claims in Unour and Josmaert continue to undergo processing, with one claim in the system of Algasienan being contested on a temporary basis by local representatives of the Federation Navy for a military station ruin.


Published in the Orvolle Observer on 09.03.121


Published in the Gallente tabloid “See and Hear” magazine on 11.03.121.

[[Art credit: On The Streets, Jose Borges]]


On the frontpage of one of the Caldari newspapers, the “Caldari Naaru Tribune” there is in one corner a picture of a burning forest under the headline

“Capsuleer attacks Caldari security forces”

At noon on 11.03.121 a recon group from the planetary security forces of Matias (New Caldari) was securing a package from a ship in low orbit that had crashed due to engine problems.

They had just started to remove the package when a Stratios-class cruiser intervened. The forces on the ground had no chance to react when the Stratios opened fire and killed several members of the recon team before seizing the package with one of its drones.

“We didn’t have a chance,” one of the surviving soldiers stated when interviewed in the aftermath. “The ship just came out of nowhere and was firing as soon as it was in range. One of our transport ships just disintegrated.”

Ships in orbit that were called in tried to follow the Stratios when it left Matias’ atmosphere but it managed to warp away before they came within disruption range. The Stratios had disabled its transponder but we know it headed towards Amarr space a spokesperson informs us.

Investigation is continuing.


A short article published on “The Pegeler Heat”, a lowbrow Gallente tabloid site focused on happenings with Capsuleers and ‘Celebrities’ in the Pegeler Constellation, on 17.03.121

Neopian Capsuleer Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia Sighted In Revealing Swimwear, Extensive Tramp Stamp On Display
Early this morning, the somewhat noted and evocative Neopian Capsuleer and Diplomat, Lauralite Brezia, was seen at an enclosed public recreational swimming facility in one of the residential districts at the Masariin Gazaar arcology complex on Eugales VI, sporting rather revealing swimwear bordering on the indecent!
One of our investigative journalists tried to follow and capture images of the salaciously clad egger, but was unable to get a clear shot of her despite the sparse appointment of the area.
A slightly blurred image of Lauralite’s back, with her in the water, is displayed, clearly taken from a far distance, the image barely catches the glint of water shimmering on her cybernetics in the artificial light
Despite the poor quality of images, we were able to catch what appears to be a rather large and never before seen Tramp Stamp reaching from her lower to mid-back, and disappearing under the lower piece of her swimsuit in the other direction! Clearly Ms. Brezia is a woman with some secrets left to reveal!
We here at the Pegeler Heat will continue to work on getting more detailed images of this saucy new aspect of the foreign beauty!


The following article is published by the ”Helium-4 Monthly” magazine.

The last few weeks have seen reports from a growing number of FTL networks about instability in long distance holographic projection. Some connections have been dropped entirely. More frequently, minor package losses have led to video flutter and audio static during transmission. There have been no reports of equivalent issues with conventional video, audio and text transmissions.

CONCORD’s Communications Relay Commission is rumoured to be in investigating what might be causing this interference but has refused to comment publicly to confirm this or to speculate on whether the issue is down to infrastructure or some external influence. Your correspondent notes that these problems started after the takeover of billboards at stargates by Triglavian broadcasts. However, there is currently no evidence connecting the two events.


Gateway Called Back By OCP
Origin Observer

The Alexylva Paradox Gateway Ché Biko has been called back by the Origin Child Protection. Allegedly he used his position as Coordinator to pressure an OCP team to withdraw certain measures they wanted to take in order to ensure the safety of a child in a family under OCP supervision. When the OCP management learned about this, they took the case under their supervision to ensure any measures necessary for the safety of the child will be taken. Additionally, due to Biko’s involvement in the incident that caused the family to be placed under supervision of the OCP, Biko is not allowed to have any contact with the child until further investigation is concluded.

The last couple of months Biko has all but disappeared from the public eye, and even appears to have taken measures to avoid being recognized when out in the public, disguising himself with a cap and sunglasses and shaving off his beard. When the Origin Observer contacted him a few days ago for a birthday interview he declined to give one, but he was willing to answer some questions about the OCP today.
When asked for his comments he replied “The child is my godson, his mother is my best friend. […] I feel like it is not fair to say I abused my position as Coordinator, though I’m not denying that it may have helped in the OCP team trusting me when I personally guaranteed that things would still be safe if they did not take certain measures. […] I thought some of the measures they were taking or about to take were heavy handed, impulsive and defeating the purpose. I also thought the mother of the child was being treated unfairly, and I noticed some OCP employees were not completely honest about some things.

Biko declined to comment on (his involvement in) the incident that led to the family being placed under OCP supervision.


A sample from Heritage, a local Mikramurka coast clan gossip tabloid.

Rhiannon Heir Lost in Space - again?

Rhiannon clan current heir, Aeron Shaninn, is apparently spending his diversion years increasingly not just out of Matar, but out of human space altogether. The Young Chief, who already caused a minor scandal by announcing his intent to become a capsuleer pilot, has recently graduated as one, and joined his clan-mother Elsebeth Shaninn in the capsuleer organization Electus Matari.

Heritage has it from a reliable source close to the family that the young man spends little time in his mother’s company, having taken instead into what the eggers term “daytripping”, a dangerous pastime of traversing through wormholes into uncharted space. To do this, some reports say, he has joined a predominantly Thukker circle specialising in wormhole exploration, though his official credentials still list him as a member of SoE Roughriders, Elsebeth’s circle of capsuleers.

If these reports are true, Aeron “Morningstar”, as he now titles himself, could be the third generation of Shaninn-spirited Rhiannon heirs lost into space. Elsebeth herself ceded the claim to the clan to pursue her career in space when her son came of age and was confirmed in his Voluval to carry the Keeper of Traditions mark, which the Rhiannon traditionally associate with their leadership. Her mother, in turn, died in unclear circumstances just before Elsebeth’s own Voluval, on a space station in the Atgur solar system.

Sources close to Shaninn family in the clan have questioned the policy of trying to keep the clan leadership inside the ‘core line’, as Shaninn themselves like to call it, at all costs. “It is traditional, but after the third generation, is it not becoming quite traditional for them to just give it up?” commented a member of the Sarinde clan to Heritage. (Sarinde, specialising in security, have a generatations-old, usually quite steady and uncomplicated, alliance with Rhiannon.)

Heritage was, as usual, unable to reach a representative of the Rhiannon clan to comment these news.


Published on “The Pegeler Heat” GalNet Tabloid site on 23.4.121

Neopian Capsuleer Lewds Leaked!
Recently, The Pegeler Heat was contacted by an anonymous source claiming to have access to compromising photos and holo-recordings of the Neopian Capsuleer, Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia. After a brief period of vetting to prove these images were not clever and complex manipulations as are quite common on the GalNet these days, we can conclusively say that these images are legitimate, and we’ve compiled them into a spread for your viewing pleasure!
Included is a link to the spread, marked with a clear warning about explicit content, following the link, one would find a series of holo-images of the aforementioned Capsuleer, many of them seeming to be images taken in private, by a professional photographer, most having a watermark for one EBK Studios, a small, privately owned development company supposedly based in Iges



Hueromont Herald - 24.04.121

Shooting outside the Vherokior Community Centre

Seven people dead and more injured as shooters opened fire earlier today outside the Vherokior Community Centre in Old Hueromont. The target was capsuleer Mizhir Devara, known for the New Texel project. Dr Devara’s personal security force, known as the Revenants, quickly dealt with the attackers killing six of them before they retreated. One bystander stuck in the crossfire has been declared dead and a few more have been injured. Footage shows Dr Devara herself was struck by Three bullets but was brought into safety in her shuttle. Her status is still unknown.

The shooters were allegedly a Mannar street gang however the motivation for the attack remains unknown. Speculations suggest that Devara’s presence in the city also extends to the black market, thus making this an attempt to scare her off. According to the Vherokior Community Centre Devara was on her way there to talk with the Mystic council about projects to improve the health of lower-class Vherokiors in the city.

Two of the Revenants guarding the outside of the Vherokior Community Centre as technicians are working on the crimescene

We have been unable to reach Dr Devara, however her lawyer has given the following statement:

“It is a sad day for all of us. An innocent woman was killed one her way to her daily meditation in the temple and several more injured. Mizhir expresses her deepest sympathy for the victims of this horrible attack and she will cover the medical expenses and help the family left behind of the woman who was killed. In addition, she condemns the actions of these shooters and would instead offer a dialogue with them, so no more blood will be spilled.”

((Art credit:


A video of a young Sebiestor woman, known as The Wraith, has been posted on the GalNet. In the video she is speaking loudly and with passion.

Yesterday’s attack was not just an attack against Mizhir Devara, Alaya Razha, and the Vherokior Community Centre. It was an attack against the Tribes – against all of us!

These fascists want us out of this city. But we must stand together and show them that this is our city too!

We must show them that if they attack a Tribe, we will all stand together. We will defend our brothers and sisters of the other Tribes. United we are strong!

I, The Wraith, will raise my weapon and fight for the Tribes! Are you with me?

She raises her rifle and cheers can be heard in the background before the video ends.

Hueromont Herald 25.04.121

Mizhir Devara shows herself in public for the first time following yesterday’s attack

Capsuleer Mizhir Devara who was the target for yesterday’s attack has just held her first press conference after yesterday’s attack.

Footage of Mizhir standing on the docks at Hueromont harbour with Radiant in the background. She has visible scars and new cybernetics on her face and her left eye is cybernetic. A bandage is covering from her left temple to just above her left ear.


Yesterday an attack was directed at me. As You may have heard I was struck by some of their projectiles. I was injured but I got the right medical help in time and I am fine now. I would like to thank you all for your concerns.

Unfortunately, I was not the only victim of this attack. Alaya Razha, a mother of 3, was on her way to the Temple when she was hit by a stray bullet from the attackers. My heart was filled when sorrow when I heard about this, and I encourage you all to pray for her family. Her children have lost their dear mother and her husband lost his soulmate. I will never be able to replace Alaya but I will do what I can to help them get through this and I will make sure that the children will have what they need in order to have a good childhood.

Attacks like this will cause much tension. But I will encourage everyone to keep your heads cool. Too much blood has already been spilled, so hear my appeal: Do not attempt to seek out vengeance.

The footage ends and then news announcer continues.

It appears that Mizhir Devara has recovered quickly from the attack. However, the cybernetics could be a sign that she has been substantially injured. In addition, this is the first time for many years that she has had short hair. Could this have a deeper meaning or was it just a practical choice?

Reports from Hueromont Central Hospital say that the remaining victims of the attack are stable. Dr Devara has already stated that she will be covering the medical expenses.

We have attempted to get a statement from Hueromont Police Department but so far they have no comments.

((Art credit:


Tintoh Talk 25.04.121

Sakabkei Still on Observation for Medical Reasons

Capsuleer Sakabkei Kiijata, more commonly known as “Mahazkei Vas’Hiigara”, is still on medical observation even after being discharged from the Tintoh VIII Caldari Navy Testing Facilities’s ward, taking an extended trip to see the UNF for talks about the formation of Purosupekuta Resourcing Auxiliary-Navy, and its eventual joining of the alliance once its numbers are sustainable.

While news of the formation of a new corporation under Kiijata’s guidance is excellent news for the citizens of Tintoh - as he has been a stalwart provider for the local worlds and protector against hostile corporate and pirate entities for over a year - news about his health is not as encouraging.

Sakabkei’s latest photo, taken shortly after his condition was identified and acknowledged.

It has been just under four months since he has become trapped inside a Perun model Triglavian Survival Suit, and has been unable to remove it for any substantial period of time before suffering from fatal side effects, many of which are not to be disclosed to the public at this moment in time. While progress surrounding removing portions of the suit while ensuring his survival are promising, he has had several setbacks which have greatly affected his personal health.

Our thoughts are with him, in Tintoh, and no matter where he goes, we hope his efforts in the abyss lead to a cure.

In other news, the “Terror of Tintoh” has not made an appearance in over a week, leading some to hope the provocative perpetrator has moved on, and left the system for good. Rumors are rampant that the Terror has somehow also found her way into Sakabkei’s enclosed workshops and labs, but these rumors are to be disregarded and ignored.


The following article appeared in Transhumanity Today:

Gateway: “Triglavians No Immediate Threat”

Foundation City

During a press conference held in The Nexus Building, Gateway Biko addressed growing concerns about a possible Triglavian invasion. These concerns mostly originated from the subgroups of The Networkers, The Coalescents and the AGIs following messages from the Triglavians that some think may indicate that they are hostile to certain forms of hive minds and Artificial Intelligence. This concern has increasingly spread among the other citizens of Origin in the last weeks as speculation about a possible Triglavian invasion is taking place in the media and GalNet fora. The topic has also been raised in The Digital Council but so far the Board of Coordinators has remained silent on the issue.
Gateway Biko appeared a bit nervous as he approached the podium and glanced around at the assembled press before looking down as he prepared for what was to be his first official address in over a year. However, as he progressed through his opening statement he appeared increasingly calm and confident facing the press, and even a bit cheerful:

"Good evening. I stand before you today to address concerns about a possible Triglavian threat to Origin. First of all, I’d like to say that despite some rumors to the opposite, we are keeping a close eye on any developments concerning the Triglavians. Behind the scenes we are actively working to understand the Triglavians and interpret their words. The communication lines with the Arataka Research Consortium, which I and many others consider to be one of the most knowledgable groups concerning the so-called Emergent Threats, are short.
Secondly, while they indeed seem to be hostile towards Sansha’s Nation and, to a lesser extend, the Rogue Drones, it is still unclear whether or not this hostility extends to other hive minds and AIs. In fact, there are some signs that the Triglavians, in whole or in part, are themselves part of a hive mind. They also could be AI, or there could be AI among them. We just don’t know enough about them yet to draw any conclusions either way. Regardless, I think it is safe to say that the Triglavians pose no immediate threat to Origin. We have not seen any of them in Origin, or any indication that they even know about our colonies here. As such, if they are indeed planning an invasion, it is likely that they will be targeting Nation and the Drifters.
Thirdly, we’ll be consulting with representatives of our population on whether or not to seek contact with the Triglavians in order to determine their position on hiveminds and AI, if and when a means to communicate with them has been established.
[small pause]
Any questions?"

During the Q&A, Biko revealed that he had aquired a set of Semiosis Conduction Consoles from ARC, but that they had not been taken inside Origin yet, and that there are currently no plans to do so. “We’re currently investigating wether we can use these devices to communicate with them, but there’s no need to do that in this system yet. We may relocate them to Origin after further investigation will reveal that it is safe to do so, and if it’s worth the effort to do so.
Asked about wether Alexylva Paradox is capable to defend against a Triglavian invasion his response was a quick but cheery “We are always ready to defend against any and all threats. Next question?
When asked about ALXVP’s relationship with ARC and wether the corporation may become part of the alliance, he responded by saying that “We’ve been working together on some fronts, mostly…with research. […] We’re…tentatively looking for other possible areas of cooperation, including inside Origin itself, but I can say nothing concrete about this at this time.” He also said that SFRIMs departure from the ARC alliance had no effect on the relationship between SFRIM and ALXVP. “We’re still on good terms.
The questions then became increasingly more about Biko himself: why he has made so few public appearances lately (“I’ve been busy.”), about the state of his marriage (“Steady. Next question.”), and about the Origin Child Protection’s investigation. He answered that last one with “I think it may be concluded before the end of next week.” before calling an end to the press conference, saying goodbye with a bow of his head and “Thank you, peace.”, then leaving with a blank expression.


Published in the Gallente tabloid “See and Hear” magazine on 12.05.121.

Rumours have reached our ears that the controversial and always charming James Syagrius, doyenne of the Aidonis Elabon Building in Caille, has decided to retire from his illustrious business career.

One of his employees whom we spoke to, tearfully leaving Reclamation’s offices in Caille with a box of belongings commented, “Mr. Syagrius has always been a generous and fair employer and even helped my family when we were in need. He deserves this… I suppose!”


Ownership of Reclamation’s operations in Cloud Ring appears to have been transferred to an undisclosed buyer. Rinai Vero, a Federal Militia commander in the area, was unaware or unwilling when asked for a comment. Fierce secrecy is a hallmark of Syagrius’ style, though, as a journalist from Caille Entertainment discovered during a recent research project cut short by a tragic accident.

So, what is Mr. Syagrius going to do now?

We have discovered that a substantial contract has been awarded for the renovation of an estate on Intaki Prime that Syagrius is rumoured to have acquired many years ago from the Bravaati family, owners of the eponymous olive brand, shortly after the prestigious family business was left cruelly exposed by the then CEO’s sudden and mysterious descent into Blue Pill addiction.

Syagrius is reported to have had a strained relationship with some Intaki capsuleers but this appears to be water under the bridge now. Bataav, leader of the Intaki Liberation Front, commented, “Syagrius has been a political opponent of ours for many years, and tempers have flared on more than one occasion. More recently though, I’ve found that we leave our politics to one side when we talk, and I’ve come to believe that a mutual respect now exists between us. I’m sure he’ll find Intaki Prime to his liking, but we’ll have to see whether retirement suits him just as well.”

Word has it, though, that Syagrius is unlikely to disappear entirely into life as an olive farmer. Staff at the Elabon Building, speaking off the record, hinted at tenancy discussions with a prominent Amarrian personality whom Syagrius is understood to have accompanied to various social functions lately. Known associates at the Elabon Lounge are remaining tight lipped about anything regarding this.

With his time freed from business responsibilities, we certainly hope to see more of this colourful character out and about enjoying himself!

Jorianna Gallaire Director See and Hear


Gallente Investment Journal (YC121-05-13)

BREAKING: Caille-based tour operator FTU (Federal Tourist Union) was today acquired by Old Heuromont’s AIG (Ars Investment Group) after a direct offer of 1.7 ISK per share to shareholders. Over 3x the previous market value. The current board has not yet commented on the situation but AIG did announce earlier today that they now control over 50% of the shares and will be taking control of operations.

FTU has had a turbulent history with 6 straight years of losses and the stock has been steadily dropping, a significant part of the losses have been related to the company’s attempts to transforma into a destination travel business which has been going significantly slower than expected.

In a short interview, Catherine Gillot, chairperson of AIG commented “We want to bring FTU back to its roots, focusing less on hip destinations and more on the traditional tours and resorts that FTU has been known for.” She also said that FTU will try to expand into the Republic where she thinks that there’s a lot of destinations that are interesting to explore and are more sustainable than expanding capacity at the traditional resorts.

FTU currently operates around 1200 travel agencies, 200 hotels, 300 aircraft, 60 shuttles, and 20 cruise liners.


Hueromont Herald

Several attacks make today the bloodiest day since the VCC shooting

Several shootings in Old Hueromont has made today the bloodiest day since the attack against Capsuleer Mizhir Devara. Sven’s Shack, a well-known hoverbike repair shop own by the Sebiestor Sven Svarthen, was set ablaze when armed men belonging to the Mannar gang The Red Dawn. Afterwards, three Mannar owned casinos and a Jin Mei owned massage parlour were attacked by Minmatar gangs, presumably as retaliation for Sven’s Shack.

The Hueromont Police Departmant has not yet released the number of casualties, but they have stated that it has been the bloodies day since the attack against Dr Devara. In addition, they made the following statement at the press conference:

“This violence will not be tolerated, and we will be increasing our efforts in Old Hueromont. The FIO has already sent more officers to keep peace and they will send additional forces by tomorrow. As per today we will make additional checkpoints in Old Hueromont, in particular the Lockham and Marlowe districts.”

Footage from a checkpoint in Old Hueromont

((Art credit: