House Etranhi Statement on the Security of Ny'Stetoh

Blessings upon you, pilots of the Intergalactic Summit.

Many of you would not know me, but I am an Empyrean such as yourselves, though I have not flown a ship in many years. This is of little importance right now, however, apart from providing explanation for my ability to access this forum on behalf of another.

I have come here to relay an address delivered by my uncle, Lord Bladest Etranhi, Holder of the County and City of Ny’Stetoh, within Belfent Province on Mishi IV. The missive, made at 21:00 EST this evening of the 18th, concerns the recent troubles in the system and now near our family’s city. I pray you shall receive it well.

Good evening, blessed people of our fair city, and those beyond who have been watching the happenings of the last few days within the Mishi system.

Firstly, I have the pleasure to announce that the Triglavian incursion into the nearby system of Avada has now withdrawn fully, and the immediate threat posed by it is over. We give our thanks to God for the efforts of all those who have fought to defend us from this faceless enemy, including the Kador Fleet and Zidarez, Queen of Khanid.

Additionally, we have learned that in the early hours of the day, the further threat of a Blood Raider forward operating base was destroyed by a fleet commanded by a dozen Empyrean pilots numbering from Khimi Harar and the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order. Among their number was Paladin Aldrith Newelle, whom we all know well as a native of Ny’Stetoh and beloved alumni of our House’s court. The Etranhi extend our deepest thanks to these pilots and their organizations for their tireless work to keep our Empire safe.

However, with these threats eliminated, we may yet face another, more unclear threat. Within the last few hours it has been confirmed that an unknown number of the 7th Asbara Cyber Knights have made planetfall within the vicinity of Ny’Stetoh for reasons unknown. We are attempting to establish contact with their commander, Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez, for the rationale, mission and authority of the deployment. Until this contact is established, however, I must assume that there is a present danger to the city, lest such an armed host not be needed here. Be this threat Triglavian or more familiar to us in the form of Sani Sabik filth, I must take the implications seriously, and have placed the city’s constabulary and guardsmen on highest alert. I have also taken the liberty of making coordination requests with Mishi’s planetary defense forces, and am actively seeking House Kador’s guidance on how to proceed next. The safety of this city is my paramount concern, and I shall not take my duty lightly in such troubled times.

In the meantime, I urge the people of Ny’Stetoh to remain calm, but cautious. Do not venture outdoors more than you must until the situation is ascertained and security may be reasonably guaranteed. While I have refrained from ordering an official evacuation, my advisors recommend that those living at the more remote outskirts of the city make their way towards the coast where you may be more closely watched. God willing, these steps will prove to be unnecessary, but a sefrim may only defend those that come into its arms.

Before you become alarmed by these words, I wish to remind the people that while our city’s defenses were meager but a year ago, we have been strengthened since the events in Anath in no small part due to the assistance of the Newelle Family and allied forces we have hosted since March. These brave veterans of Alkabsi III have successfully advised and trained our own local forces while helping to establish material and protocols to deal with the event of a Blood Raider or Deathglow attack. While this city has never known war since it was Reclaimed, we shall also not be unprepared should it arrive upon our doorstep.

I depart now to handle the matters thusly covered, but will leave you with words of encouragement. The people of Mishi are strong and have weathered the winds and sands of hardship for eons. We True Amarr arrived to bring solace from the cruelties of life beyond God, and so we have, and so we shall continue to do until the end of our days. House Etranhi loves the people of Ny’Stetoh - and I as your Lord, love you more deeply than any. I swear I shall not allow harm to befall you so long as I live. I shall pray that the drums of war that beat in the distance are merely false impressions sent by the Divine to remind us of the realities of the cluster, but not to visit them upon us. Indeed, that is most likely the case. But if the worst comes to pass, I shall not abandon you, as you shall not abandon me.

By His Light and His Will.


Lady Etranhi.

I write this response merely to reassure you and the Lord Etranhi that the Lord Consort of House Newelle stands not alone in his efforts to protect your city from this unknown potential threat. Though of meager birth the Karuna family has enjoyed some material success due in no small part to my own good fortune as a member of the Society. As it happens we have a small detachment of soldiery upon the planet and I have ordered them suborned to local command. Be assured that they will comport themselves with dignity and in accordance with local culture. I dearly hope that their services shall go unneeded.

I shall remain in the skies above alongside the Directrix of the Societas should her grace the Queen summon any assistance that can be given. In the unfortunate event that there is a threat to be faced on the ground give them nothing but blood and sand.

By his grace and light.
Jenniver Karuna.


As one of the capsuleers involved in the elimination of the Blooder pests in Mishi, let me first say that it was our pleasure to blast their little base to pieces. I’m at the very least personally happy to have helped. As the one who scanned down the wormhole chains to Domain that we used and then moved in the initial four Abaddons and Absolution through them, I honestly feel pretty proud of my logistical contribution to the whole effort. In addition to the other Amarr capsuleers of LUMEN and PIE, I’d also like to thank Melisma for being willing to help us out and even bringing in her personal ship.

In comparison to the logistics, the actual fight was fairly simple. We warped to a spot nearby the Blooder base that Aldrith had set up in advance to prepare for the engagement. The other Abaddons anchored on me while Aria warped down to to base to set off its alarms before returning back to us. The Blooder response fleet landed and a handful of Cruors warped over to us, only to get evaporated. The battleships they brought seemed frightened of us and never really engaged, taking weak pot shots from extreme ranges, so we punished their cowardice by warping down to the base and just blowing it up mostly unopposed. The whole fight was very anti-climatic, not that I’m complaining.

With all that being said, I wish you the best, Lady Felethia. I hope everything turns out alright down there on the planet. As always, I am committed to the extermination of Blooder Buffoons, Triangle Terrors, and other such threats. I am glad that I was able to help out my Brothers and Sisters in Faith over in Mishi with the little infestation they had. With the Triglavians retreating, hopefully the area is quickly fully secured. Feel free to call me again if Mishi needs help in the future. I actually enjoy the complicated logistics. It’s fulfilling, really.

Amarr Victor!

Co-Executrix Lyra North-Onren,
Khimi Harar


The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order has a presence in Mishi and is monitoring the situation as it develops.

As of our last reports at 14:00 today, the Triglavian forces seem to have completed their withdrawal from the system.


While House Etranhi’s security manages the city, Newelle Family troops are digging in around their bases in the outskirts. I am personally overseeing the 331st Sarum Hussars when not in-pod.

As with Lord Etranhi, I will not abandon my home, come what may.

God watch over us.


Over the last couple of hours Excubitoris Chapter forces engaged and destroyed a small Blood Raider fleet in Mishi.

A much larger Royal Khanid Navy task force was also present in system, and was seen engaging a portion of the Blood Raider fleet above Mishi IV.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.


In light of the continuing Blood Raider presence and the engagements today between the Khanid Royal Navy and the Blood Raiders, and loyalist capsuleers and Blood Raiders, Khimi Harar has completed positioning a reserve force for faster response to the Triglavian menace or Blood Raider depredations should they continue to recur.

I share in the sentiment of my sister in arms, Praefecta Jenniver Roku, should her grace the Queen require any assistance in combating these threats, we stand ready to respond against these double threats to the Ni-Kunni homeworld.

Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti
Co-Executor Khimi Harar
Directrix Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
116 Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year
Mother & Grandmother


The Aegis Militia regrets to announce that our efforts to curb Blood Raider activity and support the defense of the Empire and it’s interests has been met with hostility, and not from our enemies, but from members of PIE, no less. It is a sad day when fellow Amarr are too caught up in petty squabbles and risk the safety and security of our Empire and its inhabitants.

Despite this minor set back, the Aegis Milita will continue to monitor the situation and fight against heretics and foreign invaders. We dutifully place ourselves at the call of her Grace the Queen, the Planetary Government (and all Holders therein), our allies in system, and of course, the Amarr Empire.

May His light shine on us all.

Professor Leonel Yasavi
Barrister General, Diplomat
Aegis Militia.

We are your enemies. You’re red to us and among other grievances, you are attacking Providence as we speak. You put some utility depots around the Newelle Family structure without checking in with anyone in advance. Your actions were provocative on purpose.

As one of the individuals who shot your depots, I would like to state that for the record, I’d do it again.

You know what’s really sad? When the RKN flies around an asteroid belt alongside Blooder frigates, and nobody exchanges a shot… until a capsuleer shoots the Blooders, and the RKN opens fire on the egger.


Is there a word for a group that hires one of your oldest enemies, shoots one of your oldest allies, offers to feed your crew to Sansha in an attempt to recruit their capsuleer sycophants, and then acts all shocked when you treat them as enemies?

And what is the source for this story, Arrendis?


My wrecked Vagabond in Mishi. Luna’s seen the lossmail.

Confirmed, I did see the lossmail and the wreck.


Khanid Navy and Arrendis were both in system at the same time. Khanid Navy shot down Arrendis. Blooders were also on the combat report. I was not on field to actually see what occurred.

That’s what I know.

Lossmail would prove that the RKN killed you. The rest of your story is curious, though. I saw Blooders and RKN shooting each other with my own eyes today, and the RKN did not shoot at us for killing Blooders. So it’s most curious. I suppose it’s too much to hope that you were recording video at the time?

I had no reason to be, no. I did, however, report it in local as soon as it occurred:

[02:23:45] Arrendis > And hey, shoot at the blooders at P1 B1, get shot by Khanids… amazing.

I’m not calling you a liar, by any means, just gathering all available intel.

Can I ask what your standings with Khanid were before they shot you down?

I am sorry that you feel that way Lady Elkin. We have never seen PIE as one of our enemies. have there been past grievances? Of course, however that has to be expected from two organizations as old as ours, but never enemies.

We placed observation outposts in orbit of the affected planet, where it just so happens that Lady and Lord Consort Newell have also anchored a structure. We were not aware that we needed permission from PIE to defend the Empire.

And even if we had asked, would you have answered positively?

It is our belief that even certain, questionable people may be of service to the empire. As such we use them as tools to strengthen and secure. Besides, just because some one is one of your enemies, doesn’t mean they are one of ours. If we limited our rectuits to only those that you approve of, then we would be quite limited indeed.

It never was, nor will it ever be AM Policy to work with Sansha Nation or Sansha Nation loyalists.

Our conflict with CVA is not one of conquest. They have fallen wayward of their once noble origins, to the point where they are not even led by one of the faithful.

Standings with the Khanid: 2.32, with no changes.

Also: This is the previous belt. The RKN had been peacefully hanging around with the Blooders, then warped off just before I locked the two Blooders. Then I went to P1B1, and boom.

Thank you for the intelligence.

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