[Tales of Kahah] BREAKING: Newelle Family Deploys Embassy Above Kahah III

On 31.10.YC120 at 7:14 New Eden Standard Time, a Providence-class Freighter bearing the emblem of the Newelle Family warped to a position above Kahah III and proceeded to anchor an Astrahus-class citadel holding the moniker “Newelle Embassy.” It was confirmed by Lady Mitara Newelle that the contingent being put in place was of her family’s private military.

In an impromptu press conference held in space above Kahah III, Lady Newelle shared:

I will state for the record this action is not endorsed or sanctioned in any way by Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris [PIE], it is solely an act as Lady of Damnidios Para’nashu, as is my right."

During a brief exchange in the system’s local channel, Samira Kernher, who demonstrated knowledge of the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris’ internal code of conduct, shared that PIE has a specific prohibition against PIE members stating their actions should not reflect on PIE. She shared, “The rules are, if it is correct by PIE, a disclaimer need not be said, and if it is not correct by PIE, then it should not be done.”

Lady Newelle responded by saying, “Given how Lord Admiral Lok’ri strongly advised against this action, I think it will be at least appreciated that I stated such… And if anyone opposes PIE observing the situation here, well then, frankly I do not care what they think.”

Aside from stating that the Newelle Embassy’s contingent will be focused on monitoring the situation in Kahah, Lady Newelle did not go into further detail about their equipment nor their rules of engagement. She also declined to comment on the legality of her “right” nor if her family’s presence was requested by Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez, who was placed in charge of “pacifying” the system of Kahah by King Farokh Khanid III. Finally, when asked if she had any remaining statements for the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service, she replied, “If it were up to me, your broadcast stations would be removed from this system.”

We will endeavor to provide updates as this situation develops.


UPDATE 1.11.YC120: Marshal Protector Alizabeth Interview Regarding Embassy in Kahah


… it’s an Upwell structure under capsuleer control. Literally every last one of us have a “right” to drop however many of them we want over that planet.


An official announcement shall be pending. I pray you all will refrain from speculation until then. These are tense times and misplaced words can provoke bloodshed.


Well now I’m curious about that bloodshed quip. Why make such a statement at all? I have my own ideas but I will refrain from open speculation…


Probably referring to gunning down unarmed ships who are there for the sole purpose of providing humanitarian aid… You don’t have to speculate, I did it for you.



Hmm. This ambassador only took a half fit Astero with him to monitor the Kahah situation, not an entire Astrahus. Oh, and I just went into further detail about my equipment. Am I doing it wrong?

Edit: Also, I will state for the record my presence is endorsed and sanctioned by Alexylva Paradox [ALXVP], it is indeed a presence as Gateway of the Board of Coordinators, as is my duty.


Maybe it’s just me, but I find it amusing and scary at the same time how so many of us seem to feel the need to be very, very careful about whether our actions or in-action about Kahah is or is not officially sanctioned by our respective organizations and/or nations.

And yes, I did too, so I’m not criticizing, just observing.


Given our position, I feel justified being disappointed. We are the ones who should be able to act on our own principles and take our own stances with the least worry, and hold our respective nations and organizations accountable if they fail to meet standards, yet we lower ourselves to their… well, failures is as fair a word as any in this regard.


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Marshal Protector Alizabeth of the Newelle Family’s military was kind enough to field questions from the “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service with regards to the deployment of the Newelle Embassy above Kahah III.

Viverina Cielvoss > My first question is: Has the Newelle Family prepared a statement regarding the embassy established here, in Kahah? Lord Newelle indicated a statement would be forthcoming on the IGS.

Alizabeth > “Lady Newelle is going to make an official statement in the next eight hours or so, I am told.”

Viverina Cielvoss > “Very well. Could you elaborate upon your position in the hierarchy of the Newelle Family’s private military forces?”

Alizabeth > “I am her Mashal Protector, the Disi-aslan en Para’nash Sarum. Ultimately, all her forces answer to me. And I answer to her. I am her sword and shield. I am her mailed fist. It’s been that way since she was elevated to the position of Holder within House Sarum.”

Viverina Cielvoss > Lady Newelle has stated that the purpose of the embassy is to ‘monitor’ the situation in Kahah. Why is a significant military force required for what is touted to be a diplomatic mission?

Alizabeth > “What military force? I’m here to get a first hand look at the situation. it’s true that I am an accomplished warrior both in the pod and on the ground, but I doubt I qualify as a miliatry force alone.”

Viverina Cielvoss > "So the embassy is without garrison and you only serve the role of a military attaché to Lady Newelle to comment on the situation here?"

Alizabeth > “I am here to take a look at the Khanid forces’ strategy, tactics, equipment, doctrine and such in an actual combat deployment against a rebel force. As the Mashal Protector of Damnidios Para’nashu, it’s my job to ensure the security and safety of the holding. So, taking a look at what is happening on Kahah III and seeing what the Khanid are doing right, wrong, very wrong, and absolutely incorrect provides data that my planning staff can use in our emergency plans. I think that every military professional in the Empire is watching Kahah III closely for many of the same reasons.”

Viverina Cielvoss > "But the embassy is without a garrison?"

Alizabeth > “All our Damnidios Para’nashu’s assets have protection.”

Viverina Cielvoss > "But that protection does not include ground forces?"

Viverina Cielvoss > "I merely ask this question because Lady Newelle stated that there was a contingent being established in Kahah by her family."

Alizabeth > "I have a personal security detachment with me in case I am able to go to the surface to look at the situation from the ground. Regarding wider deployments of House Sarum forces, I have no information to give you at this time."

Viverina Cielvoss > "And you can confirm that Lady Newelle does not have ground forces beyond your personal security detachment present in Kahah?"

Alizabeth > "I can indeed confirm that."

Viverina Cielvoss > “Lady Newelle has publicly stated that this deployment is unaffiliated with the Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis. Does that mean that the information you obtain will solely remain within the possession of the Newelle Family without how do you say… ‘comparing notes’ with PIE’s military observers?”

Alizabeth > “I am not, nor have I ever been a member of PIE. So, you’d have to ask her about that. Frankly, I like being able to fly whatever ship I like. I prefer Amarr designs, of course, but given the tactical necessity, I will fly whatever ship will bring victory.”

Viverina Cielvoss > "Marshal Protector [REDACTED], will your analyses be shared with the Praeotaria Excubitoris Imperialis?"

Viverina Cielvoss > “Excuse me, ‘Praetoria.’”

Alizabeth > clears her throat. “Apologies, Concord will not let me change my Name. [REDACTED] is not my last name. I have only one name: Alizabeth. Please do not use [REDACTED] again. And as far as my analysis goes, I’m going to share it with at least three PIE pilots. Where it goes from there is out of my hands.”

Viverina Cielvoss > “My apologies, Marshal Protector Alizabeth. Finally, has Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez requested and/or authorized the presence of Lady Newelle’s diplomatic staff and your specific role as a military attaché?”

Alizabeth > "I have no information to give you on that at this time."

Viverina Cielvoss > "Has Lady Newelle been in contact with Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez or the court and/or personage or King Farokh Khanid III?"

Alizabeth > "I have no information to give you on that at this time."

Viverina Cielvoss > "Has Lady Newelle deployed this embassy completely independent of communicating with Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez or the court and/or personage of King Farokh Khanid III?"

Alizabeth > "I have no information to give you on that at this time."

Viverina Cielvoss > "Very well. Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Marshal Protector."

Alizabeth > “I’m a little disappointed. You had a professional military officer for an interview and didn’t ask anything about her subject of expertise.”

Viverina Cielvoss > Very well. From what you have seen thus far, what is your opinion of how the Royal Khanid military is conducting their campaign in the system of Kahah?

Alizabeth > Well, there is an interesting dichotomy between the forces that the Khanid have deployed and the method with which they have been employed. The 7th Asbara Cyber Knights are elite forces, as are the 19th Royal Uhlans. However, so far both forces are operating using a strategy of weakness, avoiding becoming decisively engaged, using artillery and sub-orbital strikes as a shield. They have the freedom to maneuver and resupply as necessary, but are only using that to herd the rebels into concentrated areas to engage with indirect fire. These elite Cyber Knights are now elite forward observers. Now, every professional officer knows the limits of artillery fire, even sub-orbital strikes. If the goal is the pacify the rebels as quickly as possible, killing as many as possible, they’re not doing a good job of it. The lack of training is also playing into the favor of the Khanid forces. If the rebels pushed their assault and go into close combat with the Khanid, they’re artillery support would be worthless.

Alizabeth > And, the Khanid strategy would never work against a proper military force.”

Viverina Cielvoss > "There are indications that some of the mercenaries hired by capsuleers have assisted the rebels in obtaining weapon caches and possibly even provided military training. What is your opinion regarding rebel capabilities?"

Alizabeth > "Not enough. Military training, in a week? Okay, so they now know which end of the weapon the beam comes out of. Weapons? Fine, some, I am sure, but personal armor, armored vehicles, crew served weapons, indirect fire weapons, mobile shield generators, stealth fields? Not a chance. The rebels are out gunned, out equipped, and our matched in training."

Viverina Cielvoss > "Do you have any final statements you would like to add to the record, Marshal Protector?"

Alizabeth > "Yes. I advised Lady Newelle to move some forces here incase the situation on the ground changed and the Khanid needed reinforcements to keep from being overrun. She has taken that under consideration."

Viverina Cielvoss > "Thank you again, Marshal Protector."

Alizabeth > "Of course."




Thank you.

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So, I read that as “in case these undergunned, underequipped, and undertrained rebels actually start to present actual danger of liberating themselves, we’ll be ready to move in and crush them.”

People keep bitching at me and a couple of others for moving in some equipment and handful of trained military to help these rebels, but assisting Khanid in massacring them with an Amarr family military is just dandy.


No one wants to put down a rebellion, no one wakes up with a smile cause there is one. This happened because someone committed a terrorist attack and instead of making the situation better then slaves thought “lets try and escape”.

They are in the heart of Kingdom space and at lest 20 jumps if they get out of Kahah from either the republic or the federation. Then you lot roll in and give them more delusions about fighting the good fight instead of just surrendering.

So if they die its because you encouraged them to die for you, at no loss to yourself.
Very brave of you.


Did they? Does that even make sense? Do you think they thought they’d be able to commandeer the number of dropships needed to get an entire civilian population off the planet? Off multiple planets?

Or are they trying to stand up for themselves and insist that if they’re going to be slaughtered like vermin, at least they get to be free—at least they get to decide the course of their lives—just once before the artillery starts landing?


That’s the part that rankles them the most, isn’t it? It’s what sears them to the bone as they realize it. Every single one of those who stood up, stood tall and said no more… every single one of those who refused surrender, every single one of those who saw what was coming and stood against it no matter the odds…

… every single one of them dies free. Not as property. Not as cattle. Not as slaves. As men and women, holding their fate in their hands, no matter how brief.

That’s the bit that makes the bile rise in the back of their mouths. They didn’t surrender. They refute that their masters are “better” or “more deserving.” They reject everything that horrendous society is built on. They demonstrate that no matter how low you try to grind people, Minmatar, they will still eventually stand tall and stand strong, showing their tyrants how their lies of ‘care’ and ‘uplifting’ will forever be recognized for what they are.

They die on their feet. They die free.

Of course this is anathema to these scum of New Eden.


At the very least, I think I prefer the clear, unfettered honesty of folks like Mitara. Stand and fall, kneel and live. Even that’s their choice. No moralizing, no outrage, no attempts to justify why the institution is good… it’s not about good or bad, it’s about power. And there’s something respectable about someone who tells you where they stand without trying to claim they’re really nice people.

I’m a monster and an enabler of monsters… but at least I own it.


And the fact that they decided to try and escape, to start a rebellion when they saw a chance, should and would probably speak very loudly to anyone who doesn’t consider people property to be owned.

To my shame I decided to take action when the news already said the death toll was in the millions and not before. Though I wasn’t expecting a slaughter from the first news, perhaps in retrospect naively. In any case, when us lot decided to do something, they already had millions of reasons not to surrender.

Very brave of you to shift the blame of this atrocity to anyone but those who are actually to blame.


Mmmh, it is a rare treat to have an enemy I’d happily bludgeon to death with their own torn off jaw, but in that kind of respectful manner you would an honest enemy. She’s very rare in that regard.

I’ve said it before, those Imps I can have a slight bit of respect for. The ones that doesn’t play pretend, trying very hard to lie to New Eden and themselves about who and what they are. The ones who have the strength to look in the mirror, accept what they see and impose that upon New Eden? Well, she’s a monster but one that I’ll delight in taking on, because she’s at the very least earned honest animosity.


And yes, startlingly, I didn’t take this of Chakaid’s message seriously: " First, we shall wade in the blood of the slaves who have risen against us." I was too used to capsuleers blowing similar hot air. I can only hope not to make this mistake again.

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Right now, the rebels must win or die. The Khanid troops have other options. While I still maintain that the Khanid forces have overwhelming advantages, that one factor may be enough to turn the tide.

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