[Newelle Family] On Seeking Justice

To the Offices of Imperial Authority, myriad Empyreans of the Intergalactic Summit, and the public at large,

Most frequenters of these channels are familiar with who I am and whom I serve, but for the benefit of newcomers and those who may have forgotten, I shall make a renewed introduction. I am Aldrith Newelle, Lord Consort to Lady Mitara Newelle, Champion of House Sarum and holder of Damnidios Para’nashu upon Mekhios, Sarum Prime. I am also a Captain and Paladin Ordinary of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne order, but today I do not speak within that capacity, but solely as a representative of and on behalf of my lady and her household within the House of Sarum. We address all with this plea to the authority of God and offer for support to His moral servants.

It is no secret that this is a time of trials for Dam-Amarr. The reign of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, long may it be, is yet in its infancy, and is surely being tested. The Empire itself has been facing troubles for decades before her ascendancy. Assassinations. Invasions. Rebellions. Terrorist attacks. Heresies. Amarr are no strangers to combating the enemies within and without. Yet, since the death of Emperor Heideran VII, God rest his everlasting soul, there has been a marked trend of these enemies multiplying and growing more bold. But as corruptive forces have made themselves apparent, and the pugnaciousness of short-sighted foreign interlopers have grown, so have heroes stood up to resist them. Verily, these have also been times where the true servants and allies of the Empire have been ascendant, and it is up to those of strength and resolve to stand up for Her security and prosperity. The present is our moment, forevermore.

It has been some months since the time of crisis caused by the nefarious Deathglow attacks began. In this sure to be brief period of calm between assaults upon our dignity and safety, there has been time to reflect. It is clear that we face a myriad of villains in this saga, but not all are yet obvious, and they yet remain free to do ill in the future. The vile Blood Raiders and other Sanist cults are certainly involved, but the likelihood they acted alone or without a purpose greater than simple chaos was never likely, and becomes less so by the day. This is why my lady urges that the previous preparations for a formal inquisitorial tribunal into the attacks be renewed post-haste and that His Highness Lord Arrach Sarum be appointed to its head, as originally intended. Surely such an investigation will be well served by one such as he, through his readily apparent integrity, keen intellect, and sheer iron will to crush the wicked and protect the righteous. Naturally, the members and retainers of the Newelle household dedicate our full support to our Heir and the inquisition should this come to pass, and we shall extend an invitation to all those who have the best interests of Dam-Amarr and humanity itself within their hearts and souls to join us in that support.

Let us be plain. The truth of these events must be uncovered, but there are those who are seeking to obfuscate that truth; to use them to achieve their own false and selfish ends by misleading the faithful with a narrative that blames the blameless and diverts attention from the true perpetrators, perhaps to even cover their own treacheries. Those forces lie squarely within the Khanid Kingdom. The recent escape of the traitorous criminal slaver Orlon Zashev and the reaction by certain parties within the Kingdom makes this still more apparent. The transparent political posturing and derisive attacks made towards the Ammatar Mandate, House Ardishapur, and Amarr of Minmatar blood are just that; hollow and clear advantage-seeking in this time of need for unity. Whether or not these forces are fully treasonous or merely callously self-serving is yet to be seen. To assuage the fears that many within the Empire have had regarding this, we urge all relevant parties within the Kingdom to cooperate fully with any resulting inquisition into these matters, and to cease the pointless filth-flinging that has become endemic and indeed expected from those parties.

Millions of lives have already been lost to the crimes inflicted by the perpetrators of these heinous deeds. Tens of thousands more have been taken by the blindly hateful acts of those who have sought to take advantage of the resulting chaos at the Empire’s expense. Mercy shall not be afforded to those who seek to prolong this pattern of destruction upon our people and faith.

Order must be maintained. Truth must be illuminated. Justice must be enacted.

And evil must be destroyed.

We urge the cluster to either stand with us, or stand aside as we seek out these goals. Let us soon get to the work at hand; to the Ministries and Councils of Imperial law, purge corruption and bolster the ranks with the truly loyal. To the Heirs, band together and seek what is best for your own and all peoples of the Dam-Amarr. To the Empress, lead us in this time of need, and deliver us solace and prosperity in return for our faithful sercive to God and Empire.

And to our fellow Empyreans, let us be the fist that delivers the deathblow to the Deceiver’s agents when they are finally flushed out from the darkness for the light to expunge from this world.

The Newelle family stands with each of you in these sacred tasks, and let none of us shirk our duties.

Lord Consort Aldrith Ter’neth Newelle,

On behalf of my fairest Lady Mitara Newelle
Holder of Damnidios Para’nashu, Mekhios
Admiral and Paladin Commander of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Sacred and Eternal Love of My Devoted Being


Speaking only for myself, If Orlan or any of his people comes under my custody and they aren’t executed on the spot I’ll turn them over to your custody. Barring a lack of garrantee that I or those who work for me are harmed in or directly after the hand off. You want Justice for those who broke your laws, I’ll give you that.


I have several oubliettes prepared, with various levels of mold and dampness and darkness.
I will also give you my word (and anyone else) that anyone transferring scum to myself (acting on behalf of Lady Newelle as her Marshal Protector) will not be harmed in any way. On the contrary, the will be met with reward.

I stand with my lady, my Sister in Fire and Blood, as well as House Sarum, as their eternal warrior.
Operation IKEA in Delve has proven to be a great success. Frankly, I stopped counting the number of Blood Raider ships destroyed when I surpassed ten thousand. House Sarum Marines have boarded and destroyed a number of chemical facilities in the past few months. The efforts continue.

To the enemies of God and Empire and House Sarum and Lady Newelle: remember, you can run, but you will only die tired.


That’s a lot of titles.

Most frequenters of these channels are familiar with who I am and whom I serve, but for the benefit of newcomers and those who may have forgotten, I shall make a renewed introduction. I am Enkil “Havohej” Akheteru, Head of Clan Du’uma Fiisi, of the Thukker Tribe, former holder of lots and lots and lots of Amarr slaves, liberator of over One Million Matari slaves from the Empire (one million of those all in one go, mind you). I am also a Rider and Anoikis Coordinator of the SOE Roughriders and a combat and logistics pilot for Electus Matari, but today I do not speak within that capacity, but solely as a representative of and on behalf of my Minmatar people and their Republic. I don’t really have any appeal to morality to throw down, here.

Now that that’s out of the way, the Empire may have come under a rather vicious chemical attack. Or it may not have. Don’t know, don’t care. Fact is, even if every world in the Empire were under chemwarfare attack by blooders, that wouldn’t buy you and your people a pass for millennia of brutality and injustice.

Electus Matari, in good faith, came to offer humanitarian aid in the time of crisis you’re bleating about. And look what you lot gave us for our trouble? Talk about taking advantage of the resulting chaos with your entirely unjust war declaration, prolonging a pattern of destruction upon your own people in the process!

We agree on the point that evil must be destroyed, Newelle, but you’ve got your starting point all wrong. It’s not the Kingdom. It’s not Delve. It’s “Dam-Amarr” itself.


Considering how many of those you apparently murdered, after, pilot, I’m impressed you can boast about the accomplishment.

Your organization was caught smuggling weapons and fanning the flames of revolt. You came in bad faith as shameless opportunists, seeking to undermine and destroy what you see as “evil.” You came to offer false hope to the enslaved of Thebeka. You may have hoped the flames would spread, but you knew what would happen there.

And you might not have known this, but you found us at our weakest, resources largely tapped, tired of war. Even so, we answered with weapon fire.

Even at our weakest, at our most tired, we were ready enough for you, warmongering fool. And we’re stronger, now.

Come, self-righteous killer of your own kin, if you have the will.

You’re expected.


Dead or alive, they’ll never be slaves again. A win’s a win.

The freedmen and women who died fighting on Thebeka with arms allegedly supplied by Electus Matari… are they still slaves? Again, a win’s a win. Besides, as far as I’m aware, nobody was caught running guns until after the first war declaration - which, by the way…

…We’re not the ones who paid CONCORD for a war declaration. So I really don’t care to hear about how weak and tired Damned-Amarr was in Thebeka, if I’m being honest.

Don’t you rattle sabres at me, you self-righteous Angel Cartel tart. Electus Matari came to see you in Domain last time. If you want that kind of smoke again, you know where our headquarters is and your bloc has already shown its ability to afford CONCORD bribes. In the fullness of time, the record will not show Electus Matari to have been anything other than reasonable and fair in these exchanges, with an utmost interest in peace between the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic. We were not the aggressor in Thebeka, and you won’t goad us into being the aggressor elsewhere.


I have questions and comments. However, the salient point is to shut up about this. Firstly, you’re giving information to a hostile entity. Secondly, you come across as just bitching. War is hard.

And of course they are going to arm rebels. It’s kind of been the Minmatar’s unofficial/official policy since the Day of Darkness to fight back. Everyone knows this whole thing about ‘humanitarian aid’ is a load of crap. Just leave it alone. Besides which, the battle in space didn’t matter a single ■■■■■■■ bit.

This is not the thread to rehash Thebeka, or Kahah, or Alkabsi. Anyone wishing can do that elsewhere.

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Hey, Lord Flowing Locks brought it up.


The ones you killed were the ones quite happy with who they were. Were happy being Amarr even after being freed. That was no win. It was butchery the likes of Nauplius. That you dare to try to speak for them really shows how little removed you are from actual slavers. Of course, you actually owned slaves and worked for Sansha’s Nation, so you are, in fact, a slaver.

You’re not. What’s the point of the lies? Everyone knows why we were fighting there. Stop trying to throw a veil over it.


Back to the topic, I echo your desire for actual justice to be carried out, Lord Newelle. Sadly, I have doubt much will actually happen; it never does. This recent incident with Orlon only highlights the failures our Empire has had with defeating the enemies within. But I will always pray that one day the arm of Amarrian law will actually perform its duty and defeat the corruption that festers within our Empire’s heart.


We introduced a little of that smoke to your home territories last time. You didn’t seem to appreciate it then.

But … there’s not a lot of feeling in the Society that we need to move aggressively, conduct Reclaiming by force or anything like that. LUMEN tries to stay true to the spirit of Heideran VII and the “Pax Amarria.” There’s no need to challenge you on your home turf for now. There’s work enough to be done, and we can pursue the most important parts without resorting to such aggressive methods.

Speaking for myself personally, though: I’m just a hooded hawk on a glove. If the Directrix removes my hood and lets me fly, I’ll hunt. I don’t care if I’m right or wrong. But sins of my past life do tend to get my attention.

You seem to be one. And a liar, I increasingly think. I guess to someone who’s done what you’ve done lies in the service of your cause don’t seem like a big deal.

But there are wholly practical reasons not to lie, Havohej.

I like listening to people, talking with people, even people I don’t agree with at all. But you’re starting to seem like someone I should never listen to, and should instead try to harm.

I’ll look forward to having the chance.

If you think that’s what it is, then either I didn’t explain very well or you need to take a closer look at what I did, suuolo.

It’s history. History’s important, and also useful.

We both had parts to play at that time. I’d ask you, as a friend, not to make light of mine, even if we might disagree a little about some details.

Please understand, even if I’m normally quiet about it I’m as proud of my service as you are of yours. And possibly for similar reasons, suuolo.


I wasn’t back from Stain, yet. I would’ve appreciated that quite a bit, I think.

Then don’t rattle sabres, for now. Unless you want LUMEN’s reputation, and yours, to be one for empty words. If that’s the case, rattle away mighty Seraphim.

How convenient it must be to absolve oneself of all responsibility. I wouldn’t know what that feels like.

You’re the second egger in this thread to accuse me of being a liar. That’s not something I’m accused of regularly… I don’t see the lie in my assertions. If Rhiannon were caught smuggling weapons before the wardec, then I’ll cede that point, but based on what I’ve been told this isn’t the case. Anything else I said, to the best of my knowledge, is incontrovertible.

You and me both.

The only “truth” Amarrians believe in is their own.

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There’s a kind of person who pretty much says what he actually thinks, pilot. Lord Consort Newelle’s kind of an example, actually: we don’t agree on everything, but, if he tells me something I can be pretty sure he’s telling me the truth as he sees or understands it-- that he’s illuminating things for me, helping me to see things as he does, to share his insights.

Increasingly, I’m coming to see how many people there are in this world who’ll try to persuade me of stuff that’s not true, and that they know isn’t true, because it’s useful to them if I believe it. This would be a kind of person who, instead of trying to help me see things, tries to draw a veil of fog-- an illusion. By propaganda, for example: painting their own side as all-virtuous, their own accomplishments as greatly laudable even if their own people are apt to see them as tainted, and so on. I used to be very interested in being on good personal terms with Else. Now, not so much. The reason’s related.

Such a person isn’t interested in an exchange of perspectives, as a rule: they’ve already found the truth to their own satisfaction, and what they want to do is control my perception of it-- or others’ perceptions.

You casting my “we’re ready for you” as equivalent to declaring an intention to invade is a good example of that last. You’re not a truth-seeker. You’re an illusionist.

This series of events is surrounded with such motivated speakers, not all of them Matari. I hope for his sake, and a lot of others’, as well, that the Lord Consort’s hopes and intentions for the outcome of all of this prevail.

There’s a lot of work to do, and a lot of people trying to use these events to push an agenda. Hopefully the truth will become clear.


The “truth” of gold to which you cling is worse than most illusions.

Before I begin, I would like to make it clear that I resent @Havohej swiping the gimmick I would otherwise have used in copying Aldrith’s post.

Instead, I’m just going to cut through the crap, and say it plain: Good luck cleaning up your own house, Aldrith. I sincerely doubt your empire will bother to do a damned thing about any of this. I hope I’m wrong. I think I’m not. (Obvious statement is obvious.)

As for anyone else deciding to make threats about ‘home regions’… Keep your bloodshed out of the Republic. Or else.


Here’s a tip, Armast… Don’t rush to people’s defense or assume that they’re in the right just because they’re on the same team as you.

One, Aria is not Amarr. Two, the person you’re defending is A) a slaver and slave killer, and B) trying to push the usual tripe of ‘oh we weren’t doing anything bad, really, you attacked us unprovoked and we were forced to defend ourselves!’ that always comes up in Amarr-Minmatar arguments. They were initially basing out of my citadel, which was absolutely providing weapons and supplies to rebel forces from the start, and for which war decs against me were completely justified. I cannot speak for when EM itself started actually providing aid and rescue to the rebels, but I’m pretty confident in assuming that their purpose in involving themselves in the area was oriented around that goal regardless of any decs.


Ms. Kernher: another person I can be pretty sure is telling me what she really thinks is true.


It sounds like you’re attributing words to me that I haven’t spoken.

Do I believe that the freed slaves I killed needed to be killed? No. Did I at the time? Yes. Do I claim that having done so was laudable or virtuous? I never claimed that. In fact, when we announced it, it was with regret.

Here’s the “truth”, Jenneth, as clear and objectives as any truth can be: to maintain the enslavement of billions of people is wrong. That is true.

This… did not happen. I did not cast your words as an intention to invade. I cast them as sabre rattling. Which they were. Who is the liar in this exchange, mighty Seraphim? Because I think that it is not me.

Once bitten twice shy. Is it hard to understand that in the past we’ve grown to not expect people who blindly (by their own “light” mind you) invaded our homelands? Maybe things aren’t as they were but the land will always remember what scars it’s surface, until another force shapes it again.