[NEWEL] Kahah Embassy Deployment

On behalf of Her Ladyship Mitara Newelle, Holder of Damnidios Para’nashu, Champion of House Sarum -

Within the last few weeks, attacks utilising the substance known as “Deathglow” have occurred in limited fashion upon Oris at the heart of the Empire, and to much greater destructive effect within the Kahah system, threatening the life of the Khanid Kingdom’s Queen Zidarez. These affronts perpetrated by the Blood Raider Covenant and their associates are now being punished, however, enemies within and without remain.

The widespread slave rebellion on Kahah III is a culminating point of these crimes. It now stands as an ugly sty upon the face of Dam-Amarr, causing pain and shame to the faithful as the ugliness of its carnage challenges each and every one of us. To make matters worse, the meddling of heathen and heretic capsuleers, spitting in the face of Kingdom law, seek their own gain with attempts to bypass the quarantine and worsen the violence. But the most dire threat comes from the governments of the Republic and Federation, who flirt with open war in their threats made within the Inner Circle halls.

It is in this volatile climate that Her Ladyship Mitara Newelle of House Sarum has decided to act. Foreign interference in the affairs of the greater Empire is an affront to her, and for an acceptable outcome to be reached members of the Faith must take the lead in guiding the resolution. As of today House Newelle has onlined an Astrahus Upwell structure to act as an embassy of her holding and observation post for interested capsuleer parties that have a right to be represented.

The parameters outlined by Her Ladyship concerning this embassy are thus:

  1. The embassy will serve as an observation post to monitor the ongoing situation in Kahah.
  2. The embassy’s research lab will assist to further analyze the substance known as “Deathglow”. If Imperial or Kingdom subjects care to join our own researchers make your petitions here or to Her Ladyship.
  3. The embassy’s space based contingent of fightercraft, overseen by Lord Consort Aldrith Newelle, shall assist the Kingdom Navy to enforce the blockade - should Sardar Marshal Fayez or other Kingdom representative request such aid
  4. The embassy’s other assets and stationed personnel, overseen by Marshal Protector Alizabeth, are to remain in reserve for the time being.

Virtue. Valor. Victory.

Chancellor Pious Newelle


The “Tales of Kahah” Broadcast Service will transmit your announcement.

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But research by anyone not of the Empire is strictly forbidden! How dare you interfering bastards try to isolate and identify the active agents within Deathglow in some kind of misguided attempt to develop counteragents!?! Only the Empire can possess the ability to protect our people from Blooder chemical weapons! Anything else is ‘interfering’, damn all you meddling kidscapsuleers and your mangy muttsmercenaries!


No, you just cannot do so using my facilities. This was overly dramatic even for the likes of you.


It really was, but it amused the hell out of me. :slight_smile:


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