[ORMUR] Kahah Crisis - Mercenaries deployed [Updated]

I have deployed a contingent of mercenaries in Kahah -system and armed them with the best weapons I could get ahold of on a short notice. Obviously a thousand mercenaries are not going to take on the entire Khanid army, but they have been ordered to identify weak spots in troop movements and disrupt logistics wherever possible on Kahah III and other planets in the system, as well as obviously rescue slaves if at all possible.

Right now they are still inside a forward operating base I have established near Kahah III but will begin moving and spreading out as soon as possible.

Additionally, I am offering a 200 million ISK bounty to whoever brings me the corpse of Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid or Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez. I know they will probably just reclone themselves but no matter. Altough, in which case the bounty applies only to the first corpse brought to me, not ones after. Also I’m fairly certain they’re only acting on orders of the king himself, but “I was only following orders” does not absolve anyone from their crimes.
Update: Additional bounty of 200 million ISK for whoever brings me the corpse of Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya.

Update #1 All my data from the Kahah situation forwarded to CONCORD
Update #2 Remaining mercenaries lost, operations on Kahah III cease


This one right here, officer.


If an “officer” orders sanctions on me, so be it. Until then, shut your gob, Shutaq.

Edit: I have been anonymously offered additional 5,000 mercenaries paid for by another capsuleer to bolster operations in Kahah, but I respectfully declined. 1,000 men felt appropriate for special operations divided on all inhabited planets and their moons.

I will not start a personal war against the Kingdom however warranted that might be. For one, actual logistics in form of air, space and ground support are beyond my capacity to provide. Second, any further and more direct action will probably end with my pilot license revoked. Which I will also accept should it come to that.


The Black Hand have deployed a squad of former Warclones to the surface of Kahah III. Covert deployment has been successful and they will begin operations soon. They will kill Chakaid and depart once that is completed.

Covertly inserted cargo

Supplies and weapons have also been deployed including tactical nuclear weapons and viral agents.

Teinyhr, you may have the second corpse, our client wants the first one and has outbid you.


Poor Chakid. Wonder what he’s done. Don’t worry about competition though, Teinyhr and myself have another fellow, Chakaid, in mind.


In the good and decent spirit of my corporation being a perpetual diplomatic incident in everything we do, I hereby offer half a billion isk to the person or entity that both rescues and delivers the lost idama to the government of Intaki Prime.

Just, you know, because it seems like we’re all going all in on making life for the khanid kingdom hell. Might as well get in on the fun.

I’m not bent on making life in Khanid Kingdom hell. My meager participation is intended to make it less of a hell for those who cannot defend themselves from cowardly indiscriminate bombardment.

Edit: I would also like to remind that because of the kind of pieces of ■■■■ we’re dealing with here, referring to what happened to Samira Kernher, I have placed security services protecting my family members on high alert and hired additional personnel as well as further upped security measures for the time being.

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…individual capsuleers are conducting troop movements on planets? Against civilian citizens of a soverign nation?

Oh I know what you will say. You will say the Kingdom deserves it. You will say you have a target and it isn’t all Khanid people, just the troops, and the sa-Baron, and the Marshal, and the slaves, and so on and so forth, surely nobody will be troubled who isn’t those people. And anyway, they are awful, everybody knows that, so if they are troubled they deserve it.

Do you know how that feels?

I know what you will say to that too. About how something must be done, and about how this is fair because of various Amarr-Matari things, and someone will probably say that I am only looking for sympathy also. No one will take a rotty moment and realize that this is an invasion of my home. Or if they will, they will they decide they don’t care. Because it’s the Kingdom. Which is awful, so everybody in it deserves everything that might happen to them.

I KNOW terrible things have already happened! I know! I know that in the absence of any judgement more formal than Samira Fetching Kernher, the sa-Baron and Marshal are criminals who must be eradicated at all costs INCLUDING PLAGUES AND NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON POPULATED PLANETS.

You don’t have to do this. You will probably say you do, though, for reasons. But please, don’t.


My mercenaries are exclusively conducting operations against military targets. They do not have nuclear, biological or chemical attack capabilities, only conventional weaponry and explosives. Dunno about the other forces operating there.

Don’t pin on me or my units crap they’re not doing, thank you. Saying this, since you replied to me specifically. Maybe on accident, but I can’t know that.


No, on behalf of civilian citizens of a sovereign nation, against the armed mercenaries employed by a sovereign nation.

And individual capsuleers are conducting these troop movements because CONCORD still won’t let capsuleer alliances declare war on empires.

Edit: and then, you know, there’s Vlad, who isn’t so much an individual capsuleer as a big red button that says ‘go overboard? YES or HELL YES?’


I really don’t know that this is going to make anything better.

I don’t know that anything is going to make anything better.


What would make things a little better, I think, what would frighten me much less, is knowing that capsuleers not being allowed to declare war on empires meant something–that it meant people would not go up to that line and send mercenaries over it, and then make a blithe little hand-washing motion.

There are a lot of them. Us? You? There are a lot of capsuleers. They have so much money and they think we’re awful. I am panicking a little.

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Well, you can know that capsuleers not being allowed to declare war on empires means there aren’t another 30,000 eggers looking to shoot Khanid naval vessels venturing within 1 jump of our GOP keepstar…


I know what I’m doing is skirting the law. But what do you want me to do? Just watch as Khanid forces commit what is looking to be one of the biggest warcrimes in recent years? And I can’t believe that I have to use “recent years”. Do you think I enjoy playing a little warlord? I can say that I don’t.

But yes, something has to be done, because you or anyone else who should be doing something, aren’t doing what you should, such as hanging your king by his entrails to the nearest tree.

I am willing to accept consequences for my actions should any come. I doubt the King, Chakaid or Fayez would have the decency to do that.


The solution is pretty damn simple. Make your home into something that doesn’t require violent intervention in order to try and save some of our people. Until you do, kindly go get fuckered, because you frankly haven’t earned the right to bitch about it until you do something about the situation.

Your people, your home, is slaughtering those of our people you lot decided to steal away through rape, raiding and murder. Exactly what ground do you feel you can stand on, demanding that we don’t act upon this?


Look, Qerl. Your people are conducting a massacre down there. And I’m sorry, but the Khanid are NOT worth more then other people’s lives, certainly not enough that we will just stand by and say “Hey, we shouldn’t do anything”.

But for what it’s worth, I am not there to kill Khanid. A lot of us are not there to kill Khanid. In fact, just yesterday we where able to smuggle out several hundred Khanid who got caught in the crossfire. They wern’t turned away, or killed by our freedom fighters. Not all of us are like that.

Personally I am there to save my people, and I hope you can respect that, because I’m not there to kill yours. The fact this entire situation is even happening to begin with is all kinds of messed up.

But at this point asking people to stop is just not reasonable, I hope you understand. Your Empire does have a deserved reputation for being one of the most brutal and inhuman regimes out there.

If the Kingdom does not want a bad reputation, perhaps it should stop earning itself one. And if the Kingdom wants to stop being shot at, perhaps it should stop giving others reasons to shoot at it.

Come on, now.


Well said, Isha.

Whenever we hear about people suffering, we are told to look away. It does not concern us. Just dont even think about it. “You’ve killed thousands, tens of thousands by yourself, or helped someone else kill by selling or building them the means to do it. What right do you have to interfere here then.”
I kill bad people. I kill people in the employ of bad people. I do. I’ve killed good people too, doing the wrong things. I have. But I have never killed anyone whose only crime was to exist and yearn for freedom.

Sometime, someone has to act. “All it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”, I’ve heard someone say. I’m sure there are good Khanid. I’m sure there are good Amarr. But they are demonstratably letting evil triumph on Kahah III. And someone has to act, because I cannot trust you to do it.

I’ve waited and hoped that the Amarr would recognize evil when it walks among them, but they instead embrace it. They even defend it.
I do not get kicks sending well trained combat units to invade sovereign planets. But because none of you who should act don’t act, I have to.

How my ancestors must have pleaded that their homes not be invaded, their partners and children not to be taken away. Nobody helped them. Nobody could help them. But I can. For me to abandon the slaves of Kahah rising in rebellion would be the same as to fail and abandon my ancestors.

And for you to plead teary eyed that just because I am destroying military infrastructure and disrupting transports of combat units, prisoners, and ammo, that you’re scared, is just beyond insulting. Not just to me but to the millions dead and dying. To trillions in chains in the past almost 900 years.

You who do nothing and continue to do nothing in the face of undeniable evil, those of you who even defend it as “an internal matter”, you are not the people of any good, god or righteousness. Neither am I, but I’m not the one that pretends to be, either.


673 Holoreels delivered to Yulai VIII - Inner Circle Tribunal -station regarding the Kahah Crisis

In response to the news earlier today, I decided to bring to table more evidence of Khanid actions against the slave populations on Kahah, and specifically in response to the statements of the Amarrian delegate, Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh.

These holoreels contain every scrap of footage my mercenaries in the Kahah system have collected and managed to relay back in the past 5 days. Helmet mounted camera footage and HUD data, surveillance and scouting footage and general tactical and strategic data.
Additionally enclosed are 738 short interviews sourced from 2,301 rescued slaves that my operatives and sympathetic insiders have managed to get offworld. The rescued have been transported to Aesir Arcology in Pakshi for proper care.

These reels are presented to CONCORD perusal and specifically its Inner Circle in the hopes that the contents would work as an eye opener to the members of the Inner Circle.


Miss Teinyhr,

Would you be willing to license copies for general distribution? Or are you treating these holoreels as confidential?

Thank you,

Viverina Cielvoss


I can send you the interview holos, no problem. Others are confidential until further notice.