To the Kahah Free Army, and to all our brothers and sisters in Darkness

To the Kahah Free Army;
and to all Brothers and Sisters still in Darkness.

I hope this message finds you, whatever way, despite the orbital sieges, despite your Masters trying to keep it from you.

Over a century ago now the Minmatar, then enslaved as a whole by the Empires of the Evil God, seized the moment of the Empire’s weakness, and the first light after the Long Night shone in the formation of the Republic.

Another moment of weakness is happening now. The events in Kahah have brought to broad daylight the brutal reality of slavery, the blatant untruth of the pretty words about beneficial Reclaiming, the ties of the Lords of the Kindgom to Blood Raiders and murder. Eyes of all the nations are on you.

The Empire can no longer pretend that slavery is a matter internal to them; it has become clear others must and can interfere. First steps have been taken; more will come; and loyal capsuleers of the Tribes stand ready to support when the time will come.

Rise now! Use this moment of hesitation - use it everywhere! When histories of freedom will be written a century from now, Kahah’s name will take its place right next to Vak’Atioth.

Never again another Long Night!


More likely right next to Starkmanir.

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Hopefully your name next to Arkon Ardishapur among the people bashed to death with a Khumaak.


Such spite, did I hit close to home?

Yet also Starkmanir have been freed.


You have my Ship…

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While many of the Kahah Free Army are indeed of Minmatar ancestry, and others too in the Kingdom, there is also the question of the non-Minmatar KFA members, Ealurians and such, who have no homeworld or home state to speak of.

What of their plight ?

Get to the off-topic thread with that, will you please?

An international incident of this scale is not topic for frivolous jokes, no matter how enjoyable or funny on their own right.

What I believe my lady wished to intone was that the Kahah Free Army’s chances of merely surviving, let alone achieving anything of import, is next to zero. Normally we would attribute its existence to sheer stupidity stemming from hopelessness and fear, but something strikes me personally as curious.

You make this address as though the only ones who make up its membership are slaves of Minmatar origin, but this is not the case. There are Khanid military defectors fighting with them as well. Whatever could possibly cause this turn of events is of interest to me, as I am sure it would be to our liege Lord Arrach Sarum and his inquisition.

Whatever the case, we suggest that you cease making inflammatory statements such as this one until the true situation may be ascertained. As for us, we eagerly await our liege’s arrival and news of answers he might glean.

The Minmatar and Imperial subjects finally came together on an issue: their hatred for the Khanid King.


I address my people.

That is not to say I am not both proud of and hopeful about the good Khanid people who have finally seen the evil in their Kingdom. May many more follow them, and may the fire of their spirit spread all over the space of the Evil God.


Hardly. Your rhetoric is going to get ‘your’ people killed.

What’s left of them.

I also add my own hope that a similar fire will kindle in the Mandate, to finally excise the cancer of the Khanid Kingdom and the corrupt reign of King Farokh Khanid III. A reign which was defended by the so-called “loyalists” of PIE and the Newelle Family, the latter of which put ground troops on standby to support Royal Khanid military forces on Kahah III.


Why is Loyalist in quotes? Are they scare quotes?

A true loyalist would see the evil of the Kingdom and proudly and publicly oppose it, not stand with it to bolster its defense.

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What is this but more of Khanid terror talk? Do not fight for your freedom, for you will surely all be purged?

And coming from PIE Inc, too.


Perhaps you are right, Ms Rhiannon, that the King won’t react with a heavy hand if the situation escalates.

I am pretty sure the King will.

I am also pretty sure he won’t be the only one, then, if he does.

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We defended against your invasion because you created a situation where our duty to uphold the sovereignty of a vassal of the Empire overruled our previously cautious stance. Our troops were placed on standby in case they were in dire need. They now remain on standby to support Lord Arrach Sarum in his efforts and security should they be needed.

Foreign Minmatar involvement in this situation is an unnecessary and destructive complication that can do absolutely no good. The only legitimate Minmatar ethnic authority with any right to speak or act here is the Mandate, along with their own lieges the Ardishapur Family. Indeed, I rather hope they do speak in response to some of the more colorful accusations hurled their way. I am sure they would also similarly denounce your meddling, which has done nothing but weaken their position.


Seems like an appropriate time to quote an ancient swordsman - “Baby, you ain’t kiddin’”

The straws you grasp at remind me of the plantations of the Mandate. You say that foreign intervention and my own efforts have weakened the Ammatar Mandate and House Ardishapur and yet these fresh sanctions levied by the Federation and Republic make the Khanid Kingdom economically vulnerable. I didn’t see the section that dealt specifically with the Mandate or Lord Arim’s domain. Or perhaps reality is difficult for you to grasp as well?

Your words lack merit from the perspective of anyone who truly walks the righteous path and your actions are in defiance to basic human decency.

And lastly, I have received no condemnation from the Consulate Governor nor from House Ardishapur. Pass your own judgments as you will, but do not think you can speak for true authorities.

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