What should the Republic do regarding the unrest in Amarr/Khanid?

The current state of unrest in the Amarr Empire / Khanid Kingdom is a clear statet of emergency to the two nations; enough that loyalist independent capsuleers have been mobilized.

The history of the Republic rests on a similar situation: trouble in the Empire, increasing unrest, and a well-timed rebellion. And, yes, foreign support that made it possible.

It is quite difficult to avoid the thought here that the Republic should now “pay it forward”, to get involved and to take the next steps of, even finish the rebellion we started in 23216. Especially this is so, if you believe in the calculations that in the current Militia wars of attrition the Republic is the slowly losing party.



Keep their mouth shut and wait. Any involvement of theirs will only make matters worse for everyone.

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Me: There is the safety of those already free to consider, and our opinions as capsuleers don’t really matter.
Also me: We come for our people!


The Empire is a long, long, way from being weakened to the point that an incursion by the Republic would be successful. A few rebelling slaves on a few planets has effectively zero impact on the Empire’s ability to mobilize its navy and military for defense.


Conduct a full scale grey/hybrid war against the Empire. Deny any chance for the Amarr to fight a conventional war where it has an advantage over the Republic. Lock it into place under Concord treaty while conducting a concerted campaign of hostile intent just under the level of full war.

Isolate the Empire from its allies in the State through diplomacy, media campaigns, and incentives.

Conduct cyberwarfare targeting its infrastructure and businesses.

Manipulate its currencies out of grey market exchanges.

Target sanctions aimed at the logistic, supply, and manufacturing chain of its military.

Use “volunteer” paramilitaries to fight and annex territory or conduct targeted strikes.

Flip Amarr not part of the aristocracy to work as agents. People are still people, religion or not and still prone to turn traitor and work out of Money, Ideology, Coercion, and Emotion.

Keep on applying pressure, look for points of potential failure socially and politically to exploit. Be ruthless, be opportunists, and never fight fair while denying the Empire the fight it wants until you’re ready to do so on your own terms.


I kind of meant beyond business as usual, about this current particular unrest. :wink:

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Infiltrate antimatter explosives on to the affected planets and draw as many Amarr forces into a close order battle in a populated city before detonating them.

I am not sure I posed the question correctly. This could be a valid tactic for troops on the ground, but the point is that the Republic does not (at least not officially) have troops on the ground. The Militia wars are the only official conflict between the Empire and the Republic. As for now, The Republic is not a party in this unrest.

Should they be, is the big question.

Hence my reply. When there’s widespread unrest across ten, twenty, hell, a hundred planets, the Republic will have a shot. Not two.

It’s more than two. But my comment was to Gesakaarin.

Officially ? Nothing.


Doing anything is an act of war, and justifies the Imperial Navy to engage Republic space infrastructure in Republic space, and for Imperial forces to attack planets. The Navy in particular is not suited to counter insurgency, and is otherwise idle. Giving them something to do, would invite destruction to the Republic worlds.

Which would be responded in kind with every horrible NBC warfare agent Republic has in hushed labs, unleashed on Amarr worlds. There would be people who would see such a retaliation through.

Open war between the Minmatar and Amarr would destroy the whole cluster, eventually.


Stuff like this is pretty much exactly why I get so frustrated with the constant drumbeat for war. I understand the Matari grievance, but feeling justified in doing something doesn’t necessarily make it the correct thing to do.

If you won’t improve things by doing X, maybe you should try something else?

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For as long as the Empire is an existential threat, inaction means a certain end to civilized humanity. This means that rolling the dice when there’s opportunities, big or small, is the only morally and ethically acceptable response. What’s worth betting on is the Empire realizing that the price they’d pay for pride if the war goes grand in scale is way above and beyond what they are willing to pay.

Especially compared to the price of peace. All of our people is a steep price to pay, but not compared to all of theirs.


What else? We’ve tried to send the message that we want our people back and after that be left the ■■■■ alone, but the Amarr for some reason won’t comply with this.


Blowing up the world isn’t finding a solution, Teinyhr. It’s more like giving up on finding one.

The status quo might be hard to swallow, but if you follow through on something apocalyptic I don’t think this present misery will seem so awful in memory.

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The Republic should look at the past, in how we got our liberation. The Gallante and Jove didn’t land full armies of liberation, our ancestors fought on their own, with aid from the two I mentioned as well as support in space. When the time is right our people will be there. It’s a war of attrition that will win the day in this much like back then. Yes we will lose more as days pass, it was the same back then, sad but true. Losing what we have (and probably a large part of the cluster with it) won’t achieve our goals any better.


There is a simple solution and nobody needs to die, you’d only need to get the Amarr on board. But they won’t because they are the problem.


All true. We need to support and incite any and all rebellions we can in the Empire in the hopes that they find keeping unruly slave populations too difficult.

The only danger is in what that could escalate to if instead releasing their slaves they would start to eliminate them en masse. The Republic would retaliate, because if for no other reason, the Brutor and Krusual Tribes would pull them into it by force.

I wasnt suggesting we should blow up the world. I simply said where the situation easily could escalate in an open war.


I actually fully agree with what you said, it was more aimed towards the initial post. With regards to your other responses, well said.