[MULTO] A message to the MIO

To my friends at the MIO,

I see that Orlon Zashev has escaped your custody and now eludes your justice. You had your chance. Now, we will take ours. Thank you for the opportunity.

To my new friends at the RJD,

No promises, but we will try to leave enough for at least an autopsy.

Sincerely yours,
Armast Darkar

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wow chakaid is really mad at you

Yes, indeed, I am sure you do have “friends” in the MIO, you vile traitor.

No doubt there has been considerable infiltration by treacherous Ammatar and their heretical allies, leading to incidents such as the escape of criminals and the breach of important facilities by terrorists and Minmatar rebels.

Your transparent attempt to suggest this was anything other than an operation planned by your “friends at the RJD” and carried out by faithless Ammatar filth and corrupted traitor apostates is laughable.

Allow me to promise that your autopsy will take place in public while your repugnantly corrupted offal spills down the shaft of an impaling stake.

More importantly, this is further evidence of a widespread conspiracy of traitors, terrorists and rebels orchestrated by the enemies of Amarr among the subject peoples and slave races. It is clear this threat from within requires firm and decisive action. I pray it comes swiftly and with crushing force upon the heads of all those who would oppose Holy Amarr and the Reclaiming.

I have the honor to be,


Sa-Baron Chakaid of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


God damnit.

Here we go again.


50/50 Chance that the abolitionist organizations SFRIM and PIE are behind this plot.

You should really try thinking before you speak sometime.

If we’re abolitionists, why would we help a notorious illegal slaver?

Even within the realm of your little fantasy world you make absolutely no sense.


Just a friendly reminder that there is still a 200 million ISK bounty open, for anyone who brings me the head of any one of:

  • Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid
  • Sardar Marshal Soshan Fayez
  • Royal Commodore Arraz Nomarya

First come, first serve.


You have probably broken him out of prison and turned him over to your Minmatar friends for vigilante justice, simultaneously satisfying your organization’s known anti-Khanid prejudice and your abolitionist ideology.

Awwww, poor little Chakky. Does it bother you that ‘subject people and slave races’ are more competent and capable than you are? Does it chafe to know that you and your King are just as impotent as Omir and the rest of your Blooder friends?

Who knows, maybe when we run out of Blood Raiders to kill here, we’ll come clean out the rest of you…


What Minmatar friends? We were fighting against the Matari forces in Thebeka while you twiddled your thumbs and spewed absurd rhetoric.

There’s no anti-Khanid prejudice, it’s just that it very commonly happens to be Khanid like yourself who go out of their way to commit atrocities in order to try and prove our detractors right. We’re not anti-Khanid, you’re anti-Amarr. Considering your inaction to do anything other than go out of your way to validate detractors of the Empire with your evil, you’re the damn traitor.

Except for the fact that there’s quite a number of Holders who own slaves and nobility from families who own slaves in both PIE and LUMEN. Once again you’re just making up nonsense.


Alar Chakaid,

Your brutality and those of other Khanid laphounds only inflate our numbers, both of those the corrupted Empire seeks to cast out and of those who yet endure chains for the cause of freedom.

Our infiltration has been taking place for generations. We are the ones who pour your wine, we are the silent listeners to your conversations, we are the harvesters of your fields, we are the technicians for your ships, we are the tutors for your children, we are the scribes for your Scriptures.

It is our backs you whip, it is our bodies you set aflame, it is our families you bombard, it is our voices you seek to silence, it is our wills you seek to subdue.

But the truth is now laid bare before the entire cluster. The golden edifice cracks.

We are the unseen you welcome into your very homes, boardrooms, and council chambers. We are the vengeful who take up the cries of the fallen and their legacy of pain, suffering and death.

May God have mercy on Orlon Zashev, for we shall have none.

Sincerely yours,
Armast Darkar

Can confirm. The closest thing to friendship is a regular exchange of volleys on grid.

Don’t confuse unestablished ROE with inability to work together. If something gets established don’t be surprised when we don’t trade volleys.

Thank you for focusing attention on Aridia. Now, while the MIO is weakened and the Order of Saint Tetrimon focuses on Orlon Zashev, the Ammatar of the Mandate can raise their heads in unison to cast off the yoke of servitude.

To the Ammatar of the Ammatar Mandate, both slave and free: resist the corruption of the Empire. For one day, do not work your fields, do not attend to your docks and shipyards, do not clock into your desks in the civil service of the Ammatar Consulate. For one day, let the Mandate breathe free. We call all to take part in a nonviolent general strike—for if the Empress refuses to heed our fasting and prayer, then let her see our resolve in our actions. And should you stand for a day, extend it to two days, and if two days, let it become a week. Divided we are outcast and ignored, but united we can save our home from the festering corruption that beats within the Empire’s heart.

From Tanoo to Fort Kumar, show Dam-Torsad that we will never embrace the brutal and corrupt methods of Dam-Amarr. Not all are capable of great acts of resistance, but each of us can perform small acts of resistance with great faith.

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Gods and spirits, pilot, I kind of admire your enthusiasm, but you do realize you’re dangerously close to making the sa-baron’s point for him? He’s trying to undercut your people’s standing in the Empire every chance he gets-- or half or quarter-chance or thing he can make look like a chance if you squint really hard at it. If he succeeds it’ll probably set your standing in Imperial society back by generations.

Is now really a good time to be calling your own loyalty into question?


I have already been declared an “attainted heretic” for doing nothing more than trying to put an end to senseless slaughter while other “loyalists” twiddled their thumbs and did nothing, or worse, perpetuated needless suffering.

If striving to defend innocent lives is a crime, then I gladly walk into the halls of infamy.

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And yes, of course the time is now. No movement in history ever succeeded by waiting for a Golden Age. Only in times of strife were the greatest changes possible—only in conjunction with Vak’Atioth did the greatest emancipation of souls take place.

That’s not a safe parallel for you to draw. Not at all.

Mr. Darkar, what’s happened to you is what’s happened to you. Your situation is not quite your people’s, or vice versa. Sa-baron Chakaid seems to have a grudge against the “slave races” of Amarr-- and your people most of all.

Even if you are angry, even if your pride is wounded, please don’t pile more wood on the bonfire the sa-baron is building. Helping him make his case isn’t going to do anything good.


This is not about my pride, but the right to self-govern for my people, free of the taint spewing forth from Dam-Torsad. While Lord Arrach Sarum may be a new “inspector general,” his position and newfound authority come too late for the millions who have already perished.

Whilst the Amarr Empire reels from internal corruption, now is the time God has given the Ammatar people to realize not just mere autonomy but independence.

… come now. Amarr needs change, not its people abandoning it. Independence should not be the goal.

I also find it amusing to talk about the ‘Mandate’s servitude’. Frankly, Darkar, the Ammatar are just as culpable in Amarr’s corruption as any True Amarr heirdom is. Worse, even, in some ways, because the elite of the Ammatar hold slaves without being titled Holders, piling a violation of Scriptural law on top of the other betrayals of Blessed Servitude carried out both there and in Amarr at large. They also sell slaves on the SCC markets, facilitating the horrors of people like Nauplius. The Mandate is not guiltless, it has allowed the very same sins to fester in itself.

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