KAHAH. To quell the Beast

So far I have been trying to avoid the issues that have arisen in Kahah. I was considering it an internal Kingdom business in which I shouldn’t have intervened. However, events today have changed my opinion on this to diametrally opposite.

My position was changed since Tribal Liberation Forces invaded the Kingdom in an attempt to intervene in the Kingdom affair. And as a soldier of the State, as ally of the Empire and Kingdom I couldn’t stay aside.

Today I led my ship to fight for the Kingdom that was bullied by Blood Raiders, Ushra’Khan terrorists and similar ilk. It was a hard fight and many good people died because of tribal aggression, but the objective was achieved and savages weren’t allowed to the planet itself.

To ensure faster resolution of the conflict, 19 000 Caldari Marines were transferred directly to Arraz Nomarya to support Khanid Navy in hope they will help to mop up rebels and terrorists faster to secure the system and save lives of bystanders and innocents.

Today people fought and died not for their homes, but for homes of their allies. Because this is One Universe, and we fight in One War, against bullies, murderers, warmongers, aggressors. Against those, who think they have “right” to enforce their will and their way of life on others.

We fought outnumbered, but we stood proud, because we fought for what is right, we fought for our cluster, for our civilization. Times of Vak’Athioh and Iyen-Oursta are gone, and we are ourselves masters of our future.

Be proud, that you are Amarr.
Be proud, that you are Khanid.
Be proud, that you are Caldari.

Today, you all shall be proud. Today we showed them what we are standing for. For the rule of Law and Order. For the sovereignty of the Nations. And for the protection of people from foreign invaders, who spark rebellions and armed uprisings.

We will push blooders and tribals back into their hiding holes. We will defeat the aggressors and will establish rule of LAW and ORDER in the cluster.

With Fire and Steel.

Glory to the State!
And Amarr Victor!


That you did. For the slaughter of innocents and all who dare dream of a better life free from the harsh whips and implants of their overlords.

The seeds of a brighter tomorrow will be sown in your ashes, you vile and detestable creature.


Today we saved people by stopping the conflict from spreading and consuming more lives.

You can keep calling me vile, you can keep calling me detestable. But I am fine with saving people from tribal aggression and preventing people like you from damaging human lives.

As for blaming me in slaughter of innocents, that’s ridiculous. We slaughter only those who grab arms. Our troops on the planet will help the Kingdom to slaughter rebels, not innocents. We slaughter those who bring death so they will die from their own medicine, preventing them from dealing damage to infrastructure and lawful citizens.

That’s a lot of big talk from someone who went down hard and fast.

When’s the next one? I’ll bring the drinks.

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Went down with honor, protecting allies? Yes.
“Hard and fast”? With… Damage: 223,584 ?
Nah, I believe your perception is skewed.

Bring some drinks and meet me in space, lets see how “hard and fast” you can… fly :sunglasses:

Ha! Name the time and place, and your favorite poison.

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Strike Commander, I don’t believe you are taking into consideration how this started. Stand by your allies but don’t shield their atrocious actions against those who other Amarr would consider their own, unless your arguing the Amarrs’ arguements that they aren’t our (Matari) people but theirs which they make when the “we come for our people” warcry gets unfurled. They gunned down their own people in their own logic.


It is not an atrocity when you exterminate rebels. When they pick up arms, they stop being civilians and become combatants. Willing or unwilling, is not a question that shall bother you. The question that shall bother you is enforcing law and security.


In a couple days. Asakai. Frigates.

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Well, yes on that regard but are they really rebelling of their own volition if they are under the effects of a weaponized hallucinagen? Is it an unrealistic expectations that gunning people down wouldn’t spark said people to defend themselves?

To be clearer: I’m referring to those who witnessed those who did not arm themselves get gunned down indiscriminately, not those who did and then put them down after the effects, though to me that’s in poor form.


Unlike other posts I don’t understand, this one I do understand: it just makes no sense. The “talk” here is not outsized in relation to your mis-characterized link. S.C. Kim’s place on this field was neither misplaced nor somehow piloted less than perfectly.

We all make mistakes. However, why you decided to follow this specific down, so maliciously, while being completely incorrect is not something “we all” do. In Amarr’s light you should reflect on the influences that would lead you here to be a mouthpiece for vile, slanderous ■■■■■■■■.

I think she was referring to a drinking contest.


Thank you, Strike Commander Diana Kim for being able to craft this brilliant and inspirational message.

It is my hope that many will read and feel as I do.

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And when they’re not rebels? It is an atrocity when “the Khanid military are not discriminating between rebels and other slaves”, and there are “millions being corralled into the slave ghettos and subjected to artillery fire and suborbital bombardment.”?

What would you be saying if those were Caldari people being gunned down by the millions for the crime of being on the wrong planet at the wrong time?


So, when the Gallante had death squads gunning down caldari where they stood, “it’s ok because they were rebels,” because after all if you fear for your life and defend yourself your a rebel? Both of our people have of ingrained in ourselves this I’d not the case. Strike commander, sorry but I can’t agree with you on this, what the Khanid did spits in the face of what our people have suffered through. To call it anything less is to call either of our people’s histories as us being aggressors.


Why are you folks continuing to engage Kim-baka in any type of discussion? She is incapable of anything beyond anti-Matari or anti-Federation jingoism. She is a xenophobic psychopath who will never admit that her slaver allies have done anything wrong.


I believe when Heth attacked peaceful civilians, his time in office drew to a close.

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We aren’t rebels. We are protecting our homes from foreign invaders.

And even 200 years ago when we left the Federation, we didn’t rebel against it. We simply left in a way that didn’t violate the charter (by forming new government that wasn’t obliged to follow mistakes made by old government). And they invaded us for that.

Don’t compare us with Minmatars.

Ah, yes. Rella. A typical example of Minmatar and their type of… “arguing”.
As you can see, diplomacy with that sort of folk is practically impossible, like with any fanatics.
And she gives a fine example against whom all of us, civilized and intelligent people, shall stand up. We all shall stand united and throw away our differences to secure our cluster, our Home from such threats.

Isn’t constant, overtly racist and supremacist ranting against some sort of code of conduct here? I’m sure I’ve let slip similar stuff on occasion so I’m not saying I’m innocent of this myself, but lately when Diana Kim opens her mouth it is to advocate hatred and violence against wide groups of people, especially against Minmatar and Federation citizens. Why is she allowed to continue this day after day after day?