Amarrian loyalist front crisis time unification thread ( Kahah )

Esteemed Lords and Ladies. Well honored burghers and respected peasants.

Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr and the Shield of Miners. propose emergency act between Amarr loyalists if threats of “Sanctions or worse” come true.

If such thing happen, Amarr Empire is in danger we have not seen perhaps forever. In that situation our Empire, indeed our God in all His excellensy demands that all loyal sons and daughters of Amarr will cease their hostilities and band together to defend all what is good and holy.

If that “Sanctions or worse” shall happen, I, Lord Vaari will declare one sided cease fire with CVA for harboring grand traitor Xhjfx the Traitoris Extremis and focus all my might and resources to defend Holy Amarr and her loyal subjects, including CVA and all her members.

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Says a guy who didn’t even show up in Kahah.

How 'bout you leave worrying about current events to the people who get off their butts to do something about 'em?


My hearth bled when i was unable to attend, but my planetary duties were more important.

Poor poor loyalists :chillparrot:

You have an amarr icon as your background…

Yes ! Only we are not Loyalists false Empress Catiz.

As unfortunate as the events that took place in Kahan are, I believe such actions suggested by the Federation and Republic will not only cause major inconveniences for many, but also create new problems that could have otherwise been averted.

Hopefully they will reconsider their options and approach towards the situation. I know I plan to continue my own business within the Amarr Empire regardless of the outcome.

Yeah, he’s a Purity of the Throne holdout, my lord. Every so often he dresses a few of his corpmates up in the SKINs of his fallen comrades (purchased, presumably, from those of us who killed them) and takes pictures. No real indication of whether any of the rest of them actually believe the stuff he says.


Because goodness knows, we mustn’t inconvenience people when trying to address the systemic slaughter and abuse of trillions.


Considering how many have died due to our own actions, I don’t really think we’re in a position to try and talk about how “the systemic slaughter and abuse of trillions” is bad.

The ‘Titanomachy’ of B-R5RB. 2 million died in a single day.

It would take 500,000 B-Rs to get to 1 trillion. There have not been 500,000 days since the capsuleer era began.

A Keepstar, fully staffed and populated (families, etc), has ~150,000,000 people on board (#s simplified for streamlined math). 31 of have died, for a total of 4,650,000,000 potential lives lost. So far as we know, none have ever been killed with a full complement on board. Not even in Anoikis.

It would take over 6500 fully-staffed Keepstars, with dependents still aboard, to get to 1 trillion.

As Mizhara likes to remind people: We are not even a drop in the bucket, compared to the ocean of bloodshed that is the Empire today, let alone the thousand years of murder, rape, and abuse they have perpetrated upon the cluster.


I could see 150,000,000 die in a fight like M-O but that’s an exception. I would say the figure is closer to 2-3 billion from the 31 dead Keepstars and related fighting. Besides thinking about it, aren’t many (not all) of the deaths in those fights combatants? So there’s really no comparison

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The Scope revised the M-O casualty estimates downward to something like a 5%-capacity skeleton crew, I think… which makes sense, given the amount of time available for evacuation. But, you know, when even the worst-case scenarios pale in comparison to the thing people keep trying to equate us to… it gets pretty clear who the real problem are.


There are none so blind as those who willfully refuse to see, Arrendis. Apparently Pilot Aldercain prefers his blood money to principles.


Personally, I’m always willing to negotiate having principles – so long as I get paid for them.


Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s just that capsuleers get fed so many lines about being ‘demi-gods’ and then we’re surrounded by slaughter almost every day… I mean, when you see a combined fleet of over 600 supercapitals, it can be pretty hard to remember that even the smallest of the national fleets is many times larger.

Of course, considering how our ships fare against baseliner navy hulls, many times larger might not actually mean ‘impossible to defeat’, either…


I wouldn’t be fooled by that either. I mean, compare any national high-sec system security with national and CONCORD rapid response to the defenses of the same sort & purpose that an indie capsuleer alliance can organize and field?

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They do tend to have a faster response time, yes. And CONCORD’s certainly very good at obliterating capsuleer ships. The Navies? Not so much.


I have a sneaking suspicion we have yet to go up against Navy Capsuleers.

Of course, they’re no boogiemen. Navy being Navy, they’ll be toiling under a perpetually slightly behind bureaucracy and doctrine. An inflexible Navy composition of hardware, fits, tactics and strategy, and under the dreaded tune of “milspec” which while civvies furiously wank over the ‘milspec’ faff they buy at specialty stores in reality translates to “made by lowest bidder that didn’t outright kill the testers”. Compared to nullsec in particular, they’ll definitely be vastly less experienced with almost every aspect of capsuleer warfare and they’ll have only a theoretical grasp of tactics, strategy and even individual piloting skills that are entirely common in low and null.

… but they’re still capsuleers and with the nations backing them up…

Well, I suspect that would be a fight worth having. Since in all likelihood such a fight would also entail no more clones for obvious reasons, it’d be a fight ending in us skidding on our collective asses, on fire and with various assorted examples of erections and splooshes, into whatever afterlife ends up holding true.

Anyone else ever wanted to take on the proper Titans? I mean, I’ve gone up against a Keepstar. I hear these are bigger.


Can you give me an estimate of how many pirates die in populated Null-sec systems every day? I’m mostly curious and I want to know how much of a service we are doing the cluster.

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