Amarrian loyalist front is fracturing

This message is not ment to accuse no one, but to state my worry.

As we have seen in few last month, amarrian loyalist front is rabidly fracturing into splinter groups who hates each other.

CVA and AFK separation has already happened and not in good spirit. CVA took our right to be part of Proviblock and thus made all our claims in Providence null. We do not accept this and so CVA is our enemy. Two very big amarrian loyalist alliance are almost at war because of the decision of another.

Not long after that, PIE set us red because they think we, the amarrian loyalist alliance are too friendly with minmatar loyalists. That is ridiculous if it would be claimed by any other alliance, but PIE at hand, it severed a wound so already mutilated corpse of amarrian loyalism. To make matters worse, PIE cemented this fracture by attacking our citadel in GW, far beyond their normal area of influence. It was ment on insult and challenge. Challenge we cannot ignore.

Im Ecumenical Patriarch of Silent Infinity and Pontifex Maximus of Great Wildlands. My mission is to oversee amarrian faith and loyalty to the Empire. What I have seen is so called pro amarrians attacking against our assets, while so called terrorists, like EM have kept respectful distance on me, but when needed answered with truth and honesty. They dont like me for sure, but even more hostile are so called amarrian loyalists, who have made direct assaults against me or my brethren.

Im very vorried about the state of amarrian loyalism. It se very likely we return to our years ago forgotten tradition to feud with each other who is right and who is wrong. Im ready for it though if you are, but it is our holy Empire that will suffer for that,

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No True Amarrmen.

… apparently.


Vaari, your threads are absolutely ridiculous, and a prime example of why we need mandatory psych evaluation for Empyrean clone decay.

I am a Matar who is loyal only to myself, with an unpayable debt of honor owed to the Society of Conscious Thought. I have also set you red. Don’t rub shoulders with Republicans and you won’t be set red by anyone who hates the Republic and their actions. Simple isn’t it?

PIE has not set me red, that I know of, and I expect this is because I don’t fraternize with their most hated foe.

Try to be reasonable here. I can’t access some ships and equipment at this very moment because of Ushra’khan. I have been exploded several times by Ushra’khan. I’m not even an Amarr loyalist, I just fight against the Republic at the moment - and PIE has been in this position for many, many years. Are you seriously suggesting that PIE’s assets are not also in danger from you directly when you aid and succor their enemies?

I mean you’re not exactly “standing together with the faithful” are you?


Providence falls, the Empire is corrupted, the people confused, the Gallente and Minmatar bring death and destruction each day.

“Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed The cascade of evil, the torrents of war. Burning with wrath, He stepped down from the Heavens To judge the unworthy, To redeem the pure.” - The Scriptures, Revelations, Book II, 2:12.

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Why would you fight against the Republic? True sons and daughters of amarr will find it no reason, because of shining example of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I who invited San Matar himself to her coronation. That gave us clear signal how we must meet our matar friends. With open arms and invite them to visit us.

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Lord Vaari, The Ammatar Mandate is not under the jurisdiction of the Republic. They are in no way associated with our enemies, the Republic. They are loyal to holy Amarr. The Republic hates the San Matari. Ushra Khan is Republican.

Considering how many times you went public declaring your undying friendship, this is hardly surprising, is it?

You can’t please everyone. Sometimes you just have to pick a side and stick to it.

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He’s talking about Shakor, not the Ammatar constellation, Golden. Shakor’s first name is Sanmatar.

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“Sanmatar” is a title.

His first name is Malaetu.


Ohhhhh. Yeah I totally didn’t realize that it wasn’t a name. Tribal customs are completely lost on me, as anyone can see.

Either way, it’s confusing AF.

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Fracturing? If anything the chaff is being separated from the wheat. Perhaps the CVA will return to its roots before returning to Providence. This time with more faithful alllies.


I agree completetely. The term sanmatar is so tainted by the Ammatar connotations that when Malaetu Shakor decided “prime minister” is not fancy enough for him, he should have picked something else.


I think one should not judge his excellency too harshly by reinstating said title. It is beyond question that he is indeed true matar and great example to all of us when he decided to visit in our glorious home world. Imagine the joy when first free Sanmatar visits Her Imperial Majesty on the imperial city of Dam-Torsad witnessing all its glory by his own free choice. To make things more splendeaour our mighty Empire allowed his visit and even protected his journey by switching guards to the Imperial Navy when borders changed.

Truly we are blessed when our leaders see eye to eye and can have civilized meetings first time since conquest of matar worlds.

And they called Midular an appeaser.

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It would indeed seem that no matter who rises that far up, the altitude seems to erode spines and strength.


With great respect, esteemed Lady Rhiannon, is there something wrong admitting how our glorious Empire should have done…less dramatic moves with newly found civilization called minmatars?

I defend my Empire to the last breath and last drop of my noble blood. Never make mistake on that. I however do not thin all our past deeds are righteous or even worth of defending. We made mistake by conquering matar worlds in past. It was mistake of epic porpotitions, but one cannot change past. We can only endure and make sure our future is more glorious than our past.

In that Holy Amarr needs help. It needs help from gallente, caldari and even from minmatars. I know I can count on EM when need arises and my cause is just, for your people fight of nothing if not justice. Where on this mortal world I would like to spend my old days if not with people like you?

You are strong, full of vigor and narrow minded like most conservative amarrian holder. Think of that for a moment. Especially that narrow minded thing.

Yea, well, one cannot deny that the toy war did what it was supposed to do: it ended the spiraling to full escalation.

It’s just funny (or “funny”, rather) to see how easily people are distracted by bloody words.


Really about quality over quantity, are you now?

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My days are spent to make righteous available to all humans. Not very long ago I, Lord Vaari had laughted the idea i do it in matar-controlled space but here we are.

My life is good. Im surrounded with friends and loyal peasants who do my bidding and send me money. I make most of it and try to improve the relations of amarr an matari in the spirit of Her Majesty’s glorious example.

You’re just not very good at it.

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