All amarrian loyalists or amarrian aligned to the rescue of Providence!

Code: Bed has been wet! Repeat! Bed has been wet!

Not long ago, our Imperial Majesty, beloved by all made it abudantly clear that Providence is part of her realm.

While i dislike CVA for their anti-imperialism, i have never denounced they are not at least amarrian aligned alliance. Now that Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all has declared Providence to be part of her realm, loyalists or amarrian aligned can no longer stay out of the defense of Providence.

Some parts of Providence is held by non amarrian loyalists or non amarrian aligned invaders, who trespass in territory they are unprepared of. This ends today.

I Lord Vaari call all amarrian loyalists and amarrian aligned organizations to strike them relentlessly to give CVA chance to reclaim lost territories for Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all. For the Empire!

I also declare that my feud with CVA’s inability to fulfill the virtues of Amarrian loyalist alliances has not gone anywhere. Im planning to strike agaisnt them too, until they finally surrender and reform their degenerate governing.

CVA is still better than current heathens and so, I approach them by selling them fuel 15% cheaper than market average if they choose to buy helium fuel blocks from me. I also aim to strike against occupiers more than CVA, and if i ever find CVA patrol fighting against invaders, i always help CVA.

CVA should not consider me friendly. Im going to target them too, for their heinous crimes against me are too horrible to tell.




I suppose that’s one way of asking for help…

“The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more, no less.”

I have the same policies but for friends.

Soooo… ‘Hey! Everyone should protect CVA from the evil people invading Provi! Like my old alliance, who are attacking CVA and helping the guys invading Provi! By the way, I’m gonna keep attacking CVA.’

You really are crazy, you know that?


This is not request of help. I strike against CVA like vermin they are.

You are a space whore


Space Escort. She’s a bit out of the price range of a whore.


Vaari you are a whole new dimension of crazy. Like what happens inside a quantum singularity crazy. A crazy so powerful that it’s collapsed in on itself so that no rational thought can escape its gravitational pull.

I congratulate you on warping the very fabric of space-time with your crazy ramblings.


If you wish to evade the duties Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all has set to you, then stay out. Just be silent about it.

Ok, first of all, your little empress Cat and her pronouncements mean jack ■■■■ to me. I don’t work for her or your empire. In case you hadn’t noticed I’m not an imperial lackey but a free Matari and citizen of the Republic.

Second, you have no authority to try ordering me around you addled old fool. I’m an independent capsuleer and answerable only to CONCORD and EM. I’m just as free as you to post on the IGS as you are and will continue to do so as I wish.

Third, thanks for proving my original point. You really are the densest form of matter.


I dont know what you are talking again foolish girl, but you are imperial servant and soldier for Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all.

Now stop this foolish, rebellious act and start to plan how me can benefit the Empire. Even your daddy is tired of this rebellisous act.

This makes no sense!


I hope there will be someone to yank my IGS posting access from me if I start behaving like this in my old age.


Haven’t we been down this route before? We quite clearly established last time:


I am not sure this code is completely appropriate…

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Nothing Varri says is completely appropriate.

Sometimes I want to move to Providence. Then I read a post like this and worry that the brainworms would get me.



Incontinence is a thing with Vaari I guess…