Status of Providence

What is the status of blessed Providence? Is it still blessed by the light of both the Empress and the God?


If for some 000 <0 CVA has given governing duties of Providence to some other entity, how are new masters of Providence plan to annex said region to Her Majesty’s, beloved by all endless glories? Failure to answer satisfactionaly is considered declaration of war against all amarrian loyalists when I finally arrive to lead the flock.

Provi block got thrashed by the pirate coalition, Wrecking Crew, disbanded, and the organizations within the bloc went their separate ways. The various Wrecking Crew organizations hold the sovereignty in Providence at the moment.

I don’t think they particularly give a damn about the Empire.


Empress preserve us. What of the 00011011 CVA? Is my goodest friend Sir Daedalus alive?

I last heard that the now considerably smaller CVA was over in Placid and Syndicate doing whatever it is that they do. I don’t know about any specific individuals.

O God omnipotent, thy flock has failed. For thy immortal glories, all we have defiled. All of your territories we have cededed.

All off thy protections, we have rejected. All of blessings, whe have defiled. Thy name we have trashed and thy shine we have dimmed.

Thy name is spoken no more and thy ordained rituals are laughed.

Woe to Amarrian loyalist, for this is shame of no equal nor without mercy. Woe to the Empire, for her defenders are weakling, ■■■■ eating peasants, who do not care outside their own sufferings.

Let it be recorded here and now, that when I, Lord Vaari arrive again reclamation will start. I will hold the shadow of ultimate failure upon all loyalists until Providence is reclaimed.

Shame upon you all for allow<<<<<<<<<z00000000000000000000000000

Yes. 1111

I too think all the Amarr loyal capsuleers should ■■■■ off to Providence.

Good luck, I guess.


Manifold requires the status of Sir Daedalus of the CVA.

How active CVA is to reclaim Providence? How are amarrian loyalists organizations helping them? Since Providence have been seen all the way up to Her Imperial Majesty’s beloved by all speeches, I cannot fathom nothing but total war.

Members of CVA! Amarrian loyalists! not all has been lost! Take courage from my corporate song. Placid, that dung heap is not fit for you. Amarrian home is Providence nad all true amarrian loyalists will fight for it. Just as my corporation fought against our language group coalition and earned our freedom!

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CVA leaders. How can this unit can help?

Please. How does my good and close friend Daedalus is doing? I need to know!

Probably getting drunk in a Gallente pleasure hub.


that is our post at the fall of providence later summer last year.

unfortunately and or fortunately i suppose this current point of providence was something that came about over time.

I’m still alive, although the merits of my abilities and those of fly on our banner still are being tested on most days. Suffice to say lord vaari if you want to find us our ships still explode on a regular basis, at least at the writing of this statement. I’m sure if you ventured to the north there is plenty of work to be done, but as for reclamation and or nation building i am not sure cva and or anyone who wanted to fly under our banner is interested in it at current, nor could muster up enough people who want to. Many of those people have gone into the great war on one side or the other.


My goodest friend…***zz100

What you say is most disturng. We are to lose the region, one that God touched?

Im sure you are there for looking your alliance best, but when I, Lord Vaari enter the field once again, it is Providence or nothing.

My good, close and dear Daedalus. We have seen so much together. I have said you arch-heretic, abomination and what the ■■■■ else, but you have been the stone wall of the Amarrian interested. I took you for a granted.

For she who sits on Amarr! 1111<1

casually walks away whistling

Lord Vaari, My Imperial Margrave, Arsia, All,

The current leaders of Holy Providence are thrice damned Pirates unfit to control a region that is blessed by the blood sweat and tears of martyrs of the Amarrian Empire. The region is lost to the Empire. I offered my own head in final death to the Empress for this shame.

Arsia I wish you would of contacted me earlier about this. I could probably give a better status of what we were doing.

My Imperial Margrave. I know of no other more devoted subject in your service than I. I have stood by our coalition, our alliance, and your side when I saw my brothers flee from war, destruction and fatigue. I swore that I would defend providence and do my utmost until there was peace in our home and our people rested safely there.

Providence…Holy Providence…Is always been our end goal. That one day our Imperial banner waves from R3 to KBP. For this is the reason I and many of our members join fleets and mine daily. This is the reason your loyal subject mines 4-8 hours every day to build resources and a cache large enough to block the sun. I have never waivered from my devotion to my home.

Lord Vaari,

Most likely nothing will happen until the great war with the Imperium, Legacy, and the thrice damned Panfam. CVA has declared neutrality in the conflict. As we have always declared such in the grand scheme of things. For our one and true goal has always been our home of Providence.

We have corps and pilots fighting on either side of the conflict. Which will return when the call goes out. When the great war ends and people return. When allies return and we take stock of what has come to pass.

My lord Vaari,
Holy Providence has fallen to the Evil Empire. A godless Empire that cares not of its own people but of endless slaughter. While we championed civilization and order they champion chaos and death. The defenders of Providence are in Exile. Each day is as a knife inside my stomach that turns. It is a slight upon my honor, my pride, and my soul.

I will give you this prophesy. There will be a day of reckoning against the foes of god. Gods mercy is endless and his vengeance is absolute. There will be a day when the taunts of those evil doers goes silent. There will be a day when their keepstars are but ash. There will be a day when their flags are torn from every holding of Providence. Their Empire of Evil will be crushed mercilessly.

Providence will experience much woes in the future. It will see much death and purging. It will be a godless place for many days. However, there will be a day. A day when light will beat back the darkness. When righteousness will shine like the noon day sun planetside. When R3 to KBP is free from the petty despots and Pirate tyrants. When that day comes we can unite and claim our home is Free at Last.

Lord Tash-Murkon will be invited to look over his realm which we have retaken for the glorious and eternal Amarr Empire. Our Empress may bless our region. That it will have 1,000 nay 10,000 years of prosperity. My child will inherit a Providence free from the taint of Pirates and terrorists.

That is the prophecy that is Providence. It may not come to pass today. It may not come to pass tomorrow. However, one day it will come to pass. This is Gods will. It will be so.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence. Provi-Bloc endures
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz
Director of Commerce of CVA


CVA has fallen. Perhaps if they were not so arrogant and were more willing to blue former enemies, they wouldn’t have had to stand alone against the unbelievers.

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I sense there is much history here, and although I am new to life as a Capsuleer I am quite intrigued.

Unfortunately my studies at Hedion have kept me much too focused to be aware of all the events of more recent history. Can someone perhaps elucidate the situation for me, please?

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Adept Vintus Turgalium,

I will do my best and utmost to describe the events that have transpired and sum it up shortly. For 15 years the members of Curatores Veritatus Alliance and its alliance have fought and bled for the Amarrian Empire. We have fought and taken the region known as Providence for the Amarrian Empire. We have maintained Amarrian laws and kept the region safe for all people of civilization.

Many times we have been invaded. Many times darkness loomed over our region and every time we have won. We have outlasted Empires, Coalitions, and Petty tyrants all. However, in the more recent conflict the forces of Panfam and their allies invaded us. For 2 years and 5 months we fought tooth and nail for our homeland.

Our loyalty and devotion to god and Empire are absolute and none can deny it. So much so that after many years of struggle and conflict the Amarr Empire regonized us as the true heirs of the region and claimed Providence as part of the Amarr Empire. Our Alliance leader became an Imperial Margrave. We the pilots of CVA became Paladin Wardens. Knighted to the service of the Amarr Empire. In the Capsuleer age no alliance other than our old foe UK can claim a more storied history. None can claim a more historical grudge between pilots.

In the end we were cut off from our allies and outnumbered by the forces of Panfam and our enemies known as Rekking Crew. Petty minions of Panfam that do their bidding like dogs. They have claimed we are lost. The region will be lost forever. These are merely the fancies of pirate scum that deny the day in which we will return and purge them from the region.

I Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz will not rest until it is so. Not until CVA is in their rightful home. My people will return from their exile. My brother and sister Paladins will return from their quests. Then we will do the lords work. Just as we do gods will in our exiled home. Purging heretic filth daily.

Amarr Victor
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz