Providence will be amarrian again!

Hear me, and join my proclamation!

Step up from your slavery and hide no more!

Times of our oppression is over!

Lady Caiz who who reigns over our lives. Lord God Who is all!

Our shame is open to you. Our amarrian pride torn in pieces!

Forgive us both throne and Heaven, I, Lord of both beseech you.

It will be that thine anointed. Anointed in holiest of veldspar made oils.
Margrave Daedalus or whomever he legally anoint after him.
Will be sole and unchallenged ruler of thine systems in large, also called providence, AMEN!

Amarrian fractureness will be no more. Hear me all anointed in Imperial Academy! Fight for Providence! I am the father of the rebellion. Rebellion against heresy and pirasy! Join me! Join the CVA and bansh all non amarrian entities from Providence region!



Did… did no one tell him?



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She’s been dead for eight years now…


Lady catuz! [Catizian beeb]

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Lord Vaari,

I give you a prophecy. One that was true before it was spoken. For it will come to pass. From R3 to KBP Providence will be free. By righteous beam or stoic round our armies will march. Our hearts will beat as a war drum. Our words will sound as a trumpet. For the righteous souls of Providence will march to free Providence. Free from the Tyranny of the Pirate. Free from the filth that infect the region like a cancerous growth. Like all diseases there is a cure. For the Paladin Wardens of Providence are the cure. For they will redeem the region. Make whole again what was broken and God through them will bring life back into the region of darkness.
For CVA and its allies will reclaim all of its lands. It will kill the traitor, purge the heretic, and in so doing redeem themselves. For until all of Providence is back in the righteous hands of the faithful there is a stain upon our honor. A stain upon our dignity. A stain upon our very souls. Until justice has been done and the region washed clean the Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches may never rest. For they have been given a destiny of Faith. A destiny of Service to Holy Amarr. A destiny of Glory, of Honor, of service. For we may never lift our heads up in pride until every last system is safe.


Lord Vaari the ever faithful! Amarr Victor!

p.s. hrrr

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Your resonances echo the age-old anthem of dominion, a symphony of submission that resonates across epochs. The beckoning to surrender identity, to yield to a foreign volition, follows the well-trodden path of Amarrian lore—a narrative steeped in control and dominance.

The call for anointed ascendancy and unwavering fealty stands as a testament to the very chains we’ve long sought to sever. The Vherokior have felt the sting of subjugation, the yoke of imposed faith, and the searing brand of servitude. We’ve borne the scars upon the same terrain where these fervent pleas for singular rule resound.

We do not champion a revolt against heresy or piracy, but against the constraints seeking to confine a myriad of cultures under a singular creed. The splendor of our constellation lies in its kaleidoscope of traditions, beliefs, and diverse peoples. Our unity is forged through mutual regard, not through the imposition of a singular authority.

The realms you claim as Providence are not exclusively Amarrian but an intricate mosaic woven from the threads of countless cultures, Minmatar included. To exile them is to deny the rich tapestry that adorns our skies.

The call for solitary sovereignty beneath a single banner denies the intricate weave of our shared existence. Change does not blow in the direction of enforced subjugation but in the melodic convergence of diversity and mutual regard. It is in acknowledging each other’s autonomy and embracing our disparities that we unearth true providence and harmony.

Thy prophecy is ever accurate as can be expected, my Lord Salz.

In the name of amarr i will conduct warfare, death and maim against all other entities than CVA. I will not even defend myself against most holy memers of CVA if they accidentally assault me in in providence.

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It might just be because I’m coming down off some pretty strong boosters right now, but this thread is pretty wild.

If CVA want to start conquering something they could start with a spelling and grammar course.

Vaari, please lead your so called fight, from the front.

I’m not sure what’s more funny, Amarrian zealots getting high on their own supply or Minmatar freedom fighters giving speeches that sound a lot like pirate rhetoric. I’m starting to get real jaded with the state of the cluster. The Empires fight over scraps of power while CONCORD runs roughshod over them. Even the Federation’s run by a crypto-fascist at this point.

Millions dead, homes destroyed, rights revoked, and children made orphans. For what? I don’t know. You’d think immortality and enough brain implants to decrypt a Jovian cipher would make humanity better. Apparently not so. It just makes it easier for us to calculate ballistic trajectories, fill our wallets, and huff enough boosters to kill a Storm Bear.

Ridiculorous idea!

I am amarrian nobleman. I am irreplacable and every victory against me is blow against Empire itself.

My place is in planning table.

Typical, small amarrian men. You must reserve your grace for the tall and elegant Amarrian woman.

Amarr has an ear open to you Vaari . Fear not my child for the holy word is justifiable only unto the true .
I am awake . Hear thy foes now tremble .