Amarrian Colony Tour - Providence

A Notice to the Imperial Outposts of Holy Providence:

Many colonies, established strongly in the Faith of the Imperial Rite, have valiantly struggled, and in some cases flourished, in the relatively stable lands of Providence over the last decade, with implicit and careful assistance from Imperial institutions. With the imminent collapse of the Order that has safeguarded these cities and estates, I wish to reassure those brave colonists who face a time of uncertainty in their future.

I will be visiting many of these colonies in the coming weeks, to discuss the future of these Bastions of the Faith, which must be preserved, despite the many long missteps of the capsuleer militias who encouraged and safeguarded their founding and growth. The future is always uncertain, with difficulties and challenges that our Faith exists to preserve us through. This coming chapter shall be no different.

Hold Fast. The Lord stands beside His Chosen. With effort and care, the spreading of the Faith into this chaotic land shall remain, casting Holy Light upon the murky abyss that is the Outer Regions of EVE.

I look forward to meeting many of you in the coming weeks. The survival of the colonies of the Faithful must be paramount in our designs and central in our prayers.

Amarr Victor. Vivat Catiz.

Cardinal Graelyn (Emeritus)


Lord Cardinal Graelyn,

I am humbled by your humanitarian effort in my most beloved home of Providence. In the coming days I will be officially offering myself to final death to our most beloved Empress. To pay for my failures and not for her to judge the failures of the wardens hardly. Not only in the far distant battle front of Floseswin but in my own most cherished and beloved Providence.

Cardinal Graelyn I remember when your people turned traitor and joined the very pirate invaders attempting to murder Providence. I remember when your people finally came to the conclusion that you were working alongside heretics and murderers. Your people paid rent to the people that attempted to destroy order and civilization. That went to their SRP wallet to aid in their invasion of us.

Lord Vaari, bless his soul left because he realized they were traitors. When your alliance left the coalition of evil against Holy Providence you were attacked by them. They reinforced your citidels and hunted your miners. Such good allies they were to kill their former mates.

I know soon my failure will possibly be two fold and all I can wish for is death. Forgive me my lord I am currently 3 bottles of wine deep and only growing. No matter the amount of wine I drink it will never fill the void in my soul for my beloved Providence. Even as I write my tears flow as if a dam has broke. I have failed my people, my Empire, My Empress, and my faith. Death would be a blessing. Which I beg the Empress lets me do.

The struggle of exile…the hardship of being homeless…death would be a blessing. I can not say what the future will bring Lord Graelyn. I beg of thee pray for our souls and for Providence. I have failed them all. My soul hurts dearly. I have never known such pain my lord. I have fought so hard to reform and make better our home. To protect these people in Providence. To fail…to fail…is the most horrible burden. Many will clap and be glad at our sorrow. Many will be joyous at our struggle. They will cheer and mock Amarrian loyalists at their low points. So I must say…my dear old friend. Pray for us. Pray…please Cardinal. I feel as if my very soul is damned.

Such times we live in my old friend. Look out after the people of Providence. My heart and soul cries out to them. I have failed them. Please watch out for them if I am in exile. I have never known such shame and disgrace my friend.

Amarr Victor
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

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Were that it could be true, Cardinal, that the Faith will be held paramount by the invaders. But it’s obvious on its face that such a thing would be a lie. This is nothing more than a bitter man gloating at his enemy for actions he himself contributed rather little to.



Death is the coward’s way out. Sounds like there’s a lot of work ahead of you, and you neither want to do it, nor can admit that you just don’t want to do it.

Nut up. Do the work to try to rebuild, or move on and seek the next way your efforts can benefit others. Killing yourself in some idiotic gesture of atonement benefits no-one, and expunges nothing.

Stop being dumb, grow a pair, and get to work.


Dark Times


@Kyle_Saltz, I’d have to agree with @Arrendis here.

Giving up now, after a defeat primarily due to CVA leadership collapsing, is not an honorable end. Either try to fix CVA’s issues and rebuild, find some other entity which shares ideals and arrange for them to have the formal approval and recognition to act in CVA’s stead (I think The Rogue Consortium is doing an excellent job and I am impressed that they kept many of your ideals despite they were treated, and I believe a few of your holders are sticking together with similar plans), or give up and find something new to be part of.

So, uh, what is happening? A war or something? Which side should I be rooting for; that is, which side’s victory would more glorify God and bring succor to the Chosen and terror to the Wicked?

It’s RocketX’s group. All he cares about is setting up a game preserve where he can rent space through one front organization, and hunt his own renters through another.


Those are all lies. Providence is infested with pirates, who murder everyone they can.
Colonies mourn their brethren every day.
Those few of us decided to embrace their immortality and are fighting for the routes being a notch safer, despite overwhelming odds.


It’s a strange day when pirates rule more justly than those who they replaced.

Stranger things have happened, but you’re not wrong.


Your lies and trickery will only go so far. We are the just and righteous rulers of our beloved homeland. You will never rewrite history of who we are as hard as you try. We are the noble heirs of Providence. Not you…not your pirate allies. I would rather sacrifice my life in final death then allow you to keep and hold my beloved homeland.

Mock us all you will. We will one day reclaim what is ours. Pirates rule justly? Your lies are even a disgrace to what Pirates that attempt to have honor. Speaking with your own leadership they have admitted to me their lies and their goals. So no matter what two faced claims you make here your Pirate Friends will never know what honor, duty, sacrifice truly means to the Amarr Empire.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.

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