Providence Marches

In light of the recent decrees answering the Conclave of Providence’s submissions and the great many others, I hear by congratulate the pilots of Providence for their efforts and commend the new status as Paladins and Wardens of the new Imperial March.

“Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I, in recognition of 14 years of service to Holy Amarr in the Imperial Marches of Providence, is pleased to order that the Curatores Veritatis Alliance be accorded the status of Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches. The style of Paladin Warden of Providence may be used by capsuleers of the Curatores Veritatis. The rank of Imperial Margrave is accorded to whosoever shall hold paramount leadership of the Curatores Veritatis, presently the Margrave Equinox Daedalus of the Providence Marches. So ordered in the Privy Council of Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I.”

“Many loyal and faithful capsuleer subjects petitioned as to the status of the Imperial Marches of Providence. This petition has been disposed of with the recognition of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance as Paladin Wardens of Providence.”

As founder and Chairman of the Conclave of Providence, it gives me great pleasure to see this first vital step towards integration proper of the region, and I look forward to watching the developments for many years.

While I have made public statements of the depth of loyalty and faith broadly across the Alliance, and still hold on to my concerns, I none the less offer my hopes that these new honours from the Empress herself fill the Paladin Warders with renewed vigour, piety and devotion to God, Empress and the Holy Mission.

Amarr Victor!


As Directrix of the Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque I extend my warmest congratulations to Curatores Veritatis Alliance for Honors extended!
I pray that they accept the responsibility of the charge so reflected as “Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches” and for their continued devotion to God and Empire.

By His Light and Will!


Bought proclamations and deluded ambitions cannot cover the stench that Curatores Veritatis Alliance. It is only a matter of time before the rabieded dogs are put down for the protection of all.

How original.

I have heard similar declarations from rabble rousing terrorist sympathisers and pirates for over a decade and yet CVA persists.

I suggest you find a support group of similarly delusional people, as they may be more sympathetic to your ramblings.


Let’s be honest here: if Legacy hadn’t decided to deny Pandemic Legion the profits from the faction Fortizars, CVA would currently hold 0 systems, and the ‘Providence Marches’ would not even be a weak joke. Do not try to claim that ‘CVA persists’ because of any virtue of their own. They’ve simply been fortunate enough to have enemies who have more enemies.


CVA and allies have been evicted from Providence on several occasions. The number of systems owned is irrelevant. What is not irrelevant is CVA’s continued determination to build a law-abiding community of NRDS pilots in line with its original goals set out in Operation Deliverance almost 15 years ago.

CVA itself recognises that it does not have the power to stand against the largest capsuleer organisations, yet it persists in its holy mission to enforce Amarrian law and order in Providence and will continue to do so regardless of temporary setbacks.

CVA has suffered defeats before and will do so again in the future, yet its determination to create a 0.0 annexe of the Amarrian Empire (where law abiding pilots can create their own destinies) persists and when its enemies lose focus (as they always do) then CVA and its loyal allies will once again assert their presence in the region.

Unlike its enemies CVA, is not driven by short term thinking focused on destruction and plunder, but is motivated by its moral vision to create something better in 0.0, something that demonstrates the true superiority of Amarrian civilisation.


It is good to see that you are still fighting the good fight, Paladin Commander Hardin.


The number of systems under CVA’s control is hardly irrelevant to the ‘Providence Marches’. Do you think this sort of declaration of Providence’s bordermarch status would have been declared if CVA did not currently hold part of it?

CVA has created only a region of targets and victims. You cannot secure your space. You cannot ensure the protection, to any reasonable degree, of the industrialists who work under your banner.

Your enemies did not ‘lose focus’. Someone else—someone bigger, and as subsequent events have demonstrated, more capable—came along and drove them off… and then handed you Providence. Had they kept it, what would you have done? Do you expect anyone to believe you would have had the wherewithal to retake the space you are now entrusted with? Do you think ‘we live here when nobody else wants it’ is really creating anything?


Right into dumpster

So long as Xhjfx the Despoiler controls the CVA, it is alliance of heretics.

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The Empress disagrees with you.

CVA and the pilots who fly under the CVA banner (including Xhjfx) are Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches, as proclaimed by Her Most Sublime and Imperial Majesty Catiz I. That is FACT. Your claims are in opposition to the Empress.

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Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all is clearly misinformed. There are no other explanation.

You always refer to Catiz like this. Why? It’s demonstrably false as myself and tens of billions of other Minmatar, Gallente and Caldari citizens either outright hate her or are indifferent to her.

You really need to come up with a new line, maybe something like “Her Imperial Majesty, beloved (and/or feared) by most orthodox imperial citizens”.

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I don’t claim to know Lord Vaari that well, but it has always been clear that the accuracy of titles has never been high on his priority list.

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I would appreciate if the off topic conversations were moved to the off topic thread, none of these pertain to the Providence Marches

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Or perhaps the traitorous Lord Vaari is misinformed instead? Somehow I think the Empress has more credibility.

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