Curatores Veritatis Alliance Honors The Amarr Imperial Fleets aid in Choonka

Greetings Summit,

Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) will be honoring the recent Imperial Fleets efforts in Choonka, Devoid. As CVA has been in the process of reclaiming their lost homeland from the Pirate, the traitor, and the heretic a new threat has emerged. Minmatar Fleet Alliance has declared war with the intentions of destroying CVA.
While battles have been raging across Providence, we in CVA would like to salute the brave men and woman of Her Majesty’s Imperial Fleet. The timely aid of Imperial forces saw an entire fleet of Minmatar rebels destroyed. Related Kills | Choonka | 2024-01-06 21:00 | zKillboard
The battle took place in the House Sarum Military Circuit of Choonka. Therefore, a Golden Laurel will be presented to the Sword Marshall of House Sarum for their ongoing support for the Providence Marches and the faithful.
The Providence Marches is part of the House Tash-Murkon Military Circuit and therefore a Golden Ring will be presented to the Sword Marshall of House Tash-Murkon to signify our ongoing Loyalty and love.

Finally, a Golden standard of CVA will be cased and shipped to Holy Amarr as a gift to the Empress Catiz I to signify that it will be the Golden Flag of CVA that will fly over all of Providence some day and not that of the Pirate lord, the heretic, or the traitor. The book of Pax e Kilizhi Do is affirmed in our hearts.

Oaths of the moment are being taken and rededication of loyalty and love to our beloved Empire continue. While the enemies of CVA are legion we of CVA are bold with our Faith. Win or Lose. Victory or Death. We do it in honor of our beloved Empire!!

Thank you.
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz
Left Hand of the Margrave of the Providence Marches


Long live the Empire!

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Amarr Victor!

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May the Empress see the Golden Flag of CVA fly over all of Providence one day!

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Keep up those payments to snuffed and it may happen.


A flawless victory. Truely worthy of medals !

By the spirits, you people really are quaking in your boots, arn’t you?

I don’t think I’ve heard so much as a peep from CVA, certainly not anything relevant for what feels like an eternity now, yet after your babysitters left you out to dry and our fleets tore one precious system from your lazy, incompetent claws, suddenly you’re here spouting propaganda.

But about what?
Let me get this straight: You’re here to chant heroics because one MFA fleet got decimated…
Not by you.
Not even by the Amarr Navy.
But by Concord!

Because everyone with half a braincell (which, granted, excludes any Amarr reading this) knows that the Imperial navy did not inflict those losses, the Concord vessels did. I sure as blazes would know since it isnt the first time Concord had to step in to save Imperial high-sec (Hi khanids) from what it would still laughably claim are backwards savages.

Is the war going so horribly for you people that you have no victories of your own to crow about, now you have to chant “Amarr victor” when Concord manages to do it?

Don’t answer that. The Empire’s performance in the warzone is pathetic, the Empire’s vassals in nullsec only live by the grace of it’s overlords, even it’s Caldari allies have finally realized the sun is setting on this backwards society of ignorance and opression.

The book is closing on the Amarr Empire. One day I will walk through the ashes of Dam-Torsad and laugh.

Where is your god now?

To whom it may concern,

Since this is a recent message and you have painfully ignored what has actually happened this whole weekend this leads me to believe this is just someone throwing poop on the wall and hoping something sticks. I was focusing on positive information about CVA and mentioning the support of the imperial fleet and our appreciation for their timely aid.
I can post battle reports after battle reports of what we did to you guys this whole weekend, but we don’t need to beat our chest or try to rub your nose into things. We are above such childish antics. We live to a higher standard of conduct on and off the field of battle. That is what it is to fight a Paladin Warden. I hope to see if the minmatar will live up to that same level of conduct or will continue to be this…disturbing.
Oh and where is my god? He is everywhere. Watching and judging me on and off the battlefield. Win or lose I will priase my god. Believe in my god. Far worse forces have come at us and tested our faith. A faith in which we will not throw away as you would not throw away your freedom.

Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.
PS if you wish to engage in simple chest beating and poop throwing I wont respond anymore.


Melt down their gold teeth and add it to your glorious ships!
Their small tributes shall take us a little closer to glory!

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