CVA/PROVI-BLOC mends ties with old friends

Greetings residents of the Intergalactic Summit,

Today I am speaking with great joy in my heart. We took a step I believe in the right direction of bringing together Caldari and Amarr loyalists. It makes it even better that this day marks the 10th anniversary of Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive (I-RED).

Many years ago I-RED lived and grew in Providence. An incident happened which turned some of our peoples against one another. Over 8 long years of red status and kill on sight. While despite these statuses pilots on both sides over the years have worked together. Still despite these incidents the change of status was never done.

Many in the community has declared that diplomacy from both our people would never be able to reach the point to turn from the direction our people took so long ago. Even many others said that higher ranking and greater people than I have tried and failed at reaching ever lasting peace.

While this is true. I am nobody. I am a simple Paladin Warden. I do not command the masses of Paladins nor do I field great titans in battle. I am loyal to my God, Empress, Empire, and our Margrave. However, I have faith. That is the key I believe.

Recently I asked our Margrave for permission to go to War in Thebeka. The Empress herself called upon Amarrian Loyalists in its time of need. If we did not answer the call then who are we? For almost 15 years CVA has fought for the Amarrian Empire and several Emperors and Empresses. While many alliances and groups have crumbled due to war and fatigue we have always carried on. Mainly because we fight not for ourselves but for a sum total greater than you or I. A dream that is Providence. The Providence Marches with Amarrian Culture and Civilization. A realm in which good people can live free from the predation of pirates and terrorists. That has always been the dream backed by our faith for the Amarr Controlled Providence.

The Empress believes in us. If not she would not of given us our titles. If we would not answered the call it would of meant we were compromised both spiritually and ethically. We had not declared war in over 10 years. Yet, we declared war. We had to because if we were to stand idle in the presence of evil then we do not deserve the titles of Paladin Wardens.

We declared war and we pacified the region with other Amarrian Loyalists LUMEN, PIE, and old Caldari friends I-RED. In this war I met I-RED for the first time. We fought side by side as battle brothers and sisters. When I called on the change of status people said it was impossible.

Which brings me to the point of the order. The lord Margrave of the Providence Marches Equinox Daedalus declared on this day the day of the 10th Anniversary of I-RED that from this day forward CVA and Provi-Bloc has un-KOS-ed and lifted hostile relations against I-RED. Moving forward I believe our people can work well with one another. As it should of been so long ago.

In the future I believe our peoples can do great things for God and State. While I also hope to give hope to others in our community that Providence is moving forward. We are rebuilding from the ashes of a brutal invasion. An invasion in which still we fight tooth and nail every day against them. Yet despite all this terrible war and loss…there can be hope. A hope for a better tomorrow. A hope to mend old ties. A hope for the future and what it holds.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence
For God and State,
For Ishukone and for commitment, integrity, and reliability.
May there only be peace from our peoples forever more.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


On behalf of Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, thank you, Paladin Warden Saltz, for helping to make this happen.

We look forward to seeing what the future holds, indeed.


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