In Praise of the Great Work of CVA in difficult times

Pax Sanguine Dominus

Brothers and Sisters in faith, I have oft been critical of one of the most stalwart institutions of support to the Amarr Empire and even at times this has led to violence.

I bear an awarded medal “Slayer of Saints” that is only given to members of my small monastic community of peace seeking capsuleer monks that have a confirmed kill of a member of CVA.

There has been many faults of CVA over the years. From pandering to the mercurial interests of those better aligned to the petty small minded Caldari, through to their persecution of those who believe in the Amarr faith too faithfully - with their jumping quickly to conclusions of heresy and presuming to speak on behalf of the institutions of the faith (a sin and heresy in and of itself!).

But we should all reflect on the good they have done. For myself I found Providence by chance, running from rabid (what I thought, later to learn about the terrorist network known as Ushra’Khan) pirates that hunted me for no other reason than that I was Amarrian. Like running down the chosen was some sport.

In Providence I found refuge. A safe place where my Amarrian faith was not discriminated against or used as an excuse for persecution and violence against me. I found friends. And of great value, I learnt the beginning of the martial disciplines that became my way of expressing my faith and sharing my beliefs with others. I owe all this to CVA.

And this is just one story, one souls journey of countless thousands they have enriched. CVA - I commend you and encourage you to continue the great work upon which you embarked so long ago. Though many faces and members have changed, your mission remains true.

Meum est gladius tuus.


Brother Edeity,

It has been years since we have last seen one another. It was you that found me in highsec. I was a listless miner. I had never fired a shot in anger ever. I had no purpose of being and no drive in life. I found my faith from the meeting with you.

It was you that sent me to CVA those years ago. It is true about what you said about martial training. From the very beginning I was immersed in combat. I was broken from my role as a simple miner and was trained in war and economics. It was a plush life looking back at it. I was warned of the war that was coming.

The Pandemic Legion invasion changed my life in CVA. No longer were we allowed leisure lifestyles. No longer could we be soft. Everyday multiple timers in which must be defended or attacked. A life of constant war shred our numbers. Those that stayed were loyal and devout.

Two years ago I met you as a simple miner. Today I am leading a small contingent of CVA Paladins to defend the Empire from Minmatar threats. If I had never of met you I don’t know where I would be today. For the spark of God, Empress, and Empire was first given to me by you. I will forever work to see CVA strong and its Paladins worthy of the title of Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches!

Amarr Victor Brother Edeity.

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He says, to the Blooder who commits blood sacrifices and murders slaves ritualistically. Well well.

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Yeaaaah, I’d be a bit more discriminating in your associations, Kyle.

And that’s coming from a Goon.


He’s new to current affairs. He’s been informed and is currently… coping.


Makes one almost sympathetic. In the light of certain current events and all.

Ediety can be very persuasive.

In short bursts.

Since when CVA has done great work? It ends about the time Lord Aralis gave up for the reasons we do not talk.

After that CVA has pretended to be Amarrian loyalist. Some small fractions of Proviblock have happily obeyed and tried to lure us all to believe CVA is actually Amarran loyalist, but their own forum and behaviour reveals that they are indeed Pro Money.

Lord Vaari,

Today you have gone too far. You dare…YOU DARE…to question the honor, loyalty, and integrity of the Paladins of CVA?! I am Gallente by birth but I am a true son of Amarr. I am an Amarrian citizen by choice.

I have tried to reconcile you with CVA. It is easy as just turning the other cheek. However, you have allowed personal hatreds and pettiness drive you to the point of insanity my lord. You have second guessed the infallibility of our Empress when she awarded CVA titles this year alone. That is heresy most foul. The Empress is divine. She is never wrong. Are you so pure and so high that you claim to have knowledge above that of our Empress? HERESY!

Did you not know Lord Aralis is back? That on each mission we undertook on our crusade for Thebeka was taken with Lord Aralis in our fleet? He has the title of the Grandfather of CVA. He is a constant presence with us and guide in the world of darkness.

You dared to say we are not loyalists! That we are pro-money. Lord Vaari there is no sacrifice too high nor price too steep in which we will not give to preserve our beloved Empress and Empire. Our Crusade was made up from donated isk from pilots faithful to the cause. If we were pro-money we would hold it back. However, players donated billions of isk for this crusade. They did it because we are in the middle of a brutal conflict in Providence. We have all but 8 systems left to reclaim and the fighting is going on. We didn’t want to use the Alliance SRP that is desperately needed on the war front in a second front in the Empire. Our love of Empire is what drove us to give.

You dared to say we are not loyal Amarrians. If the Empress asked me to destroy every ship I owned and donate every isk to the poor and needy I would obey. Then weep that I could not give more. There is nothing I wouldn’t give up or sacrifice for CVA, God, Empress, or our Margrave.

What battles have you fought recently for Amarr? Where were you in Thebeka when the Empress called for those loyal to help her? Our Paladins fought beside others from different groups to save the beleaguered people of Thebeka from the terrorists that threatened the security of the Empire. You were not present but dare claim we are not loyal?

I will not allow my words to lure anyone. I allow my actions to speak far louder than any speaker could ever accomplish. Just today I ambushed and killed an enemy Capital ship for the glory of the Amarr Empire. I led Paladins in the defense of our realm. Not for money. Not for any propaganda. I did it because it had to be done. The sanctity of our glorious Empire is greater than you and I.

I fight so there will be peace in the Providence Marches. I want people to have a home in which they are safe and secure. Once Providence is secure I will travel to the militia conflict and fight there. I wish I could do more but we are desperately needed in Providence. I wept tears when I had to only take a third of my fleet to Thebeka because I had to also defend Providence. You dare call us on loyalty? You forgot what it is to serve anything other than yourself my lord Vaari.

I admit CVA has made mistakes in the past. Man is not so pure as to be blameless. However, a Paladin can only do what is morally and ethically right. They are the defenders of our realm and keep the wolves at bay. As long as one Paladin holds true to that code all is not lost. Our Paladins know our oaths and they know our creeds. While many of them can be rough around the edges what do you expect from the borderlands? Not all of us are well spoken politicians of the Empire. We are tough men that fight for something better than ourselves. For a dream which some total is more important than any of us.

Lord Vaari the Paladins of Providence have not forgotten their oaths. Maybe you have forgotten yours in your haze of hatred and petty trivial personality differences.

Amarr Victor

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


For the record: Good kill on that Thanny.

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Esteemed Sir Saltz
May you live in virtuous and long life.

I dont give a rats arse if you think i, Lord Vaari have offended your alliance and your meager attempts to prove that you are even worthy of mentioning.

You may be paladin of your alliance and that is the position I, Lord Vaari actually respect. I have shown you nothing but love and respect on our mutual channel.

What comes to the position of you alliance, it is pure ■■■■ and undeserving of even one drop of the milk from Her Imperial Majesty’s, beloved by all tits.

You are servitor of the Xhjfx the Terrible and so your attempts to “Reconcile” are…meaningless. Im sorry to say it here publicly, but after that outburst of yours i can say, that your attempts to do anything were always without merit, because I, Lord Vaari had already gotten “permanent KOS” from your superiors. I did told you that once, but perhaps you overestimated your position within your alliance. Permanent KOS is permanent and I, Lord vaari really cannot see any benefits of starting to kiss your ass, especially when you are also represented admirable loyalty towards your alliance leaders.

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