CVA Petition to the Throne

(Utari Onzo) #1

To Her Most Holy and Imperial Majesty Catiz I,

As custodians of Providence and promoters of the Faith and Amarr Law in the nullsec regions, CVA has long stood as the guardians of the furthest shores. It has been our mission, Operation Deliverance, to bring the True Faith and its laws to Providence and its surrounding systems and see the space turned over to the Empire’s hands. On this most happy of days, we renew our vows to Throne, Empire and to our mission to spread the Word of God and Civilisation.

With the conclusion of the Conclave of Providence and further implementations of laws and regulations to bring the region’s rules and customs in line with the Empire’s, CVA has furthered its goals of Operation Deliverance, and further, in light of the new leadership in the Empire, it must humbly ask the timely question to your most Sublime Majesty.

Would the Empress and her government be able to provide an update on the Status of Providence, and the Empire’s implementation of Providence’s Annexation?

Failing Annexation, would the Empress and her government be willing to affirm endorsement in CVA’s continued custodianship until a more suitable time for annexation, in light of recent slandorous claims of ‘audits’ by ‘agents of the Empire’ into Operation Deliverance by Providence’s enemies?

Ever in service to the Throne and the Empire,

Utari Onzo

Chosen Representatives of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance on this most joyious day

(Punikki) #2

Our efforts to Reclaim the souls of Providence would be greatly enhanced if Her Imperial Majesty was to endorse us in this.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

Hmm. Actual Imperial Keepstars plonked down in Providence?

… I’ll be in my bunk.

(John Revenent) #4

It is my sincere hope that the Empire would look into the corruption that has plagued the Curatores Veritatis Alliance since the departure of Lord Aralis. While Onzo and other trustworthy persons who work to further the goals of the Empire are to be respected, the leadership of this group has shown nothing but contempt for diplomatic dealings, actively hiding and dismissing legitimate business concerns belonging to Caldari allies.

Perhaps with a full annexation of the region might usurp the rot within this once widely respected organization.

(Ottom Ephesianos) #5

This is meaningless! …

This is why the Curse Watchtower of Ushra’Khan Alliance and myself included in Providence of the very noun you speak; Ravaged and destroyed by Einerjar Rising. Pirates!

Because while fighting CVA as our Orders are we lost more ships to pirates than CVA.

And so did CVA.



The station is insecure.

I will honour the CVA with it’s longevity as I honor TRIAD who does more with in LowSec.

Also CVA should be too busy to house slaves and you would lose if you trafficked against our superior thruster technology.

No transport is better.

Mark my word.

Slaving is for amateurs.

It is a fantasy that Amarr Empire imagines Caldari State as an ally in our conflicts.

CVA should realize our customs shed less blood than your warmongering and your influence has not led to an end in conflict between our causes for freedom and pirate activity.

If pirates become the majority in system then pirate law will have to be posted.

If this happens CVA will be law enforcement in a lawless region of space.

CVA is insane to run missions against U’K.

U’K has more invested in Providence than CVA is willing to admit.


(Jin'taan) #6

As Strategos of Providence, and a councilmember of the Council of Stellar Management, I too would invite official inspection of our region by the Amarr Empire in order to show the progress we have made in bringing God’s light to a region once left in the shade.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

Please it’s always been there it simply got worse

(Momiji Sakora) #8

I, as Executor of Central Omni Galactic Group, member of the Providence Council, and overseeing the development of infrastructure for Providence add my support for this petition.

(Sinjin Mokk) #9

It’s a nice idea, but why would the Empire do this? The Empire already has forces like the Sixth Empire, CVA, etc. to keep the peace in Providence. What need for the Imperial Navy to station itself out there as well? Besides, they are already stretched thin fighting the myriad of enemies the Empire currently has. No, I think the Empire will turn this down for purely financial and logistical reasons. It’s a nice idea, but I feel Providence will remain very much outside the Empire for a long time to come.

(Ewo Deveraux) #10

Maybe not a full annexation. But I would welcome a hisec presence for maybe a single system as a token of Amarrian solidarity.

(Vaari) #11

Only thing your heathen alliance will reclaim is money of the Providence residents.

(system) #12

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