Message to Cardinal Sourem Itharen, Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon, and to Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I our beloved Empress

Her Imperial Majesty Catiz I, Honorable Chamberlain Cardinal Sourem Iharen, and my Lord Tunir Tash-Murkon.

I am Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz. Director of Commerce for Curatores Veritatis, Ambassador to the 24th Imperial Crusade, Hand of the Margrave, Director of Corp 54, and servant of the Empire.

The Providence Marches are falling. The Paladin Wardens of Providence are in a state of a controlled fallback of our lands. Our goal is to fallback and to regroup, rearm, and retake our beloved homeland. This is not the first time in which we have fallen back. However, it comes after 2 years and 8 months of bitter fighting.

The loss of our homeland comes at a double blow for us. As we worked with the Imperial Militia of the 24th Imperial Crusade to fight in Floseswin. From the aid of our fleets to aid in the form of resources we attempted to juggle both conflicts and failed to win both. Despite the amazing efforts of the 24th Imperial Crusade to finally take Floseswin and clear out the system of enemy citidels this victory came too late for our ground forces. I failed those brave soldiers that fought on the ground in Floseswin. That shame I will have forever.

This time our fallback comes on the heels of the region of Providence finally being annexed by the Amarr Empire. It comes after Curatores Veritatus was recognized as the rightful rulers of the Providence Marches. We had been given the responsibility to safeguard the Marches. We were honored with titles. Yet, we have failed in the task to take our home back completely. For now…

I would ask for leniency for my people. Do not strip away what dignity we have left in our time of despair. If you feel that punishments must come down. If you feel we have not lived up to our oaths and responsibilities. I ask you not to take out your anger upon the Wardens and our Margrave. I offer myself in ritualistic suicide in a form similar to Shathol’Syn if it will please any whom I mentioned here. I will turn off my clones and commit myself to the cause. I will show any doubters the honor of the Paladins of Providence. It is with our lives and our very deaths we serve the Empire.

If my life is not what you seek at our disgrace I promise you this. That every day I will work alongside my brothers and sister Paladins for the goal. The goal of purging the enemies of the Empire. To drive the darkness that has descended upon our realm. Every waking action will be done with the certainty that it is done to bring righteous vengeance upon those who dare hold one square inch of Holy Providence.

I can not tell you when our home will be free…I will tell you that one day… One day we will take what is ours and the burning wrecks of those that defiled our home will stand testament of our righteous wrath that generations from now people will look upon them and know fear. This is the punishment that comes to those that trespass against the Realm of the Amarr Empire and the Paladins of Providence.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence


I’ve heard parts of what was Provibloc are joining Legacy to help suck up to the PanFam orgs that destroyed you. Is that CVA’s plan, too?


One of the Alliances of Provi-bloc will go rebuild in Legacy Space. That being said CVA will not do such a thing. Legacy and the Imperium offered us gracious offers to join them. I bare no ill will towards the Imperium or Legacy. I also refuse to bend the knee to Panfam and their minions. CVA will not go to Legacy Space. Not because we don’t like them. It is because we need to go a different route.

Our Margrave will explain more in the coming week. We will go into exile from our home and we will train. We will rebuild. We will develop friends and allies. As long as you have known me Arrendis would you ever picture me to suck up to the true evil of this world? That of Panfam. Ha…They and their minions are a blight upon New Eden. We are not destroyed. We are merely regrouping to fight Panfam minions another day.

Good luck over there Arrendis.

Well, then feel free to hunt their supers in FAT or Stain.

You accuse them of betraying CVA, but CVA is the ones who decided to side with Snuffed Out…

The real betrayal would be siding with an infamous pirate alliance which is renowned for being unreliable allies against a Providence Holder alliance in the Amarr militia.

So CVA is now bending so low as to side with Goons? How pathetic.

Maybe you can rent space in Delve when the war is over and use the Covenant as your whipping post.

No, they didn’t become Goon pets. They decided to turn against their allies in Providence and become Snuffed Out pets.


I would say good luck to anyone fighting a war. Simply put brother I don’t like PL. They sort of started the war in Provi 2 years and 8 months ago. So you expect us to join Legacy and blue them? Blue the Very groups that made Provi the way it is? No…We need to go north and find our own way. We will be heading North. We don’t want to be involved in WWB. Mainly because we need to rebuild our own organization and train for the next phase of taking our home back.

We simply believe our war is the most important war. We believe Provi should be the only goal for us. We need to focus on taking our home back and not get entangled in foreign conflicts not of our making. Regardless of who wins do you think Provi to pick a side would be right? Imperium and Legacy have traditionally come to our aid against Panfam and their allies. Do you want us to pick a side of our former allies? That would not be a good thing. The only goal that Provi pilots should be focused on is rebuilding and returning to our home.

So Vlad its not that I owe any fealty to Arrendis. Its just I respect her. Just as I give respect and or politeness when speaking to any minion of PL. Its called being graceful and humble. Its just being a decent human being even in the face of your most hated enemy. When parting ways with an old foe do you not say “Fly Safe or Fly Dangerous?” I say good luck to her because she is in the middle of the largest conflict in our galaxy.

Very Respectfully.

Kyle Saltz

When you describe one side of the conflict as true evil, and then say good luck to the other, the bias is apparent. Go North then, find a new home.

Your God may forgive, -A- didn’t and RC does not.

I am generally not concerned much about nullsec politics. I don’t know much about goals and allies of Goons, Panfams, CVAs, and others, and all these nullsec wars and squabbles are irrelevant to me, I just consider these conflicts as thunderstorms in a cup of badly prepared tea.

And yet, I do know what Snuffed Out is. I am well aware about history of them shooting and betraying allies, and all I can say about that cituation is that CVA shot their own foot. I know very well how it will end, I don’t have to be a fortune teller for that.

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