Message to Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz. Director of Commerce for Curatores Veritatis, Ambassador to the 24th Imperial Crusade, Hand of the Margrave, Director of Corp 54, and servant of the Empire

Dearest Paladin Saltz:

Do you get it now?

The Empire doesn’t need your service, it needs your Leadership!

Stop begging the Empress to kill you. Stop swearing fealty to this Gallente catchrag. Enough has been lost to his stupidity.

I beg yourself and Lord Aralis to Act. The path to Redemption stands before you.

With the Love of the Faithful,
Cardinal Graelyn (Emeritus)

After yesterday, it’s hard for some things to keep being denied. Aralis has remarked on multiple occasions that the coalition which he once led had never been defeated by any outsiders. He is still right: when it was finally defeated truly and thoroughly, it was defeated by CVA more than any other alliance played a role in things. After yesterday’s battle in which CVA took the side of Snuffed Out, one of New Eden’s most infamous pirate alliances, over its own holders, after Snuffed Out had attacked their possessions, it’s difficult to deny this.

While I recognize what a relationship with Snuffed Out can provide considering that CVA considers one of their reasons for the collapse of their coalition to be a lack of experience and knowledge for how to properly use capital and supercapital forces, often a deciding factor in their battlefield defeats, choosing to burn bridges and drive away ancient allies in order to potentially have a relationship with such a famously unreliable partner seems beyond shortsighted to me. Yes, there are former CVA members in Snuffed Out. Yes, one of CVA’s fleet commanders was previously in Snuffed Out. But what sort of reliability can one reasonably expect from their reputation?

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When I read the title of this thread I thought for a moment that Vaari had made his return.


About the same as one can expect from RKK or the rest of PanFam.

It seems more relevant to compare the expected reliability of Snuffed Out to the reliability that CVA demonstrated as an ally to APOC and TMOCC.

As opposed to pointing out your own hypocrisy in this very matter? I mean, two months ago, who were you defending in Black Rise again? Oh, that’s right… it was Snuff.

As a resident of Black Rise, I was defending my own Black Rise-based corporation’s assets more than anyone else’s and occasionally helping to defend some other corporations and alliances, often those which were attacked by The Initiative or its member corporations, one example being the United Neopian Federation, long-time friends of mine. Some of those actions helped a rabid dog bite its former master, but at no point did I or PanFam help them while they were attacking the strategic interests of our allies. Can CVA say the same?

Considering the only allies PanFam has are short-term allies of convenience—including, repeatedly over the years, Snuff—the comparison’s not exactly apt, is it? Maybe if PanFam hadn’t been attacking Providence more or less constantly at varying levels of intensity for the last two years, and recently convinced Legacy to turn a blind eye to events there, CVA wouldn’t have been in a position where they felt a need to take such desperate measures.

Let me be clear here: ProviBloc was basically asking to be shattered and turned on one another for the better part of a decade, at least. And ultimately, I don’t much care how it happened, or even that it happened. But for a member of PanFam to get up on their high horse and scold CVA for associating with one of PanFam’s frequent allies, on grounds of morality… that’s rich. That’s just frellin’ hilarious. Where was all this concern for the militia pilots of Providence when it was you guys attacking them in order to secure stations ahead of the Upwell retrofit? Where’s it been in the years of attacks on Provi by PanFam before and after that?

Nullsec, as Vlad reminds us, has long memories. And those of us who have no dog in the Provi mess also have no trouble calling you out for your long-term part in making it.