Message to Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz. Director of Commerce for Curatores Veritatis, Ambassador to the 24th Imperial Crusade, Hand of the Margrave, Director of Corp 54, and servant of the Empire

Agreed. His alliance needs more leadership from people like him. I understand why he’s reluctant to go against the existing leadership, but they have strayed from what his alliance should be and I think he wants it to go back to what it’s supposed to be rather than become what they are making it into. It sort of seems like their best chances to be put on the right path would involve him, rather than than the main voices who they have been listening to.

Would you stop trying to educate our enemies and let Murphy do our jobs for us?

Separating the ones who can learn from the ones who refuse to is a great way to tell friends we don’t have yet from real enemies.

And you won’t see anything of the sort. No Capsuleer has the right to deny the Empress’s Grant to CVA. Only the Amarr legal system can do that.

It’s worth clarifying that it does not follow from that grant that an attack on CVA is an attack on the Empire. The Empress’s declaration acknowledged CVAs own assertion that they had conquered Providence for Amarr, but legally it still mostly falls under the framework of CONCORD Sovereignty law. Capsuleers can attack CVA in space without attacking the Empire, but they cannot deny CVAs legal claim to Providence under Amarr law without treading quite close to heresy.

Of course, the idea of Graelyn of all people preaching about redemption for others is an absurd bit of nonsense, and those of us involved in the 24IC have had our own issues with serious heresy to deal with that are much closer to home than Providence.


Nonsense. By granting that authority to CVA, the Empress is de facto asserting that she has authority over Providence sufficient to issue such a grant. The fact that she hasn’t yet challenged CONCORD’s de jure administration of sovereignty is irrelevant. What’s far more relevant is CONCORD not challenging her n that basis. By letting her declaration go unchallenged, they’re giving it a legitimacy that can, if they ignore it for a long enough time, be considered precedent-setting.

Which is exactly what they’ve done here, doing things like labeling CVA pirates and asserting they, not CVA, now have authority over Provi, now isn’t it? That kinda makes it hard to assert ‘we’re committing heresy in defense of the Empress we’re defying’, you know?

Where have we declared that we have any authority over Providence? By Equinox’s own declaration, Providence is lawless space overrun by pirates and criminals. What we have declared is that which you can see with your own eyes: CVA are flying with Snuffed Out, who have been attacking Imperial property, and CVA have fired upon representatives of Her Imperial and Sublime Majesty’s militia.

This is not the only thread of this conversation, as your own participation in the other thread indicates you are already well aware. And in that thread…

That right there is a claim of authority on the part of the larger collection of individuals getting pissy at CVA. If you think that’s wrong, you should make sure to publicly distance yourself from such statements, since you certainly present the appearance of being in league with them.

The gentleman in question is a member of PHEW, which is not a part of our coalition. He does not speak for us.


BTW? If you’re going to publicly represent your coalition, you really shouldn’t need a Goon to tell you that you need to make statements like that.

Are you suggesting that any reasonable person would think that PHEW and TE are on the side for anything besides opposing CVA?

I’m suggesting that violence makes strange bedfellows, and multiple groups loudly denouncing someone they’re fighting with, while both also claim loyalty to the same umbrella org (you know, like the Empire)… yeah, that can convey the impression of ‘on the same side’.

I’m un-aware that PHEW have ever claimed loyalty to the Empire. Working together on a shared objective, like the removal of a hostile group like Snuffed Out from the area, does not make us allies.

Brother Twilight,

As you are reading this many days have passed since Red Alert Coalition broke from Provi and allies of CVA. Yet, as the days have passed many of us have been able to see more information that has come to light as well as the truth in many matters.

On the eve of this betrayal of CVA I brought together leaders of both groups. Our Margrave gave his word that he would never raise his arms against a brother Paladin. I wrote an article labeled faith. In which I spoke about the situation and that people needed to have faith in our god and faith in each other. I went to sleep knowing that the crises was adverted and we were a family still.

Yet, less that 24 hours afterwards your coalition declared us traitors to the Empire and to Provi! You lacked faith in your brothers. The lack of faith was the start of the corruption inside your organizations despite its noble beginnings. For you all were goaded into that direction from my dear brother. A man in which I declared was my oath brother. Such was the betrayal of this whole situation.

Your traitorous coalition not only 24 hours into your treason had an attempted coup inside it. The man that attempted to sway you to stab your brother tried to take reigns of the entire coalition for himself. It failed. He was the one that had stoked the flames of war between our peoples and caused the aggression of Snuffed Out.

Your Margrave…OUR Margrave knew of events that had yet to pass and information that was not leaked to anyone. Instead of having faith in OUR Margrave you allowed not only yourself but many other Loyal Paladins to step into treason. I asked for faith…and the end…it was found lacking.

Snuff Out only killed one Militia citidel. It was a Raitaru in which I personal replaced to make good with the Militia. The militia mind you in which I was the personal Ambassador to. Which Provi funds flowed to support the Militia in isk and ships. The same Ambassador which passed laws that Provi-bloc would protect Amarr Militia citidels regardless of KOS status. It was the right thing to do because of our Oaths to the Empire.

My dear Brother Twilight. There is so much that I have not said that could explain most of what happened. Yet, it was kept secret due to operational security. It breaks my heart to see how the events played out and knowing full well it could of been prevented if we trusted one another. Yet, in the end Snuffed Out eventually stopped midway through attacking Amarr Militia citidels and only focused on Matari forces knowing full well RC would come.

It broke my heart to see my brothers which were being evicted from their homes by RC fight alongside them. Their dreads were used as cannon fodder before RC dropped theirs. Such masterful puppet masters RC played in this little incident stoking flames and propaganda. Our home burns and we stood in disunity. Such disgrace we share in this…I begged the Empress to allow my death. Yet, I know my punishment is to see our people through to the end.

The end…What can that be? As days have passed and people have become more stable and tempers have cooled we have realized on both sides the totality of the situation. There will be a day in which Red Alert will come back to the fold and we will once again retake our home. There will be a day when our flags hold true over all of Provi. There will be a day in which all of Provi will be free from R3 to KBP.

This is a Prophecy that I give you all. We in CVA will travel far and wide. We will face many hardships and trials. We will fight and learn. We will build and lose. We will endure. In doing so we will atone our sins. We will kill those that have sinned against the innocent. We will kill those that have helped RC. We will kill their allies and their friends. In doing so we work off the sins and replenishing our bodies with righteousness.

Currently our home is in flames. As RC burns the left over remains of our holdings. They will laugh and delight in our misery. They will hit their chests and joke and jib over our losses. I say let them have their moment in time. Let them be so happy and glad in their time as they delight in the destruction of Civilization.

There will be a day of reckoning. There will be a day in which the might of god and his avenging angels will descend upon Providence and all those that stand with RC and the forces of darkness will know fear. This will come to pass brother Twilight. There will be a day in which our fireworks will sound. We will invite the Imperial officials and councils to look at our works and know that it is good.

There is much work to do brother Twilight. We must rebuild our groups in separate parts of the galaxy. Each of us has a unique mission in gods eye. Each of us have a duty to do. I will walk in the desert of New Eden with my Brother Paladins of CVA. You will with yours. Have Faith Brother Twilight…for our Faith will be a beacon to our people. To see the light in the galaxy of Darkness.

When we meet again it will not be as Red Alert and CVA…It will be as Provi-Bloc. As Brothers and not foes. The lies and darkness of RC can never destroy this part of us. We will all have our part to play one day. Even Brother Gian. Every Paladin will hear the call one day and know their duty. Not only for their alliance, but for Provi. Our home…

Amarr Victor

To all my brother Paladins. Have Faith…Stand together…For there is no force like it in the world. Our faith will burn away the darkness.

Yours in Faith,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz.

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I’m really just here to point out also that in the time since all this fighting has started, the Caldari Militia has come up against some really serious fighting from WANGS bringing absolutely rude fleets to come and stomp us, and because we have no reliable allies our only feasible option has been to join with pirates. Which is cool and all, but yeah, could have used some help there.

This talk of morality gets pretty funny if you all remembered that there’s a bit of a world outside of Amarr space. Props to Kyle for at least trying to be friendly to us, even though the political situation makes it hard to commit. Still, given that you all still are sorting this ■■■■ out and likely will be for the forseeable future, I have only one thing to say to both Amarr Militia, and our Militia friends in Templis, who’ve been participating as part of RC:

Go team.

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