(Jevatoxa) #1

People of New Eden, it is with the utmost regret that I bring you the most grave of news!

There is sufficient evidence that CVA have set themselves as false gods, of judge, jury and executioner, without regard for the Empire’s protocols, and without appropriate deference to Empress Catiz or the Harbinger of Faith.

An objective, independent audit was conducted to determine the progress made towards expanding the Empire’s borders into Providence. The results of this investigation, which indicated multiple instances of improper conduct, were being compiled into a report to be used as part of the proposed Year 10 re-authorization of the Operation Deliverance project.

After 11 months of impartial, objective inquiry, the report was on the verge of being issued, thereby making it into the public domain. Unfortunately, we appear to have lost touch with the contact person, the person who requested and initiated the audit. Current evidence suggests that she is now presumed dead.

Currently, multiple persons with hostile intent have begun to hunt for and destroy key evidence and the report in which said evidence is cited. It is not yet clear how much of this incriminating evidence can be saved or recovered from our pursuers. However, our agents are currently in the process of recompiling and rescuing as much as we can in the name of truth, righteousness and justice!

More news will be released as and when we receive it!

(Valerie Valate) #2

Gosh !

Dark times indeed.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #3

What’s next, wet water?

(Halcyon Ember) #4

People really are spending a lot of time investigating the practices of what amounts to an alliance of independent Capsuleers. Don’t people have hobbies? Surely watching holos and doing boosters is more profitable than this?

Maybe CVA can start publishing a weekly newsletter so people can get their fix without going to such lengths.

(Valerie Valate) #5

I actually have incontrovertible evidence that CVA are heretics and not loyal to the True Empress.

  • I would like to know more.
  • You’re talking about Synthia aren’t you Valerie God’s sake you’re so transparent
  • Dark Times
  • So dark

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(Jevatoxa) #6

Due to security concerns and the compromised status of the evidence, it is not yet possible to release further details. However, I can provide reassurance that we will shortly be in possession of the missing files.

Finally, I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours of collusion between The Sixth Empire and #TheBounty organizer Greygal.

(Casserina Leshrac) #7

I have been curious about their practices and as to why PIE, their founder corporation decided to leave and create a new alliance.

I would definitely be interested in more.

(Jason Galente) #8

People destroyed your evidence?

Prove it. :dealwithitparrot:

(Jevatoxa) #9

All in good time. Our team is confident that the evidence will be recovered and recompiled. Once that process is complete, it will be made available for galaxy-wide perusal.

Please stand by…

(Jevatoxa) #10

In the meantime, professional subcontractors’ fees are being offered for the decommissioning of heretical space technology.

(Halcyon Ember) #11

I am relieved, there are far too many unprofessional subcontractors about nowadays.

(Jevatoxa) #12

Indeed. Yet those former pro-bono pod liberation technicians are henceforth being paid for re-education of the fallen and confiscation of their tools of decadent blasphemy via the cleansing power of antimatter.

The true significance of #TheBounty thereby reveals itself to all true defenders of the right path, all knights and inquisitors of the righteous and those wishing and willing in earnest to bring the age of corruption to an overdue close.

Thusly do the seekers of purity become professional agents of The Empire and the future of all who in it abide.

To that same glorious end, our selfless agents are now closing in on one more piece of incriminating evidence, which we expect to be retrieved and uploaded imminently to our networks. We anticipate being in a position to share this information with to you, the peoples of New Eden, soon after.

Justice will prevail!

(Arrendis) #13

How exactly is the technology heretical? Do the scriptures say Engineering Complexes are the work of the Deceiver, or is that just Napkins?

(Jevatoxa) #14

This will be revealed once we secure the next piece of missing data.

(Jason Galente) #15

I think the missing data is your logic.

(Halcyon Ember) #16

Is this like some sort of huge heretical Jigsaw puzzle? Make sure you have the edges first, it’s so much harder to start from the middle.

(Arrendis) #17


(Halcyon Ember) #18

If starting from the edges is Heresy then I don’t want to be Orthodox

(Greygal) #19

This occurred about 10 hours ago.

(Jevatoxa) #20

This treachery cannot be ignored!

Might I request an expedition to investigate this high treason?