Facts about status of region of the Providence

To be distributed to all folks and Lords.

Talk of region named Providence belonging to any other than to the Curatores Veritatis Alliance is treason. Any who accepts it set themselves against legitimate authority of Lord Vaari, and are heirs in spirits of those rebels, who not so long ago, promoted the blood raider to be Imperial Chancellor. Can anyone contemplate such evil without horror?

Let there be no cofusion!
Providence is an amarrian region, and it firts ruling mandate falls to the CVA. Sir Daedalu’s right to rule te region is ordained by God, and no man can alter it! Anyone who denies this fact makes themselves enemy of Faith, Amarr and Lord Vaari.


Amarr Victor,

My old mentor and beloved friend Lord Vaari. May god always smile upon you and bless you in your endeavors. God has given us a destiny that is Providence. Every day we work diligently in repentance for our failures and sins. As god has given us this prophecy so shall it come to pass. Which the true heirs of Providence will return with great wrath.
We who are ordained by god, whose blessings come directly from the Empress know our duty. Our duty to the people of Providence. Our duty to our Lord EQ. Our duty to Lord Tash-Murkon. As well as our beloved Empress.
As the days come to pass it is as a knife in our gut so long as we are not in our beloved home. Many of the heretic filth beat their chest and exclaim victory yet go to sleep with one eye open and check under their bed for their hidden boogeymen. They exclaim their old foe beaten yet send spies to watch us. If they believe us so defeated why do they continue to send propaganda against us? Why do they continue to spy against us? It is because they know of their sin. It is because they know even god will not show mercy upon their actions. They are a people doomed to fire and ash. For Providence curses any who unrightfully try to inhabit it.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

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An emaciated shadow of an entity shouting to the solar winds about pretend claims to lands they cannot protect. If this “god” of yours truly has such an omnipotent hand, then the fall of Providence must have also been ordained by god, no? A region of shambled ruins in the wake of collapsed Amarrian oversight - tragic, if unsurprising.


have you recovered from that rogue drone controlling your brain ?

I am certain the industrial high priest’s affliction is caused by a self-aware Rorqual known as Veldemort the Inhaler. God’s mining operations will not be safe until that Beast is banished to Hell for Eternity.

Damn racists crawling out of the woodworks again I see, with the same old delusions of grandeur.

Don’t worry. You always provoke cofusion from me.

No drones in my brain = No < Yes.

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