Status of Providence

Amarr Victor, Brother.

Thank you for giving me clarity about the situation. I pray we restore order to Providence and unto all of New Eden, as God would see it done. I too have faith that in time it will come.


Your words have moved me…deeply Lord Saltz.

I have not been there, nor i will be there for a while. However im taking my time and bying plexes etc so im fit to serve when im ready again.

However losing Providence have even become to my dreams even i was not there…Losing Providence to heatens were something that was…impossible.

Your report is most welcome and and same time the most unwanted report ever.

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CVA is also over in Ore country trying to establish bottlenecks from High Sec Null.

Perhaps they do. That is zero interest from me. Amarraian community has one goal and it is not some random ore county,

Kyle, I’d love you guys to rally the troops and come take it back. The fighting was fun, and maybe you guys could actually pull it off. It would be fun either way.

P.s. remember when my algos caught your jackdaw at 0 and the rest of your friends said I cheated to kill you? You let them know that was a fair fight and for that I have more respect for you than the rest of your friends combined.


My observation from fighting on the other side was that CVA’s downfall was in no small part because trust and cooperation between the holder alliances broke down.

Kyle Saltz proved himself to be the greatest of his alliance, though. When others were turning more and more inward, he seemed to want to repair damaged relations. Rather than closing his eyes and acting like nothing was ever wrong, he acknowledged that things hadn’t been handled perfectly (such as the events leading to the formation of The Rogue Consortium) and actively sought to improve things that could be improved.

I was disappointed to see how things ended. So many mistakes brought down a community from inside itself, when they had previously shown themselves to be capable of staying together to retake the region. If there were more people like him in CVA, I think CVA would have both stayed in a stronger position as an alliance and kept good relations with most of the others who broke away from them. One of the final wedges between CVA and holder alliances such as APOC was that certain figures in CVA military leadership had ties to the notorious pirate alliance Snuffed Out and decided that it would be a good idea to work with them. Those certain figures have since become members of Snuffed Out, so I wonder where their true loyalties were, but in contrast, one of Kyle’s great traits is that nobody can doubt that he is loyal to whom he claims to be loyal.



Imperialists suffered the fate they always do.

000000 <1 001
Providence coalition was in danger when CVA called me KOS 000. Integrity was lost–>01 = no honor = loss of trust = Damnation.

In future we are more insightful and thus we do not cancel fellow loyalists as easily.++Lord Daedalus holds claim to Providence—>His future is bright.**

Worrisome data shows CVA complying lesser entities—This might lead to piracy—>If CVA pirate reconquering Providence to Amarr is more than highly unlikely.

I, for one, am greatly disturbed by the subversion of the world’s greatest hero, by the Rogue Drones, who now logically have access to all of the knowledge of the great industrialist and skilled miner.

Surely now, the Rogue Drones industrial capabilities have been radically increased and it is only a matter of time until they begin converting entire solar systems into swarms of more drones, with which to conquer all of New Eden.

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False 0000

I have been ill. 0000 >1 Health now, but biding time and byuing plex. Never submit to silica animus, homo intelligence dominus.

I have embraced my superior wish to become master of fabrication and industrial hand od God.111

Aaaaaaaaalllllllrighty then.

NEVER submit to silica animus!

State of Providence?

Drops trowel…

Lord Douchelus is a chump. CVA was weak. The banner of The Rogue Consortium flies from R3 to KBP. NRDS is dead. Join us, shoot nerds, profit.

So you want people to shoot you? You know you don’t usually have to advertise for that…