Dissolution of the Empyrean Council of Providence and delcaration of CVA's treason

Curatores Veritatis Alliance’s actions to exclude Silent Infinity from Providence holder coalition is treason. Any who supports them to enforce it set themselves against legitimate sovereign owner, and are heirs in spirit to those Purity of Throne terrorists who so recently took up arms to oppose the coronation of Her Imperial Majesty, Catiz I. Can anyone here contemplate such evil without horror?

Let there be no confusion. CVA’s actions have made them enemy of the NRDS and the Empire. Their actions are affront to God and no man can follow them with good conscience. Any one who denies this truth makes themselves enemies of God, Jarl of Sosan VII and Justice.

Because of this, I as a official guiding light of the Empyrean Council of Providence declare said council dissolved and and CVA excommunicated from the holy communion of the amarrian loyalists. Council members, return to your homes for I have no need of you any longer.

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ouch, that’s gotta burn.


I wish I knew in a nutshell what is going on, lots of thee’s and thou’s my head really hurts.

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Uh … in a nutshell, CVA and Silent Infinity are parting ways, apparently with a lot of anger and bitterness. And, you know, accusations of treason.


Ah, I was thinking someone had left the booze cabinet unlocked.

It’s been raided. No clue who did it. The perfect, unsolvable crime. No need to investigate further.

Move along.

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Ahhh, ok, thanks.

Says the person responsible for Silent Infinity being removed from the Providence holder coalition.

-Im religious leader of Silent Infinity and very long time important member of amarrian loyalists. Im best known of my vast knowloge in faith, history and Imperial politics.

-Silent Infinity was member of Providence holder coalition.

  • I confronted CVA, which is leading alliance of Providence holder coalition and for some reason considered amarrian loyalists how they abuse KOS-system, are not very loyal and disregard outright disloyalty from their own ranks.

  • CVA’s Xhjfx, which holds the key of all of their IT-resources got angered with me because of that and set me enemy of PRovidence.

  • CVA demanded my alliance to banish me or lose our sovregnity to our systems in Providence.

  • We resisted because my accusations were true and just.

  • We lost our sov.

  • I accused CVA for treason.

Actually responsible person is Xhjfx. I must add that I offered to leave Silent Infinity. Vote were held and our alliance almost unanumously wanted to keep me as their religious leader because they saw through CVA lies.

Silent Infinity would be allowed to hold sov by the Providence holder coalition if you and Imperial Pharmacy were not in the alliance.

You remained in the alliance.

So… your fault. Doesn’t take a vote for you to leave.

Don’t you see. He’s too beloved by the people to leave.

The earl of Sosan VII, high father, founder and despot of the Imperial Pharmacy, golden mountain, world’s most beloved hero, bane of the witches, teacher of faith, carrier of the Heaven’s light, self proclaimed prophet, great miner and skilled industrialist, hero of the Providence, paragon of all virtues ecumenical patriarch of the Silent Infinity cannot help but stay if his people wish him to stay.

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Our virtuous alliance could no longer allow CVA to dictate our righteous future.

Oh the drama, the intrigue, I love soap opera’s dramatization of who’s sleeping with who, where’s J. R. Ewing.

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CVA and the Providence Holders are resisting the infidels invading Providence.

Imperial Pharmacy is doing something of no use to the Empire in the Great Wildlands. This is pretty much how it has always been.

Providence holders are doing what they want. Our alliance is not part of that. What comes to my corporation we have always do what is good to the Empire. CVA’s well beign is not in my list.

Well, have fun in the Great Wildlands then!

Is Provi still a thing?

It’s currently playing the role of one side of the fire triangle.