To The Empire

To the Empire:

From the inception of Project Deliverance, the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and its allies have seen to the expansion of the Holy Amarrian empire in the region of Providence. Securing and civilising Providence as a home for people of the Amarrian empire and its allies to claim for its own.

As evidenced in posts to the galactic forums since I’ve been a capsuleer, CVA has striven to uphold law and order, whilst expanding civilization into null security space. CVA and its allies, over the years, created a path for people to experience null security space without any ties and expectations. With the vision that pilots would come to recognize the merits of its place in New Eden and live to expand the NRDS philosophy that we have advocated for the time we lived in Imperial Providence. We have worked hard for these, nigh on 15 years to create and make a place worthy of the Amarrian empire to claim for itself, even in such as the Empire itself gave a decree in support: recognizing our efforts in providence.

For 15 years we have fought hard for Providence. Today we officially say farewell again, for the 3 time over that period. NRDS has fallen in Providence, and I would expect everyone in providence and the surrounding areas to be NBSI if not now but soon.

As such personally I hold a lot of responsibility in this. While I’m not Amarrian, I have strived to be the best version I could be, as well as aimed for the ideals of what CVA was founded on and what Aralis always believed (the leader of CVA when i came into this). If anything, we have stood our ground to the stubbornness of ourselves for a long period of time. I will not blame others, I do not blame anyone but myself in the failures of today. As such, I would like to thank all those who put their effort and faith into what the goals of CVA and the goals of Providence were. I’ve always believed that individual responsibility, hard work, and common beliefs would make a great and strong providence. It does seem that upon some reflection that simply isn’t all that is required at current.

Therefore, I’m personally apologizing to the Empire, for our failures in keeping Providence Amarrian. As such, CVA as an alliance along with those who would / will continue to follow our path, are now going to seek out our penance , retribution, and strength throughout New Eden upon those who have done Providence and the Empire wrong. For 15 years, we have kept a long and extensive list of those who failed to follow in accordance with the policies of Providence. For far too long they have been left unpunished in their ways from the Empire and CVA.

Henceforth, CVA has begun our penitent crusade, Operation Retribution. What once was a goal to develop a peaceful place for all who wanted to participate in commerce and live in peace is now gone. What remains is our plan to seek penance and strive to strengthen and let the dogs that inhabit Providence grow fat and lazy. We will be seeking vengeance on those who have made our list: passing judgement on the heretics, sentencing them to their richly deserved fate.
Until such time as we can proclaim “Amarr Victor” over our enemies remains and reclaim Providence once more.

To all those that have made Providence what it is over the past 15 years, that lived by it’s policies and beliefs which made CVA and Providence endure, those I have been glad to call friends and especially the alliances that made up the sovereignty holders who put effort into making Providence what it was every day. Many people have come through Providence, many people have gone. Some even take part in removing us as it is today. I hope that you had some good times to reflect upon during your time in Providence.

Above all, remember

Amarr Victor


Purging creates unity !

The Great house of Sarum supports this move.

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Is Syndicate and Placid particularly worthy of your righteous retribution? At least some of your colleagues appear to have arrived here in numbers. Given this declaration of a penitent crusade, I would be interested in some clarification of your intentions among a community that has, to my knowledge, never much concerned itself with Providence.

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Given that the Margrave’s fleet commanders consider Imperial loyalists and Providence holder alliances worthy of “righteous retribution”, and pirate entities known to be hostile to the Empire worthy of docking rights, one might be disinclined to believe that CVA still operates with much more than the pretense of loyalty to Her Imperial and Sublime Majesty, or indeed to our Holy God.

Plenty of factions within the empire shoot each other, have disputes, and or have a general disagreement upon policy and or how to best direct such.

While you declared your intentions to shoot us, we only respond in kind.

If the empire asked us not to shoot you, I’m sure we would abide by such. much cannot be said to be the same for the like of RA who openly fired upon peaceful CVA capital ships that were dispensing with hostile forces. We also would ofc compensate any losses where it was deemed “at fault” for such a thing. However, when you are openly on the opposite side of said event, its hard to say we are at fault.

I would say that i wouldn’t/don’t want to shoot you or allies, but alas your allies now seem to be those same who pushed us out of Providence to begin with. I don’t even believe that the milita itself is operating with the best interests of the empire when it is openly forming to defend minmitar milita assets.

Suffice to say, this was / is not an intention to but the blame upon others merely thanking everyone for trying their best to build providence into something the Empire should be proud to be in.

We didn’t find that success we had in the past, but at the end of the day, we will continue to do what we think is best for cva, its allies, and the empire. You might disagree with that, which is within your right, but we are free to do the same towards you.

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There are some historical enemies in the area.

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Purging creates more unity!

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My Margrave,

In our penance we go out of our homes to wonder in the desert of New Eden.

“Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God”
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 42:5

In our penance we shall know many hardships. We will know hunger, loss, and shame of us being separated from our beloved homeland. Yet, though such hardships it will only strengthen not only our bodies but our souls. Stripped of the comforts of our home we will live by faith.

“The Lord loosed upon them his fierce anger
All of his fury and rage.
He dispatched against them a band of Avenging Angels”
- The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 10:1

Our Holy Crusade gives us new meaning my Margrave. We will be the Empires wrath incarnate. We will be the Avenging Angels of god. Purging those in our book of grudges bringing righteous judgement upon evil. Being the beacon of hope to those whom are oppressed. We will become the fear of those petty tyrants and pirate scum that plague the good people of this galaxy.

“So the Lord sent forth the Chosen,
to bring forth the light of faith
And those who embrace his love
Shall be saved by his grace
For we are his shepherds in the darkness
His Angels of Mercy.
But those who turn away from his light,
And reject his true word
Shall be struck down by his wrath
For we are his retribution incarnate
His Angels of Vengeance”
- The Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 4:45

To our enemies I say “Stand against us and be struck down, run and you shall be captured, kneel and you shall be saved.” Our road is not an easy one my Margrave. However, in our travels we will purge our sins. We will fill our souls with the spirit of the lord. Your Crusade of Penance is exactly what we need in this times of tribulations.

In the ancient days there is a story. A story of the time before we came upon the stars. A tale told by my mother to inspire faith. An ancient battle. The forces of god fought against those of the heretics. A man of god prayed on the mountain overlooking the battlefield. As the man’s hands lifted skyward in prayer the forces of the god’s army were winning the day. Yet, as time grew the old man grew tired and his arms started to waver. The enemy forces started to win the day. Then two of the old mans most trusted men held his arms back up in prayer. The forces of god resurged and won the day.

The moral of the story and how it pertains to us is this. In the days to come when trials and tribulations are hard. Your Paladins will hold your arms up. We will stand united in faith and our glorious Crusade.

Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens."
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21

Our destiny was given to us by god. There will be a day. A day in which from R-3 to KBP will be free from the Petty Tyrants and pirate scum that inhabit it now. There will be a day in which men and woman of civilization can live in peace and harmony. There will be a day when the Amarrian flag will wave from system to system. There will be a day when all people across the Empire will rejoice and shout the names of CVA and our successful retaking of Providence.

So with gauntleted fist above my heart to symbolize my loyalty to god and Providence. I will travel with you my Margrave to hell and back.

Amarr Victor!


Considering the recent events, it looks like this “crusade” is mostly just an excuse after the margrave fled from his duties and obligations to protect his coalition and turned instead to piracy alongside those who aggressed against his coalition.

My guess is that the reason for these regions in particular is simply because they get to throw their weight around and commit acts of piracy against the locals without having to worry about the capital fleets of Rekking Crew and Siege Green being nearby often enough to contest them. RC has some presence in the area, such as my corporation, Sniggwaffe, a member of RC which is based out of nearby Black Rise, and Templis CALSF’s Diana Kim, a well-known figure in these circles who has been watching over their traditional main area of operation while most of the rest of the alliance primarily operates out in Derelik. However, even though I would not be surprised to find a decent amount of capital ships in RC possession locally, it would take a huge amount of time, fuel, and effort to move the sort of capital fleet that could contest CVA’s piratical benefactors, the regional superpower Snuffed Out, and I would be surprised if our leaders considered it to be worthwhile to do that rather than spend the time, fuel, and effort on pursuing objectives closer to Derelik.


CVA has recived a Letter of marque from the Amarr Empire.
Our cause is just, and it’s time to hand out some retribution.


Is this separate from the authorization and orders to oversee the administration of Providence and maintain law and order in that region? If so, let’s see it. If not… well, good jorb?

I am well aware of what a Letter of Marque is. I’m asking for yours. Because the Empress’ original commission wasn’t one.


Usually those are given to privateers, not pirates.

Amarr Victor !

Until the Empress makes an announcement that she has granted a letter of marque to the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, I will have no reason to believe @James_Sarum. I will regard any documents which do not come from the Empress through her official channels as probable forgeries.

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To be fair, a privateer, complete with fully legitimate Letter of Marque and Reprisal, is still looked upon as a pirate by other powers. That said…

P’much, yeah.

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The new caretakers of the Region of providience shall grow and strengthen the righteous Amarr Empire where the so called heretics calling themself CVA have failed, you have grown indesicive and instead of fighting to the last man as is demanded by the great Amarr Empire you gave up that which you called holy and your “Right” to own.

Your defeat is that of your own making you gave up the great holy land with a whimper and with much bickering while claiming you were the righteous while cowering away and working with pirates which you claimed you would never do, and betraying your long term allies you lived in the great amarr space so that you can do so.

Now you try distract the great Amarr Empire from your failures by going on a so called “Crusade” .

The new caretakers of the great region of providience welcomes your return so that we can crush what remains of your former self and prove who the true righteous owners of Providience are, which will never be your self.

Glory to the empire of Amarr!

The one thing that would have brought this even closer to satire would have been to offer them glorification or extirpation.


You mean the ones not empowered to oversee the area by the Empress? I mean, ‘Hey, yeah, listen, I’m totally opposing your Royal Decree and all, but it’s for your own good’ might not really sell well. Individuals who rule by divine imprimatur with a mandated infallibility really tend to not approve of ‘btw, you were wrong’.

I mean, if you want to test it, next time Coronation Day comes up and the Empress addresses the faithful, go to Amarr and tell her she’s wrong. See how it works out for you.