Aegis Militia activity in Mishi

Several hours ago, pilots under the employ of the Aegis Militia have attacked and removed several Blood Raider outposts in the System of Mishi. The Aegis Militia will continue to monitor the system for Blood Raider activity and help defend the Empire from any an all threats.

As ever, we place ourselves at the service of her Grace the Queen, the Planetary Authorities, and of our great Empire.

Amarr Victor!

Professor Leonel Yasavi
Barrister General, Diplomat
Aegis Militia

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And you feel the need to announce it why?

Literia Khammael.


I have no fondness for the forces of the Imperial Crusade, but even I can admit that ridding the spacelanes of Blood Raider lunatics is productive work. Organizing and leading capsuleers in combat operations is always a challenge and not always recognized as such.

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.


My Dear Literia,

It was more than likely to cover up the fact they couldn’t afford the rent they had to give to their masters Honorable Third Party. Which they gave them a monthly stipend to be allowed to live in the Pirate Controlled region of Providence making war on the Empress Ordained champions of the region.

They had to mask their movement out of Providence so what better way then to declare they were “moving” to attack Blood Raiders. So I applaud their efforts and more so for them leaving the region of Providence. It was truly a sad day when they decided to make war against the Paladin Wardens of Providence.

Such a shame the angels must truly weep tears of sadness to see so called “Amarr Loyalists” killing one another. Such is the times we live in that it is so. Such is the sadness that truly grips my heart. Many nights ive laid awake in my bed and questioned how I failed to bring right our people.

While I have heard their speech. They wish to make us better by attacking us. They want groups like CVA to improve and by doing so it must make war against us to bring about that change. Not actually joining them and making improvements from the inside. Such logic I only believe god knows the answers to.

As always Providence Prevails. As Always we endure.

Amarr Victor, Ave Providence.

Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz


That’s a shame. I was gonna see if some of our guys wanted to help out with Kithrus’s capitals.

Lady Arrendis,

I don’t know about Capitals. However, I do know he may need another Providence. We blew that one up. His body was collected and now sits amongst the other traitor generals corpses that have invaded our region.

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Well, he should thank you for helping out with that Providence, then. It’s one less thing he has to attend weekly meetings about moving.

(Seriously, what do people think I mean when I say ‘help him with capitals’? We’d blow 'em up!)

Pilot Saltz,

Your assumption, while humorous, is incorrect. Our efforts to eradicate the blooder presence is only ever to assist both Imperial forces as well fellow Loyalist organizations.

Our efforts in Providence continue, alongside our allies, ex-members of Provi-block who have seen the corruption and the rot that is CVA and are working on burning away that rot. Our aim has ever been to restore Providence to the Glory worthy of the honors bestowed upon it.

Lady Arrendis,

As usual I am no match for your wit. I wouldn’t mind any “Help” you like to bring to our friends here. While Aegis Militia may be moving out of Providence their Masters yet remain. If your friends want to “help” show them Goon culture I think that would greatly be appreciated.

Especially these slaves to Northern Pandemic. These vile abominations of honor and civilization need to feel the wrath of justice and order. For too long these pirates have soiled our home.


Paladin Warden Saltz,

I care little what most Amarrian so called loyalists do or who they fight. Just because one claims a region of null sec does not mean they are the eternal keepers of it. Null sec like the war zones are fickle creatures until some one larger comes around and puts them in their place.

But if people feel the need to boast about their accomplishments and such over something as minuscule as dealing with a FOB, shows to me they are lacking anything really news worthy or to claim on the IGS. If their ego’s are so little that they must boost their morale and or confidence on the IGS, then they are nothing of noteworthy to me.

Literia Khammael.


Ok, I admit, I missed this the first time, but… I’m not a member of anyone’s court. I’m not enfeoffed under any system of vassalage. I am not ‘Lady’ anything. My preferred form of address is simply ‘Arrendis’. If you insist on formality, it would be ‘Director Culome’. But really, just ‘Arrendis’ is better.

Just out of curiosity… wouldn’t that be a matter to take up through the political system? I mean, you claim to be loyal to the Empire. The Empress has decreed CVA to be tasked with overseeing Providence. So, isn’t the proper way to challenge that a petition to the Court, especially with the Jubilee coming up? It just seems to me that claiming loyalty while explicitly working against the Empress’s will seems… dishonest? Hypocritical? Kinda… dickish?


Traitor Leonel,

While I am glad that your forces are so motivated in “helping” CVA become a better organization. I also believe that the method of going about that “method” is highly suspect at best.

As you are aware the Empress ordained us the rightful guardians of her Empire in the Providence Marches. By making war against us you are not only traitors to the faith but to our beloved Empress. There is only so much back peddling you can do over this subject.

Aegis Militia have become traitors to God, Empress, Empire, and the Providence Marches which some of them once swore an oath to protect. While your little crusade in Providence is heart felt. I understand the wrongs of the past.

Yet, I can not fix the past. I can only change the present and future. Ive swore an oath to make right what we have stumbled upon in the past. Yet, “To serve, unshakably, is to reach greatness.”
*- The Scriptures, Amash Akura, 25:16. You forget the tenets of our faith.

"So instructed the Queen to her champion,
‘Beware the righteous who seek truth in spirit alone;
The weak of mind are quick to judge with slightest tempt;
Thus fools go forth to spread false word,
- The Scriptures, Book of Trials 2:13 - 2:21

You believe to be above our Empress in her knowledge. You believe stand in defiance of our beloved Empress and thus stand in defiance of god. To be so proud and to believe yourself to be so high that even our beloved is ignorant of facts you “claim” to have against us.

“Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God”

  • The Scriptures, Book of Missions 42:5

I have long struggled with this verse. I have thought to of understood it in its entirety. I have struggled to be a man of Gallante birth striving to be more Amarrian but knowing that I will always fail because my blood is not Amarr blood. I have strove through this because my heart and soul is Amarrian.

I have fought ceaselessly for 22 months of constant warfare. Ive lost more friends than I can count. Lost more and fought for kilometers of space spilling blood of numerous foes. Ive faced death so many times and have been reborn again with the mission of freeing my people under the yoke of an invasion that should of been over long ago when Pandemic Legion failed to steal a single Fortizar from us.

Yet, through all this hardship I have to know what god wishes of me. I am a Paladin Warden. Men better than me will continue to stand guard over our realm as we have for 15 years. We will reclaim our home. For our history is one built of the blood sweat and tears of countless before us. When times are tough I know where my faith is. It is to God and my Empire.

Where will you be when the test of faith finds you? I will be judged and I will not be found wanting. For I serve God, Empress, Empire, and the Lord Margrave of the Providence Marches. You will be yet another roll call on our banners of honor of the vanquished empires, coalitions, petty tyrants, terrorists, and pirate lords that attempted to destroy us.

Amarr Victor.

I am PALADIN WARDEN Kyle Saltz you traitor…least you forget.


They are probably trying to show that in spite of their conflict in Providence, that they are doing something for the Empire. I for one think this is a welcome change of direction for AM and hope that they pursue it. At least killing Blood Raiders and Triglavians helps the Empire, unlike some of their other activities.


Pilot Paladin Warden Saltz.

The Aegis Militia recognizes the honors bestowed upon you by her Holy Empress, and we are abhorred at the mockery that CVA has shown those honors. We fight now, in Providence, to restore the glory that is deserving of receiving such titles. You say that we are defiance of our beloved Empress. That is not true. We stand in defiance of you.

Our allies, members of The Rogue Consortium, whom you conveniently call pirates were once members of Provi Block, but were forced out due to the rot and corruption that festers at the heart of your organization.

You call us traitors to Amarr for attacking you? You are the traitors that have failed to uphold the honors as Wardens of Providence. Your Leadership is ran my heathen mercenaries, who care more for their own gain than the defense of Providence, growing fat and complacent as they misrepresent the titles granted by our most esteemed Empress.

You are the wardens of Providence, however you have closed off access to the region to Amarrian loyalists who do not serve you, usurping the rightful roles of the Holders of the region. You have done little more than act the part, squatting in the region while claiming Imperial right, while behaving no differently than any other capsuleer faction.

“Which test reveals more of the soul, the test that a man will take to prove his faith, or the test that finds the man who believed his faith already proven? If you know this answer, then you also know which of these challenges bear the greatest penalty for failure. The gates of paradise will open for you one time only; woe to the soul who dares to knock twice.” - The Scriptures, Book of Missions 5:14

I do not know if you are ignorant, willfully blind to, or complecent in the rot that festers in CVA, but I will urge you to take care.

“To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin”
- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 13:21

Professor Leonel Yasavi
Barrister General, Diplomat
Aegis Militia

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Pssst. There are no ‘Holders’ in Providence. That’s what ‘Paladin Wardens of the Providence Marches’ means. CVA is the Imperial authority there, by the decree of the Empress. Attacking them in Providence is, you know, attacking her, and all?

Also… :popcorn:, Lit?


As Wardens their roles are as defenders of the region, not as administrators. Whats more, Pilot Paladin Warden Saltz has in the past made claims regarding the ownership of slaves, a right and privilege reserved only for those of the Holder Class, of which he is not.

They are not the Holders of Providence. They should not act as if they are.

As wardens, the region is their ward. That means it is under their care—that care extends beyond defense, to include the ordering and maintenance of the region. In the absence of any other specifically-designated Imperial administrators, they’re it.

The slavery thing is a completely separate issue. Maybe some of their pilots are Holders, in similar vein to Mitara, Gaven, Utari, et al.

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. :popcorn: .

If the Empress had deemed it wise to grant them that role, then she would have given the members of CVA the titles that accord such privileges. She did not, as such, CVA has proven to be wayward of their duties.

She did:

An administrative division. They’re the wardens. A prison warden isn’t just a guard, after all. He runs the place. It is his ward.