I have been elevated into new heights

It is 23.02.121 Reign of Catiz I

Exalted Conclave of Aegis Militia, the true and honest alliance of Amarr Empire has granted me honorary positions of following great titles:

  • Lord Fabricator of the Aegis Militia
  • Ecumenical Patriarch of the Aegis Militia

May God grand me wisdom and strength to bring glory to my office, alliance and Empire.

For the Empress, beloved by all.



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If working with Aegis Militia is being “elevated to new heights” for you, I really don’t want to know what your low point was.


For the education of the masses, perhaps you’d care to regale us with your full list of titles?


God damnit, Priano, why!?


I guess I have a strange sense of humor? Or maybe it’s sadism? Or masochism? All three?


There’s a joke here somewhere but I can’t be arsed to make it.

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I am Lord Vaari, jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr, shield of Miners, Lord Fabricator of the Aegis Militia and Ecumenical Patriarch of the Aegis Militia.


I’m about to get elevated into new heights myself. Anyone wanna join me? BYOD.


You know that a fabricator is a Liar and Forger, right? I very much doubt that Catiz would welcome such a preposterous person into her ranks, or even close to her circle. Now begone, you heathen!


When I served in the Imperial Navy, which I did with pride before retiring, I quickly learnt there were two types of officer. The first were those who gloried in long strings of irrelevant medals and glorifying titles, who look only at their own refection in a fragile mirror. The others are those officers of simple devout focus who I would follow into fire, knowing that God was more important to them than title and shiny baubles; that God would protect us as we acted in his name.

“Lord” Vaari, one day someone will smash your mirror then where will you be? Left alone with the shards of you delusions. It is my weakness that I pity you for your lack of belief in God and your fellow man.

One can repent and pray for forgiveness.
But true meekness is one that has penetrated and laid its roots in the very heart of a man.
Prophet Kuria

Terak Romaller


Yeah, drugs tend to do that. Enjoy your high!

There are few people more devote than Lord Vaari. I’d be the first to admit he is eccentric but don’t let that hide his zeal and oddly relaxing aura. He has been a pleasure to work with backed by many years of experience. He is kind, thoughtful and been a solid moral anchor. While we don’t agree on tactics or methods often he is quick to ensure we don’t lose focus.

As for his belief, I can only pray I have half as much faith at his age.


He hasn’t responded to my request for a particular ship…

When I became a capsuleer, I learned that there are two types of people in New Eden: Players and Haters. Players strive for greatness and aspire to make a brighter future. Haters look on their achievements with envy and cowardly attack them from behind a curtain.

Whether in moments of weakness or moments of great victory, critics are drawn to us like moths to a flame. They obsess over our fallibility and despise us for our success. Vaari, even if the haters bring you to your knees, don’t permit them to extinguish your light. There’s no shame to be had in the titles and accolades that result from accomplishing great deeds. Ultimately, haters are your confirmation that you are doing something right.

Only through many hardships
Is a man stripped to his very foundations
And in such a state
Devoid of distractions
Is his soul free to soar
And in this
He is closest to God

– The Scriptures, Book of Missions Verses 42:5


That’s not what that verse means. If you truly think that then you think many of the biggest monsters of New Eden are “doing something right.”


Most of his are self-given, not the result of accomplishing great deeds. And his new title comes from a corporation that attempted to recruit Sansha’s Nation loyalists and offered to give them Amarrian citizens to experiment on.

Not all hate is without merit.


There’s hate and there are ‘haters’. The latter being people who take the piss because they should not.
But if you want to make this about AM then please go on I’m sure your sterling record of time-honored tactics outshines the sun.

There is a pile of rocks over there, get it out of your system already. You want to go on posting about the ‘Evi Leaks’ till the end be my guest. You keep wringing that cloth you’ll just end up with a shriveled rag and raw hands.


No, Crases. There’s always a reason for hate. Sometimes it’s justified and sometimes it’s not. You just want to have an out to dismiss those who call out your group’s actions for what they are.


You say this as some attempt at jest and insult, but my tactics do speak for themselves.

Anyway, I was ‘wringing that cloth’ here in order to try and keep people informed of things they may not know. But, having just double-checked, I see that the person I was replying to is, in fact, in AM, and thus I was the one that was not informed. Lovely how these forums don’t show corporation and alliance anymore. Oh well, my mistake.

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