I have been nominated to Pontifex Maximus of Great Wildlands

With great pleasure and pride I, Lord Vaari jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist. have accepted the title and mission of Pontifex Maximus of Great Wildlands

Our esteemed alliance leader founded the office and naturally I, Lord Vaari was only suitable canditate to the mission. As a Pontifex Maximus of Great Wildlands I will act as a supreme religious authority of amarrian faith in Great Wildlands. It is my duty to build bridges between cultures and traditions and to promote amarrian faith to all who accept it from their free will.

It is my duty to defend the values of NRDS-policy and the integrity of our faith. I will tirelessly carry out of my duties to safeguard Her Imperial Majesty’s honor, and the honor of our Empire. It is also my great privilegie to build bridges towards understanding between caldari, gallente and minmatar and all of their sub-tribes. God help me on my duty, for it is daunting and heavy.

As a first divine decree as a Pontifex Maximus of Great wildlands, I, Lord Vaari command all GW-residents, red or blue to assume hostile behaviour towards Drifters and Jovians, for those abominations mock the very Creation itself.

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Did you nominate yourself ?


No. As my message says, mission was appointed to me by our alliance leader.

Well now, ain’t that… interestin’.


Some people just don’t know when to stop pushing it, do they?

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Congratulations, Lord Vaari! <3!

Ha. Haha!

Oh thats nice. Alright, as long as we are appointing titles to land that is Matari by sovereignty and right then I’ll get in on this too. I, Galm Eskola-Fae, wish to announce myself as the Warden of Molden Heath and Emperor of all warclone mercenary clans still scattered there.

Our esteemed council of warlords founded the title and naturally I, Galm Fae, was the only suitable candidate to the mission. As a Warden of the Northern Heath I will act as a supreme warclone authority of all mercenary clans in Molden Heath.

Now joking aside, I congratulate your position Lord Vaari and am more than happy to see that the Great Wildlands remain NRDS but imperial honorifics hold no weight when your standing knee deep in Thukker clay.


And here I was thinking you couldn’t have any more funny and nonsensical titles.

And here you go, proving me wrong.


This is not any kind of imperial honorary title. It was felt that it would not suffice in GW

What exactly does “Pontifex Maximus” mean ?

Largest something or other, right ?


So… largest priest then.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Have fun as the new Grand Poobah of the Great Wildlands! Enjoy all the… stuff… there… I guess.


GW’s greatest defense is that it has nothing of value. (I think I read that somewhere else.) Going by the generally-agreed-upon success metric told to us by monthly economic reports, it has grown from the doldrums of ~50b / month in mined value on average, to a rockin’ ~250b / month, since the moon mining changes.

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Atleast he isnt the grand poobah of some drone region…lol

Grats on getting nothing sir titles.

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