Im Leaveing the most honorable Aegis Militia

After serius and most discouraging find, I jarl of Sosan VII, high father of the Imperial Pharmacy, symbol of unchallenged victory, the world’s most beloved hero, self proclaimed prophet, morninglord, golden mountain, carrier of the Heaven’s light, teacher of pure faith, speaker of unquestioned truth, lion of the universe, vanquisher of all heretics, bane of the witches, the great miner and skilled industrialist, Living Saint of Amarr and the Shield of Miners.

Can resault only to severing all ties to Aegis Militia. They have ceased to call in their public information to beign an amarrian loyalist. They have recruited person, who wish ill to Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all.

After outrageous demand to cut ties all Providence occupying forces, who has not even pretence to bow towards amarr I was said it was impossible, I resigned from the governing body of the Aegis Militiria. Today I, and the entide Imperial Pharmacy resigns all duties and indeed shuns some of AM members like Crimsonjade, who in Alliance’s internal communication wanted to see Her Imperal Majesty, belove by all to be spanked.

I am Lord Vaari. I am heretic to some. I am traitor to some.

What I am is most important to me. I have been what I have been for longer than CVA, PIE, AM has bee for official alliance. I have lived in Providence before any of said allainces. I have preached His holy name almost two decades now.

I will not bow down for any political power. I will gladly join those who benefit Holy Amarr and serve Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all. I also leave it all behind and even stuck dagger inthe back the moment they turn their back from our Empire of to our God.

I am Lord Vaari Valius and I am here to stay for the Empire and for Her Imperial Majesty, beloved by all.

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So long, drunk Vaari. I really wish you luck.

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Best of luck to ya.

Check your own alliance description, before calling me drunk.

It’s…blank…because we’re editing it…

I’d ask if you were serious, but given your claim that you will join PIE or LUMEN next, I know this will all blow over once you get your nap.

Or not? Eh, we’ll miss your unique presence in our comms. Fare well either way.

Trespassings against Her Imperial Majesty are recorded in hallowed screenshots. Those however are not revaled by because we have disagreement.

I have neven claimed to join PIE or LUMEN, both beign exemplar alliances of Amarr. I have said to keep my doors open mostly, but even that might be exaggeration.

During my leaving process main focus was my wondering how and when this happened.

The empty cans may yield a clue.

Don’t be a stranger out there. We will always extend docking rights to you and Imperial Pharmacy.

I have great and utmost respect that your Lord Commander is amarrian loyalist through his boold and faith. If he has some greivances, to bring up, let him do it.

I made my problems and hopes clear in hectic moments of my resignation. Lord Commander offered some explanations and while i even symphatise he in others. I simply cannot accept them.

I once again tell that I, Lord Vaari have done this resignation to my word. I warned you by resigning from the goberning body. Even after that i made clear of my deep displeasure.

Even after one of you member have clearly stated Anti-Amarr attitudes, i told you that keep me plentiful bounty of fuel, i will not take it for i do not distrust my rank even gainst those who have turned against the Empire

I would have made most devastating heist, but i did not for I have promised long ago, that if ever, I find my will against this Alliance, I will not use it againt heist of the alliance. Remember this before accusing me of anything. I have provided and i still provide for two weeks for you alliance.

We appreciate the fuel. Good fortunes.

Venerable Lord Vaari!

Please excuse me for my ignorance and arrogance, but have you considered joining the Crusade in order to defeat enemies of the Empire instead of participating in some sort of null security space shenanigans? When the enemies at the doors, we shall take the arms and protect our Empires, instead of hiding from the duty in lawless space.

For ten long years the Empire and the State were struggling against invaders pouring into our space from the Federation and Republic. They were burning, pillaging, murdering, torturing and kidnapping our people. They brought suffering and deaths to our nations, and still doing that as we are speaking. And it will continue, until we stop it. Until we stop them. Until we make them stop. By the virtue of our steel and resolve to protect those who are dear to us and those who rely on us. Trillions of people look up to the skies to pilots who are ought to protect them from tribal and gallentean menace. Will you be among us, will you become one of the savior of your own people who struggle and die in this unfair war?

When the nation is being invaded, when aggressors roams your space - then only honorable way to end the war is to ultimately crush and defeat them. Of course, peace and trade is better than war, but they leave us no choice. Their aggression must be stopped. With our weapons.

Will you join us, Lord Vaari? Will you join your own people? Will you protect them where it does matter?

– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.,
Caldari State

Lord Vaari,

I know we have been at odds at times. The conflict between our people was always hard on my soul to bare. When I was so young in providence I looked upon your faith to God and Empire as inspirational. Never can anyone ever fault you on your devotion to the Empress. While many of us overlook insults or small heresies you have always stood up against those things. Making enemies against many but always standing for principles.

I share your devotion to the Imperial Majesty. You sir are brave for standing against your very allies and alliance on principles. I respect your decision and may god watch over you in your travels Lord Vaari. This universe is very small and I believe our paths will cross again. For those who serve god and Empire all paths eventually leads to Amarr. Good travels sir.

Very Respectfully,
Paladin Warden Kyle Saltz

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When i was member, i made serious a nd multiple notifications of having two Athanor class citadel in same system. Alliance of our size simply does not need that. I was ignored and owner of another athanor forbade me to dock of their athanor.

Pretty much 24h from my resignation my advices were heeded and that another athanor disanchored. Now even the main athanor is useless, because its industry module is not online in order to save fuel.

Gosh. How truly awful.

Ahh you should of linked what I said. I’m a merc, so don’t expect me to just play along. To many wars and to many bodies to even care anymore.

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