Inquire about positive standings towards me from amarrian loyalists

Esteemed amarrian loyalists.

Now that I, Lord Vaari am again leader of independent amarrian loyalist corporation, free of all attachements to the alliance I find myself lost in politics. I have no idea who can I call my friends and who are my enemies, although latter I have better ideas.

If you consider yourself amarrian loyalist, tell me am I your enemy, neutral, friend or ally and how relations can be improved.

To make my own statements clear.

I consider CVA to be ultimate excommunicate traitoris. Because of their tyrant, Xhjfx the Mouth of Hell, said alliance cannot be on my side when I serve Her Imperial Majesty and God Omnipotent until they get rid of Xhjfx the Pillager of Providence.

I consider PIE-alliance as my trusted friends although their strict Jamylite ways dictates that they cannot be direct allies.

Especially from PIE-alliance I would hope some kind of answer and if they see me their enemies I, Lord Vaari would like to know how to win their trust and love once again.

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Self-Esteemed Lord of Titles,

I’d hope the confusion in my response requires no explanation as most would know that discussions of standing aren’t usually public discourse.
I have grown accustomed to reading your public recriminations of loyalists not being loyal enough and defense of terrorists as not actually terrorists; so this is new ground for me.

You will find a mail regarding your standing with PIE incoming.

For public clarity: PIE’s policy regarding capsuleer standing has not changed. We will continue to treat True Amarr with the honour, dignity and loyalty with which they treat their position and The Empire.

On a possibly related note: If anyone would like to find out how their standing might be after throwing childish, repugnant (and possibly bordering heretical) tantrums in public, you’ll find the relevant contact information in our public biography.

Admiral Ascentior, hon. Fabricator-General of the Imperial Navy


Dear Lord Vaari,

While I am loathed to post diplomatic matters publicly on the IGS, given that you have specifically requested a response for information as to what you can do to encourage friendly relations with other Amarr loyalist groups, I will honor your wishes and do so.

The most pressing issue preventing good relations is your abrasive and undiplomatic manner towards other loyalists, complete lack of tact or sense of propriety, vulgar insults, and generally detestable personality. If these were mended, it is possible we might at some point become friends again, after you have made amends to those you have heaped crass insults upon, such as members of PIE and CVA. Amends should include specifically recanting the misogynistic and violent insult levied against Commander Arline Kley of PIE on March 31st on public comms along with a personal and public apology to the Commander (I declined to repeat such insult on these forums).

Any further inquiries, such as standings, should be done privately via mail.

Cordially and in the name of God,

Directrix Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti


How’s our standing? :rofl:

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With your help just moments ago, I, Lord Vaari finally found out what happened on 31 of March. It was aftermath of PIE assault against my citadel.

No, I will not apology of using harsh words against those who attack against mining corporation astrahuses. We are now talking very long trip. There were no other amarrian loyalist activity in GW than AFK-alliance so any and all other activities, especially attack against my citadels were planned and took some time to transfer even fastest of ship. It was not even very spontaneous drunken act.

No apologies comes from here, but in the name of cooperation I will consider all assaults against my citadels forgiven.

I can exclusively reveal that Lord Vaari has the official standing of N/A from our corporation or alliance.

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