Formation of the Atash e Sarum Vanguard

Hail to the Faithful of the Holy Amarr Empire, capsuleers of the Intergalactic Summit, and the New Eden public at large. I come before you today in the name of the House of Newelle to make formal announcement of the formation of the Atash e Sarum Vanguard, the Empyrean military wing of our household, and to declare its loyalty to the Amarr Empire through the noble House of Sarum.

Some eight months ago, after nearly a decade of loyal service to the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order, it was deemed necessary and fitting to relinquish my rank of Paladin Ordinary so that I might better serve the needs of my lady, her liege, and the interests of House Sarum. To that end the Atash e Sarum Vanguard was conceived, taking its name from the concept of holy fire in our great faith. For those unfamiliar, it translates to Cleansing Flame of Sarum, and now shall serve as an independent Empyrean Vanguard to the Lord Sarum’s forces in war and in peace. In the time since the initial formation of the corporation and this proclamation, more than two-thousand ship-to-ship victories have been scored against a myriad of enemies of the Empire. Let all take heed of these deeds, and know our resolve and devotion to Amarr going forward.

Mission Statement and Current Objectives

The Atash e Sarum Vanguard, first and foremost, exists to harness the destructive powers of the Empyrean for the benefit of House Sarum, for the good of the Amarr Empire and the God which we faithful serve. Commissioned under the authority of my Lady Mitara Newelle, Champion to the departed Heir Meirmeth Sarum, blessed be his eternal rest, vassal to the Lord Arrach Sarun, long may he reign, and under my command as Lord Marshal of House Newelle’s armed forces, the Vanguard’s legitimate ties to the House of Sarum are undeniable. With the strength of these bonds behind our oath of service, we seek to benefit the interests of Sarum and allies primarily through honorable combat against other capsuleer foes of the House, Empire and Faith.

To this end, I as its leader shall begin to recruit, train and command a group of highly skilled Empyrean pilots who dedicate their martial prowess to this cause. From this day forward I issue a call to arms for those pilots with the temerity to fight with the ferocity of an Atashi to rally to the banner of the Vanguard, so that we may bathe the corrupt world of the capsuleer in purifying fire.

  • Current Primary Objectives:
    Secure the Eugidi Constellation in the name of House Sarum’s claim
    Support the 24th Imperial Crusade and associated capsuleer entities in their goals
    Suppress the activities and influence of Amarr-hostile capsuleer entities

  • Secondary Objectives:
    Support House Ardshapur’s claim upon the Hed constellation
    Support those who seek out and destroy corruption within the Amarr Empire, including the Order of St. Tetrimon

The Vanguard’s Emblem

Let the mark of we Atashi become known to all, and the meaning of its elements be revealed forthwith:

  • The Atash - Fire has been an important symbol within the Amarr faith since the earliest days of Gheinok the First, who described faith itself as the flames of our Lord held within the hearts of the last and first of the Faithful, the True Amarr. Since then its importance has only grown, and one of the culminations of the concept is Atash, or holy purifying flames. It is this that we wield as a weapon against the enemies of God on the battlefield, and within ourselves as we seek enlightenment amid the sins of war.

“Face the enemy as a solid wall
For faith is your armor
And through it, the enemy will find no breach
Wrap your arms around the enemy
For faith is your fire
And with it, burn away his evil”

- Amarr Askura 10:3

  • Crossed Swords, Pointed Downward - While House Sarum’s sigil is that of two crossed swords pointed upwards, eternally at the ready for battle, the Vanguard’s blades cross downward beneath the burning Atash. Whilst the icon itself exists to identify us as loyal to House Sarum, the inversion symbolizes our approach to war. The Atash is our first weapon, and the blades pointed at ease represents our eye towards the peace the use of such weapons will create. A warrior must not only be mindful of the fight, but who and what will be left standing by the end of it. Thus, where we destroy with fire, we pray that the Swords of Sarum will find chance to one day be put down.

  • Crescent of God’s Law, Encompassing from Side - The top half of the Imperial Seal, the Crescent of God’s Law, stands alone without its bottom counterpart, the Crescent of Man’s Law. This symbolizes the unbound nature of the Empyreans that make up the Vanguard, yet recognizes that we are still answerable to the Divine’s judgment. May our acts be grant us passage to paradise.

  • Field of Black and Red - The emblem rests upon a field of two colours: black and Sarum red. The scarlet is the same as House Sarum’s colours, and represents the same: the blood of courage, strength and boldness. Black is the Vanguard’s addition of void and soot, as the theater of space as our battlefield and the blackened ash left behind by Atash’s passing. Such is where we meet our enemies, and such is what our enemies shall become: black dust and nothingness, commuted unto oblivion.

Rules of Engagment and Intial Diplomatic Standings

As a standard, AESV shall consider all armed warships piloted by capsuleers of unidentified standing as valid targets unless operating within high-security space or under special circumstances. Pilots enrolled within the 24th Imperial Crusade and State Protectorate shall be considered friendly by default, regardless if the Vanguard is currently engaged in militia warfare.

+10 - Will not engage until standing revoked

  • Local is Primary - As the current leading 24th Imperial Crusade capsuleer alliance, I have chosen to enroll the Atash e Sarum Vanguard within the ranks of Local is Primary to support their efforts to take and hold the Eugidi constellation. While some elements in the alliance remain undesireable (and consequently -10 despite sharing the alliance), we have deemed CTRL-V as vital to the Vanguard’s current goals, and therefore indispensable as partners in the ongoing war against the occupying regime of the Rebel Provinces.

  • The Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order (PIE Inc.) - Both my lady and I are alumni of this prestigious Empyrean institution, and as such still hold it in the highest of regards despite tensions with its current alliance.

  • Empyrean Edict - Similarly to Local is Primary, this smaller but tenatious alliance currently serves within the 24th Imperial Crusade and firmly holds a system of interest to House Sarum. The Vanguard welcomes them as brothers in arms.

  • Imperial Frontiers - A newer Amarr loyalist alliance, based in the Khanid region and led by a fellow PIE alumni. They have proven their worth with their most recent deployment to the warzone on the Empire’s behalf, and may be considered friends to the Vanguard.

  • Curatores Veritatis Alliance - The proclaimed Wardens of Providence are recognized by the Vanguard, and despite their fall from their rightful place as protectors of the region, shall still be considered an ally of the Empire and therefore the Atashi.

+5 - Will only engage if actively assiting known hostiles

  • Khimi Harar - An established and recognized Amarr loyalist alliance, but unfortunate stances taken against House Sarum’s interests and lax policy with relations towards enemies of the Empire prevent the Vanguard from embracing them as friends. This stance is open to further negotiation.

-5 - Engage on sight, open to negotiation

(Nullsec, lowsec pirate and Triglavian entities fall under this category; specific mention uneeded here)

-10 - Engage on sight, not open to negotiation

  • Ushra’khan
  • Electus Matai
  • DammFam
  • Phoenix Naval Systems
  • Nadire Security Consultants
  • Hoi Andrapodisstai
  • Arrendis
  • edeity
  • zxenzita

Closing Statement

In these stars filled with constant conflict, there are times to resist the tide of endless war that seems to wash over our homes and peoples. I once thought that time was always, and no effort towards immediate peace was wasted. Alas, after so long of resisting that tide, God showed over and over again that this is not to be an age of peace, and that my place was not to bring beauty to it through words, but to instead quell the forces that threaten to mar the face of His holy creation. Thus I now find myself in the service of House Sarum, driven by my love for hearth and home. I embrace this duty wholeheartedly.

If war is to be the art of the times, then we of the Atash e Sarum Vanguard shall become masters of it. If conflict continues to define New Eden, it shall be our canvass. If our enemies shall not seek peace, then they shall be our subjects, until God deems it time to lay down our arms.

“Casting his sight on his realm, the Lord witnessed
The cascade of evil, the torrents of war.
Burning with wrath, He stepped
down from the Heavens
To judge the unworthy,
To redeem the pure.”

- Book II, Revelations 2:12

Virtue, Valor, Victory.



Took your sweet time announcing it, huh? Formed 8 months ago…

I know, I know, pointing out your many failures and inadequacies is why I’m -10.

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This is Amazing news Lord Aldrith.


I am most pleased to read this well thought out and detailed announcement. It appears that since creating your corporation that you not only have been busy fighting the Minmatar, but also carefully planning for the future of your corporation and service to House Sarum, Amarr Empire and God.

Your participation in the war against the Minmatar and the security of the Eugidi constellation has been invaluable to the war effort. Imperial Frontiers is most grateful for the support that you and your alliance has provided since we have arrived.

It is an honor to be considered friends of the Vangard.

Zeri Shakiel
Imperial Frontiers


Formal announcements take time you know. Have to give the scribes enough time to do all the fancy letters and draw the armoured snails and sea monsters in the margins of the official document and all that.

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Then it’s a good thing they used all that time to catch things like

or stating that his pilots will have ‘temerity’, what with that meaning an excess of confidence, ie: being overconfident. And maybe use the correct ‘canvas’, rather than claiming they’d be making war and conflict their… door-to-door solicitation?

But you know, even then, I am grateful to Aldrith for highlighting his embrace of corruption and bribery. ‘May our acts be[??] grant us passage to paradise.’ More insistence on virtue-for-reward quid pro quo. It’s nice to see he doesn’t believe in what he’s espousing… just doing it for the payday.

May your endeavor be blessed by God the Maker Lord Shutaq, and may the winds be ever at your back. A finer slicer pilot was never known by this cluster. Moitte.

Every able Amarr capsuleer, take heed!


I mean…not like I’m sitting here in support of anything…

But is that all you can do? Play grammar police? It’s a bit pedantic, even for you.


I have to wonder Aldrith, how do you reconcile Holy Amarrian Battlemonk being “shoot on sight” and also part of Local is Primary, your very own alliance and “+10”?

This position seems rather challenging to maintain.

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Easy peasy darling, they can treat one another’s drifting corpses with the utmost respect.

The same as one may recognize a cancer but wish to save the body it inhabits.

This seems rather difficult to do. LUMEN finds it much simpler to have a single standing for an alliance, it avoids a lot of awkward edge cases. So while your corporation remains suborned to Local is Primary, it will have the same standing as Local is Primary.

That is neutral with a caution that Local is Primary pilots have a tendency to attack us on sight and conduct piracy in general.

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Excellent, and considering how you treat entities with even negative standings, this should have absolutely no baring on LUMEN’s capacity to cooperate with us when convenient.


Not precisely untrue, but charitable in its implications; the reality is better expressed by, especially.

Pft. You’ll notice that wasn’t my intial response, nor even really aimed at Aldrith. Rather, it was poking at Valerie’s ‘it takes time to get these things right’ non-defense of his long, long delay. When the defense is ‘but they needed to get the presentation right’, the response really should be about presentation errors, and not attempts to change the subject to other issues.

Ultimately, I’m giving both Aldrith and the Ashysaur van Gaard the attention and effort they deserve.

The formation of a new entity loyal to Holy Amarr is a joyous occasion regardless of political circumstance or wider context. From the moment the Vanguard first emerged I have hoped for its prosperity and success. To that end I even contributed several billion of my own ISK, alongside that of Khimi Harar Executrix Lunarisse Phonaga, to assist the Vanguard during its earliest weeks via the procurement and gifting of a fleet of battle-ready ships. Though that gift was refused by the Lord Consort Newelle under the reasoning that he preferred to discuss what he perceived to be “lingering matters between the House of Newelle and Khimi Harar” with “no misunderstandings about the weight or the finality” of the proceedings, I have continued to believe that the success of any capsuleer organization serving the 24th Imperial Crusade faithfully is a success every Amarrian can support. Though the Vanguard’s stance towards my organization has become regrettably less amicable as time has progressed, that belief has not wavered, and I am pleased to see it announced publicly after all these months.

In order to facilitate orderly and well-informed future diplomacy with the Vanguard where applicable, I would like to seek clarification from the Lord Consort regarding its position on cooperation with entities it has identified as non-negotiably hostile and ‘engage on sight’, particularly in light of my previously expressed concerns of apparent double standards on the matter, as well as the lack of a direct response to the points raised at that time.

To that end, can the Lord Consort provide some further clarification to explain the apparent contradiction that is its stance that Khimi Harar shall be fired upon if it engages in mutual cooperation with entities considered hostile to the Vanguard, while the Vanguard itself will share formal alliances and regularly fleet alongside other entities that it also considers hostile to the Vanguard? Is there some further classification of levels of hostility separating those entities considered -10 that has not been made public here? One that would shed further light on which ‘engage on sight’ entities are fundamentally unforgivable to work alongside and which are acceptable to share formal alliances with? Or that would help to clarify why the idea that ‘one may recognize a cancer but wish to save the body it inhabits’ is considered a valid position to take for the Vanguard today, but was considered invalid when Khimi Harar sought to preserve the loose alliance of EDENCOM-aligned entities during the events of last year?


So if Vektor’s claims of wiping out all eukaryotic life on Bos had been successful, that’s something ‘every Amarrian’ should have supported, despite a fair chunk of that life being industrial facilities from multinational corporations like Quafe? Or when AM, enlisted in the 24IC, attacked Providence in support of other nullsec groups to drive CVA out of the region, that should be supported by ‘every Amarrian’?

I submit that critical thinking, not blind cheerleading, would better serve.

Other than that, I fully support your final grafs and request for clarification.

Hey !

I just want someone to do a press release in illuminated script, with the margins full of angels, demons, armoured snails, and all the rest of those kind of greeblies.


First, allow me to thank you, Amicia Cora, for your ongoing sentiments of support; they are much appreciated and I personally continue to wish your own organization the best in its future, despite the current climate in relations.

Now, for the clarification you requested. Before you level any insinuations of a double standard in the application of the Vanguard’s standings, first take note that militia status will always supersede red standings as a default, as the current regulations governing capsuleer aggression make it nigh impossible to fire on those enlisted in the Crusade without incurring severe penalties to Empire standings. This unfortunate fact makes it wildly impractical to wage war upon would-be enemies of Amarr as long as they are shielded by this system.

This brings us to the specific nuances of the case of the purposefully deceptively named corporation called ‘Holy Amarrian Battlemonk’. I am sure you are at least a bit familiar with its heretic leader, a capsuleer callsigned ‘edeity’. Well, you see, edeity is a Sani Sabik. And this Sani Sabik has been enrolled in the 24th Imperial Crusade in various capacities for a very long time, shielding himself and his associates by ‘service’ to the militia, and by embedding himself into the largest and most powerful organizations that arise in it. In this way he has historically both avoided the wrath of true loyalists, and has been able to subtly corrupt other capsuleers who are ignorant of the nefarious nature of his vile, heretical worldview. This would also immediately make those organizations toxic to those of True Faith, and drive an inexorable wedge between the majority of militia pilots and the most conscientious Amarr loyalists. And so, he of course has embedded himself in the current iteration of Local is Primary, as he has done so many times before. Normally, this would go either completely unnoticed or vaguely recognized but without concern by the vast majority of other pilots in the Crusade, as they are mostly ignorant to the implications or simply care only for the martial contributions made on the battlefield by him and his corporation. Until now, that is, with the inclusion of true loyalists into the alliance, and with edeity’s disappearance from the capsuleer scene.

Most of the other ‘battlemonks’ care nothing for the Sani Sabik heresy, knowing close to nothing about it, and so they may yet be saved from the tarnished name and tainted essence the corporation stands for. With ediety’s several-year absence from active duty, the few pilots still within his corporation are rudderless and are hanging on to the shell of his corporation merely for practical reasons involving property hangars and structures. This has left the door open to making the entire entity defunct if better prospects are offered to them elsewhere, though unfortunately thus far it has been a challenge to coax them away. Nevertheless, I retain hope and am continually making efforts to get them to abandon that rotting carcass of a heresy haven. Thus I remain in Local is Primary, refraining from going on a holy rampage against my fellow militiamen out of interest in maintaining them as a functional fighting force, despite my desire to hold them as hostile to the Empire until then.

So, I pray it is now evident why it is a false equivalency to compare the leaderless husk of Holy Amarrian Battlemonk, which is a shell corporation used to shield a single Sanist from persecution by actual Amarrians, with Electus Matari, which is a very large and self-possessed Minmatar loyalist entity which makes anti-Amarr activity one of its primary modes of operation. They are not in the same category in terms of threat level, capability and current operations, despite their classification under the Vanguard’s standings system being the same. I would very much like to shoot them both, at all times, but mitigating factors prevent those standings from applying fully to one, but not the other.

To carry on the metaphore in one of my previous posts, to summarize: Holy Amarrian Battlemonk is a small tumor. Electus Matari is a body made of a contagious cancer.

If you require further elaboration on this stance, I suggest we carry on the discussion in private.