A Request and a Warning

This broadcast contains two facets. The first, a humble request of Imperial authorities, the second, a broadcast to all capsuleer organizations.

Attention - Order of St. Tetrimon and Ministry of Internal Order: A Humble Request

My Lords, I lift my tattered parchment to you with humbled but calloused hands - a request for your assistance in defense of the Throne. These are perilous and tumultuous times. With the emergence of the Triglavians, the inception of Edencom, and the nagging, ear piercing squeal of minmatar loyalists on the international stage, corrupting influences seeking to bend servants of the empire away from the light of the Throne abound. Yet still, the interminable service and unwavering dedication of the Amarr Militia, a steadfast bulwark against the rising hostile tide, is a testament to the quality of those under my command. However, there are those who have not endured these perilous influences unscathed. In these trying times, enemies of the throne clamber not only outside of the gates of our Empire, but also fester within its walls. The recent news of disunity between the Order of St. Tetrimon and the Ministry of Internal Order on the matter presiding over allegations of heresy strongly suggests that the Amarr militia are not alone in our awareness of this particular treachery. Just so, the purpose of this request is that action to combat this nascent threat be expedited, before the rot of heresy exceeds our capacity for containment.

I will speak plainly. Khimi Harar [LUMEN] are heretics and traitors to the throne. The evidence of this is chiseled into the stars with the corpses of the Empire’s loyal subjects. This is a truth so plain, so incontrovertible, that even one who stared into the depths of the Turnur’s radiant Star at the instant of stellar excursion would still see this plainly. LUMEN is swaddled in the false-legitimacy afforded to PIE, a member corporation honored by ancient imperial decree: a garment boasting imperial approval to credit venerable deeds done in service to the throne, hewn now into a tightly clutched robe that attempts to mitigate the diffusion of foul odors that seep from the rotting corpse of whatever LUMEN was in days passed. LUMEN’s treachery was, at first, relatively subtle. Duped into participating in defensive actions in support of matari structures in Pochven under the auspices of supporting EDENCOM efforts was perhaps a relatively benign infraction. However, LUMEN’s relatively recent incursions into Eugidi in support of their Matari masters is not. With dim eyes and labored breathing, straining against the weight of their matari collar, willingly donned, LUMEN descended upon the Amarr Militia’s base of operations in Aset. LUMEN mounted an incursion into a bastion of House Sarum, the beating heart that supplies sustenance and support to our campaign, and attempted to destroy the Militia’s infrastructure, only to return some time later to be utterly dismantled by the might of the militia under my command. Despite their failure, the rubicon has been forded, the die cast. For LUMEN, there is no possibility of salvation from the consequences of these actions. The recent success of the Empire’s stellar research initiatives in Turnur clarify the importance of the Militia’s continued control of the constellation. Thus, it is this commanders perception that Imperial authorities can silently tolerate continued interference from this heretical organization no longer.

I recommend that LUMEN member PIE be stripped of its status of “Paladin Commander of the Sacred Throne Order.”, as to not give true loyalists of the throne the misapprehension that they act in service to it. I further recommend that LUMEN as a whole be formally disavowed by the Throne and their heresy be proclaimed by imperial authority, as to facilitate collaboration between Amarr militia and other loyalist organizations in arranging their extermination.

Attention – All others: A Warning

As stated above, LUMEN are know to the Amarr militia not only as our enemies, but as a nascent threat to the interests of the Throne. Thus, they have long been set red, and prohibited from docking in our structures. In discussions with other so-called allies of the Throne, I have heard many mumblings about a perceived inability to assist against this threat due to a web of friendly relations that exist between LUMEN and various entities. To that end, I will attempt to simply matters.

Effectively immediately, any perceived collaboration with LUMEN will be regarded as a declaration support of heresy and open rebellion against the Empire, and will result in being set red to CTRLV, loss of docking rights in CTRLV supported structures, and will be the subject of extensive retribution both within and outside of the borders of the Amarr warzone. These terms are ubiquitous in their application across capsuleer organizations, regardless of affiliation with any militia. With exception to direct orders from my superiors, there is no shield sufficiently broad as to mitigate against the consequences of failing to heed this decree.

There will be those that scoff at this warning. Despite their constant removal from the gene pool, there will always those who grin while putting their head in the Lion’s mouth. If you doubt that consequences lurk behind these words, please, do test them.

Mikal Vektor

Supreme Commander of Allied Amarr Militia Forces


Scoff scoff scoff.

Skipped straight to malding and spittle.

Wow, so it’s taken all of 2 days to go from angry declarations of your POWAAAAARZ to abject whining and making thinly-veiled demands on the throne?

Weak, Yappymutt. Real weak.

Granted… petitions to the throne are a common practice amongst those loyal to it… even if that loyalty is perhaps… questionable?

Heresy. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

And whilst offering due obeisance to your command of the militia, nor do I believe you are qualified to make the claim. Heresy is decided by the Theology Council, and I have not seen evidence of your membership of that august body.

Political and strategic differences of opinion are not, of themselves, heretical. This seems to be a disagreement of a temporal nature, not a spiritual one.

It seems to this poor soldier that publicly encouraging division amongst the servants of Holy Amarr is counterproductive at this perilous time. A private petition to the relevant Authority would be the wiser action. I admit to some bemusement at the actions of LUMEN, but as neither Lord Sarum nor the Empress has made a statement on the matter, I may assume, as some here have argued, that they are doing the Imperial Will.


There may be hope for your soul brother Vektor. The heresy that has festered under the Udorian half-breed has begun to seep from the wound left from the inaction of entities such as your own.

Burn those who bend to the heretical throne. Then, once gods work has been done through your righteous hand, turn the brand onto yourself. For you are not without sin.

Gods light is upon you. Do not squander it.

I crave an end to this ridiculous feud, but likely the most prudent move would be for Amarr to continue to ignore it.

The egoism displayed by both sides is obscene. No one is without sin, and to admonish either over the other would only harm Imperial interests. If there is to be intervention, a fair assessment and exposure of both would be best. I accede to whatever just decision the true representatives of the Empire make.


I’m sure LUMEN find it comforting that if tomorrow, they were to renounce the Throne and proclaim Elsebeth Rhiannon their queen, you could be relied upon to eek out some weak-willed “neutral” narrative about how it is possible for both Elsebeth and Catiz to have legitimate claim, and that it is not for us to criticize them.

It is this flavor of flaccid wills, enabling unending concession and appeasement that has left our Empire in its current state. Conclude your unending blithering and grow a spine, you tiresome coward.

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I wonder if he charges rent for having Elsebeth occupy that much headspace?


Wow, Yappers. Did you just assert that the Throne reviewing both groups’ behavior would somehow be ‘neutral’ with regard to… the interests of the Thone?

For your sake, I hope the only noble who takes notice of that one is Aldrith.

The reality is, that while LUMEN lacks leadership and ability to perform on a battlefield, with an abysmally inept diplomatic corp negotiating for their dignity more than the Empire’s benefit, they do know the Amarr political and religious systems better than you do. That system values, at the very least, performative adherence to the faith and proclaimed loyalty to the Throne. They still achieve that very basic bar to eek by, and you will not find them declared heretical for anything.

In the past you have said, Lord, that you remained with Vektor’s band from lack of options.

But how can that be true now that there is another large Crusade alliance of proven effectiveness that does not bear dishonor? How much further will you let this Gallente pirate drag you and your house’s name through the muck?

Or are you as spineless as he claims, Lord?


If you can find time in between stanzas in your oh so elegant poetry that I’m sure was very effective in doing… whatever it was it was intended to do, might you clarify as to the nature of this dishonor which I bear? I’m very interested.

Because they still lack the numbers, resources and coordination to push against the tide we are facing now. Local is Primary is still, by far, the most effective fighting force under the Amarr banner now.

But isn’t that an argument in favor of an experienced FC with proven resources moving over there? I mean ‘I’m not joining you because don’t have enough people’ is literally ‘the problem I could help solve is the one that makes me say no’. You can’t say ‘I refuse to join because you need more people to join’. That’s just… dumb, man.

It would be if the current situation were not so dire, with unstable stars obliterating planets that are House Sarum’s sovereign territory.

Well, who was it destabilizing the stars in the first place?

And who is it that’s been vamping up and decrying any attempts at limiting the damage?

‘Look, it would be the right move if the guys I’m with now weren’t so busy making things worse for everyone’ isn’t exactly convincing. If you don’t want things getting worse, maybe, y’know, don’t be with the guys making things worse for everyone?

I am sad to see what you have become, Vektor. Sadder still, because I admired you once.

I flew with you in Raven’s band at Fliet, in the fiercest fighting I ever knew. When the men saw you on scan, our eyes welled up. Behind our binary broadcast of “Amarr Victor” was a throaty yell. I remember you at Klogori, at Atlantis, and Solitude. I still cannot give you enough in return, but what I had I gave.

Slowly we have come to learn that you are like the Storm Bear, and Aset is your polar peak. Powerful, bloodlust insatiable - and an eater of its young.


That’s nice. As you seem to have misunderstood my query, allow me to rephrase:

Might you clarify as to the nature of this dishonor which I bear?