[PIE] Recent Attacks

Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris condemns the recent spate of violent attacks against the Rens Kaihu civilian habitat, Zirsem V and Oris estates.

The Zirsem attack against a Royal Uhlan facility has been claimed by Samira Kernher, acting with nefarious others in a foolish attempt to gain vengeance against those she held responsible. No evidence to back this claim has been presented.
In light of this terrorist act, PIE hereby strips Pilot Kernher of all honours earned during her service with the Praetorian Auxiliary and revokes her honourable discharge. It is my fervent hope that she turns herself in along with any evidence she does have, to the Ministry of Internal Order to answer for her crimes.

Regarding the attacks on civilian targets on Rens and Oris, PIE does not believe Pilot Kernher was responsible for either attack, the latter of which directly threatened the family of a PIE Admiral. We call for a full and thorough investigation of these attacks so the perpetrators - and their sponsors - may be brought to justice, and offer our full support to that end.

For the Empire,

Lord Admiral Shaikar Kazari,
Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order
Executor, Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis
Holder of Dresi III


Thank you. I’m sure the families of the twenty-three who died feel much better now.

I will look forward to more concrete results in the future. With skepticism.


As usual, the doddering fools of PIE, who’s main activity these days mostly consist of sitting back and doing exactly fuckall about anything, get incredibly huffy when their failures are put into sharp relief. Someone finally goes ahead and does something about the clown, and they discharge them from the corporation in their pathetic shameful failure to do anything themselves. Now someone strikes at both Matari and PIE kin, someone does the right thing and imposes consequences, and PIE once more shudders under the dust and wobble their jowls furiously to impotently condemn those who actually fuckin’ do anything.

Go back to your slumber. Cower in your stations and your plexes. It’s all you’re good for anymore.


A good beginning for the loyal and noble paladins of the Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis. I trust that after the investigation they call for, which the Khanid Kingdom fully supports, they will see the wisdom of purging their auxiliaries thoroughly and joining wholeheartedly the movement to purify and revivify Holy Amarr.

For Holy Amarr, Empire and Kingdom,

I have the honor and privilege to be,


Sa-Baron Chakaid of Ves-Sefris, Zirsem V,
Colonel General of the 19th Royal Uhlans,
Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III


I am not sure what hurts the most:

  • Having a Tyran attack your family.
  • Having your ‘allies’ backstab you when you fight back to protect your family.

I support Lord Admiral Shaikar Kazari and the rest of the Admiralty in our corporate statement. Your praise, however, Sa-Baron Chakaid, turns my stomach.


There will be a reckoning, and we shall be vindicated.

You had such potential for good, Samira. You could have proven so much. You could have led so many to the Light and freed them from bondage.

Now you are just a walking corpse.

Perhaps, one day, when that reckoning comes, you shall be redeemed.

Until then, goodbye.


“Zakara saw the danger to his brother, and did not hesitate; without weapon or armor, he hurled himself at the beast, attacking with his bare hands. Enraged, the beast turned and struck Zakara, opening a terrible wound in his side. Seizing the moment, Garum ran his sword through the beast’s heart, thus ending the battle victorious. But Zakara, mortally wounded, cried out in pain. You sacrificed yourself for me,’ Garum said, taking his hand.

“We are brothers,’ Zakara answered, just before breathing his last. 'And in God we shall remain brothers for all of time.” The Scriptures, Saint Junip 10:25

I remain her brother if she remains my sister


If you need a new place to roost Kernher come speak with me or anyone in Electus Matari.

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You, PIE, and the Amarr continue to attack and kill the people you claim to want to lead to the Light, in blatant hypocrisy, and she remains loyal to your god, and the Amarr Empire

You, personally, and the Amarr in general, call her a liar in every way but using the actual words, in attempts to deny that the continued slave raiding by the Imperial Navy is systemic, and unofficially supported and sanctioned by the existing power structure, and still she remains loyal to your god, and the Amarr Empire.

And when agents of a faction of the Amarr Empire—because as Khanid is once more in union with the Imperial Throne, their hierarchy and officers are agents of that Throne, though their own—attack her family, baseliners who have done nothing to harm anyone, and do so in a manner so indiscriminate as to harm more bystanders than targets, you are silent. The only comment PIE’s officers have to offer whatsoever in the immediate aftermath is about a different attack:

You offer Samira, who flew for you for years, with “honours earned during her service with the Praetorian Auxiliary”, nothing. Nothing, Aldrith, from you or PIE.

And still she remains loyal to your god, and Amarr’s empire.

But the moment she fights back, the moment she meets blood with blood… what happens? You, Aldrith, have personally threatened not just ‘blood for blood’, but the wholesale eradication of the Minmatar Republic should the conflict between nations destabilize to the point where you feel your children, your family threatened. Not even actually directly attacked, mind you, just theoretically endangered. How do you respond to her doing far less than you have promised, in response to far more actual, and direct an attack on her family?

You tell her she’s dead to you.

And you Amarr call us ‘faithless’? I expected backlash from some. I even expected official censure from PIE. But… and I’m not speaking for her, on her behalf, or anything like that… Personally, I expected better from you, Aldrith.


As per the norm, you do not understand. I needn’t explain; you will not listen, but for the benefit of others, I shall indulge.

Samira’s strengths do not outweigh her weaknesses anymore. Those she has now chosen to rely upon over us are our enemies. You may argue she yet has faith, but her actions speak otherwise.

She walked a razor’s edge trying to balance the Empire and faith with enemies driven mad by its mistakes. Now she has slipped and fallen on the wrong side. It is no wonder that she be cut on her way down.

There were a thousand different ways to deal with what had happened; the Kingdom has many enemies within the Empire, but instead she chose to allow her “friend” to gratify temporary anger through illegitimate means. She consented to trying to solve an Amarr problem through Minmatar methods. This, flatly, will never work, and we are forced to oppose her. Due to our obligations, we cannot be seen to condone her actions in any form, be it deed, word or implicit approval. She has chosen her path and we cannot follow her down it. Not yet, at least.

Even we have a line where we shall take a stand and oppose the grain of a corrupt order. We have decided that line is not here, but far, far down a dark road we pray we never see the Empire head down. If we do reach it, our reckoning shall be merciless, but until then we stand to uphold order and proper justice within the Empire. We pursue it yet now. Your lack of faith in our processes is noted, but there is much more at stake her than satisfaction and the safety of a few family members and bystanders.

A reckoning shall come, and Samira may yet be redeemed. Time will tell.


You are the worst Dad.


That is a far, far cry from

and reeks of backpedaling.

No, Aldrith, you don’t get to cast an attack on a Minmatar station in a Republic system, targeting Matari civilians, as ‘an Amarr problem’. And you don’t get to act like words that amount to ‘you’re dead to me’ are some kind of pro forma disapproval of her tactics due to differing obligations and responsibilities. At least, you don’t get to do it without being called out on your hypocritical fedo feces.

It’s lovely that PIE is willing to shut up and soldier in the face of blatant corruption. It’s absolutely peachy that the organization has to disavow her over something someone else did in her name. Like I said, I expected that. That’s obvious. That’s the kind of administrative bureaucratic crap any organization has to put out at a time like this.

Blah blah blah cannot countenance violence in response to violence blah blah contravention of social order blah blah blah wheels of justice turn slowly but inexorably blah blah…

That’s all great for the boilerplate PR statement of PIE. Like I said, that was expected. It’s obvious. It’s obligatory, even. People would be asking questions and pointing fingers if PIE didn’t say that.

That doesn’t mean the people she’s flown with, who know her, and have known personally the depth of her commitment to your god and his mandate, have to pile on like the eager little lapdogs of tyrants and murderers. All you needed to say[1], Lord Consort Newelle, was that Samira’s choice to allow violence to be used in her name represented an understandable, but ultimately misguided lapse in judgment, that you cannot support an escalating spiral of bloodshed that endangers more civilians, and that you hope Samira will recover from the rage and pain that have caused her to stumble into sin and savagery, and will pray for someone you have always known to be a loyal, honorable servant of god, and a trusted ally.

That would have been the kind of ‘hey, Sami, I probably would’ve lost my shite the same way if it was my people, but you done fecked up’ statement that expressed all of the more measured, rational objections your response to me tries to cover, without putting a knife in the back of someone you know to be a good person.

It’s a rare frickin’ day when Mitty’s more measured and politic than you are, Aldrith. It’s a shame, too. You had such potential for good[2].

  1. On reflection, I take that back. You didn’t even need to say that. You could’ve just stayed shut up and let your wife’s statement stand for you both.
  2. And again, I’m not claiming to speak for Samira at all. She’s a big girl, she’s more than capable of rhetorically tearing heads off of people if she feels the need to. I’m expressing my own disappointment and disdain for the faithless, casual disregard you display toward others… and, now, the craven backpedaling you’re doing to CYA when you get called on it. Don’t feel like you need to reply, Aldrith. I’ve said all I will on this.

Well, the Amarr situation is all that matters to them, isn’t it? I would indeed be shocked if even a single thought was given to any Minmatar life, including Samira’s for that matter, for it seems that the political optics of this situation is the only thing that matters to these people.

Let this be a very public record of exactly what is disgusting about the Amarr, their Holders, and their faith. It is their utter disregard for the sanctity of life, despite preaching a faith that claims love. And it is good to know that whenever someone in this galaxy might start to consider converting to this religion, swayed by the honeyed tongue of some of their preachers, they can always log in to a forum like this one and see the true philosophy laid bare for all to see.

…With friends like Shutaq, who needs enemies?

And on that note, I must say I am shocked, and I hope anyone reading this understands what exactly that means. The Amarr community has managed to be so heartless and prejudiced that it surprised me. And you all know how I felt about them.

I know that there is no love reserved for the faithless, let alone those who had faith and abandoned it like myself, but I had thought that, once you are on the inside, if you convert and serve God faithfully, that there would be love, respect and compassion waiting for you.

This situation certainly looks like none of that is the case. It looks like a faithful servant of the Emperor had herself threatened, her family attacked, the neighbors of that family killed, and, despite years of dedicated service, her so-called allies dropped her instantly, with nary a thought given to the suffering of her, or her family. It looks like they don’t even care. She became politically inconvenient, and so like a slave that has outlived her usefulness, she is cast aside.

I am disgusted, but more then that, I am shocked. I thought that those who did convert would be treated better. That there would be some compassion and support for their situation.
Punished, sure. Stripped of honors, perhaps. But some of PIE have barely stopped one step short of declaring her a national enemy over this, and the official response is a total rejection with not a single shred of respect or compassion given, neither to Kernher’s situation, nor the years of service she has provided.

And not only is there no compassion for her…

PIE wants to prosecute her. Not Chakaid, but Kernher.

And this is how you treat fellow capsuleers who have served the Empire for years.

Holy hell.


At this point Kernher is an admitted terrorist. Yes, she should go before the MIO.

At this point on what grounds exactly do we prosecute Sa-Baron Chakaid, Plenipotentiary Representative of His Majesty Farokh Khanid III, on? The gut feeling of a freed slave? You people are seriously insane or delusional, or both.

If the Sa-Baron is somehow implicated with real evidence, then by all means, throw the man into the maw of Amarr justice. I have a collar made just waiting for him.


If the sa-Baron is implicated with real evidence in an attack against Matari citizens within the Republic, on a Brutor Tribe station, what makes you think Amarr has jurisdiction?


Howso? By your response, it seems to me that we have understood the situation perfectly.

I just think your treatment of such a loyalist is beyond disgracefull. Not only do you not support her in her hour of need, you then want to prosecute her with nary a word or deed concerning the brazen assault that caused her response in the first place.

While it MAY be legally sound (and even then you seem very keen to deal with one crime but not the other), it is the level of hostility, bile, and lack of even a pretense of empathy that truly elevates this show to a new level of terrible.

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While that’s a valid criticism of most, when you’re dealing with Mitara, you have to understand that it’s not hostility or bile that you’re seeing. It’s that Mitara’s a stone cold killer bitch[1] and doesn’t make any bones about it. Ever. She is who she is, and doesn’t apologize for being her. It’s really quite nice to have someone be honest like that.

It’s not that she doesn’t care, it’s that… well… Mitty’s hard. What she feels won’t ever get in the way of what she thinks she has to be. If there’s a lack of pretense of empathy… it’s because there’s a lack of pretense. WYSIWYG, there.

  1. In fact, I’m pretty sure she knows I don’t say that as an insult, too.

Fly High Pilots!

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Lords, Ladies, and Concerned Parties,

Firstly, I make no presumption to guess at the internal workings of the vaunted Praetoria Excubitoris Imperialis. I imagine this decision was neither easy nor made in haste, but again, I can only offer speculation. Regardless, the escalating tensions are palpable and I pray that no further acts of violence against innocents are considered necessary by any concerned party, terrorist or otherwise.

As Lord Adjutant of the Cerra Holding, it is my responsibility to take the necessary precautions to prepare the Holding on the anniversary of the Crimson Harvest. Cerra Cathedral, as many of you may know, was the final resting place of Doctor Arkon Sarain, who famously convened the Pakhsi Peace Conference. Lady Shalee Lianne Cerra considered it an honor that she was able to provide such a place for one who was committed to peace.

Although his tomb was regrettably destroyed by Blood Raiders when the cathedral was sacked while over fifty clergy members were executed, the Cerra Family has maintained a memorial not only to his efforts but also to the martyrs made throughout the Bleak Lands those three years ago. The memorial includes some of the belongings of those who sought refuge within the cathedral before and after the event and while I was making my final rounds, I came across a child’s storybook. The cover has long since been lost and if any should recognize the following story, I would be most grateful for the title of the complete volume.

I believe its message, though simple, should resonate given the current situation.

By His light and His will,

Lord Reginald Sakakibara,
Lord Adjutant, Cerra Holding, Huola VII

In those days, there were many who possessed a martial spirit and sought to use their talents in the service of the Lord. A number of these became Crusaders who vanquished many enemies and Reclaimed many lands for the Lord and even took in a child, who had once belonged to a tribe of the vanquished, whom they raised in the Faith. With them, the Lord was pleased, and through His Emperors and Empresses, bestowed upon them many titles and honors.

As time passed, the Lord grew so pleased as to say, “Surely their Faith cannot waver. I shall test them.”

And thus, the Lord empowered many who also possessed a martial spirit, but among these He lay a bloodthirsty nature—a propensity to spill the blood of innocents. However, these too, Reclaimed many lands in the service of the Lord. Together with the Crusaders, they fought many enemies from without.

The Lord then said, “I shall provide for these a great victory and they shall see how the others act. They shall see them slaughter innocents and they shall rebuke and purify them with the sword in My Name.”

When the time of the great victory arrived, many of these brought forth their slaves and sacrificed them upon the field of battle; blood poured out in torrents so as to be like an ocean, the field and streams ran red.

The child, upon seeing this, exclaimed, “How can this be the will of the Lord, that so many be slaughtered without sense nor mercy?”

The Lord waited for the Crusaders to take up their holy swords and condemn the wanton bloodshed but instead, they stayed their hands, saying, “What are the lives of a few slaves to the strength of these mighty warriors? Come, let us make merry, feast, and celebrate our victory.”

The Lord was displeased, but for the sake of the child, withheld his wrath.

The Lord then said, “I shall test these Crusaders a second time.”

And thus, the Lord raised a mighty host to join the Crusaders and those who possessed a martial spirit. However, among this mighty host were heretics, blasphemers, and apostates. These latter ones committed many atrocities beneath the banner of the Lord’s Emperors and Empresses.

The Lord said, “Surely, they will not suffer those who sully My Name, the names of My Emperors and Empresses, and the Holy Scriptures to live!”

But as the mighty host swelled and overcame many of the enemies from without, the Crusaders did not take up arms against the enemy from within. The heretics, blasphemers, and apostates grew ever more numerous and their skill in battle was formidable. In time, they came to outnumber the Crusaders.

The child, upon seeing this, exclaimed, “Do we not defile our cause by consorting with these heretics, blasphemers, and apostates?”

The Crusaders said, “Better to glorify the Lord with victory by allying ourselves with such as these than to keep the Faith and be defeated!”

The Lord was displeased, but for the sake of the child, withheld his wrath.

The Lord then said, “Twice these ones have chosen bloodlust over Faith, convenience over duty. I shall test them once more, by allowing the Deceiver himself to find root in my creation. I shall also make him strike against one of their own children, for surely if not for Me, they will rally around one they have tutored and raised and in doing so, the Faith will be strengthened and they shall find salvation.”

And so it was. The Deceiver was loosed into the courts and halls of Holy Amarr. With false promises and his connivances, he found a candidate to carry out his plans, and thus cloaked himself in the likeness of a Holder who held much influence and who was favored by the Emperor. Using his disguise, he convinced the Emperor to bestow upon the Crusaders more honors and titles, to commemorate their many acts of heroism in the name of Holy Amarr. So too, did it come to pass, that the child who had been brought up in the tradition of the Crusaders and been counted among their number, was set upon by the Deceiver.

Fooled not by the disguise, the child exclaimed, “Strike at me, Deceiver, and I shall strike back!”

Undaunted, the Deceiver struck and thus the child struck back at the hand of the Deceiver. But though wounded, the Deceiver was cunning and blinded the other Crusaders with his disguise as one of the Emperor’s favored.

When it came time for the child to be judged for their act, the Crusaders said, “Are we not sanctified by the Emperor? Are not our ways proven to be faithful by our many titles and honors? Therefore, we cast you out! You who would strike the Emperor’s favored are no child of ours. Begone! You are dead to us!”

At this, the Lord grew angry.

When the time of Judgment arrived, the Crusaders arrayed themselves in all of their finery, wearing their titles and honors upon their chests, carrying themselves before all of the faithful. But the Lord rebuked them and said, “You who claim to fight in My Name but feast with murderers of innocents, who consort with heretics, blasphemers, and apostates, and who perform the work of the Deceiver, I do not know you.”

The Crusaders cried out, “Lord! What of the lands we reclaimed in Your Name, of the enemies that we vanquished, and of those we raised to live the Faith?”

The Lord said unto them, “What good are lands watered in innocent blood? When enemies who defile My Name yet walk in your midst, you claim victory? And even after you cast out your own child, you raise them up as proof of your Faith? You have become drunk on hollow victories and have grown prideful and arrogant, putting more stock in trinkets than in the Scripture of Holy Amarr.”

The Lord then turned and said unto the child, “But you who did not waver, who saw evil and wrongdoing as they were, I shall raise up.”

The child, who had been wandering in the desert, responded, “Lord, I ask that you have mercy on those who raised me.”

At this, the Lord was pleased.

The Lord then said unto all those gathered, to all of the faithful Emperors and Empresses, to all of the faithful Holders, to all of the faithful serfs, “Lead all children to the light of God, for Heaven is theirs to inherit.”