[LUMEN] Oasis of Faith, Mishi

Reports of Heightened Triglavian Activity in Chibi system, Aridia region; “No Comment” from Khanid Military Circuit

As promised, we have remained vigilant. LUMEN’s facility, Oasis of Faith, has been positioned near Mishi IV in Aridia and onlined to support the reserve force of a full compliment of anti-triglavian vessels, the fits of which have been honed in our extensive operations in the Mandate. Dam-Torsad Honor Guard has been tasked with a contract to assist in the maintenance and defense of the structure and, thus, holds nominal ownership during the term of the contract.

We will remain vigilant as to any reports of incursions and continue to also work with our partners in ARC to confront the Triglavian threat in Empire and Kingdom and the cluster at large.

On a personal note, to my Queen, my compliments.
To Mishi, an Oasis of Faith, your sons and daughters do not forget, no matter where we are in the Ni-Kunni diaspora across the Empire.

Lunarisse Aspenstar Daphiti
Co-Executor Khimi Harar
Directrix Societas Imperialis Sceptri Coronaeque
116 Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year
Mother & Grandmother


Within twenty four hours of our deployment a large blood raider fleet of subcapitals stuck the Oasis of Faith and reinforced shields. In the aftermath tbe Blood Raider fleet was reduced by loyalists and the armor timer passed without event.

In light of the increased security in Aridia through the Kingdom Military Circuit, it is concerning that such a large presence of Blood Raider was present in High Security space off the Ni Kunni home world.


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