Aegis Militia seeks 'monsters'

I was recently approached by the Hedge Knight Kithrus, seeking True Slaves to bolster his ranks. While the True Slave Foundations focuses more on Station and Planet side issues connected to our works recently, apparently this fake gold trimmed vulture seeks our pilots. Despite the Aegis Militia’s apparent NRDS stance on combat he thought that Nation Loyalists would be a good choice?

While we have in the past worked with certain pragmatic four empire aligned groups in the past, and my current work with Phoenix Naval Systems as a combat consultant, we have never given up our core values and loyalties to the Master’s Vision of Utopia. I have no idea why he thought we would work for the Empires goals in rooting out ‘monsters’ when he calls us one.

Full logs of the interaction can be found here.

I am not sure if the Hedge Knight even has a reputation to tarnish. Even still, I think that such poor choices should be highlighted.

Speaking of highlights.

Kithrus > Let me put it this way, if you experiemnt on our enemies I don’t give a damn. We may have a few, even PIE. Depends how they react to the rooster.
Kithrus > I want results, you provide them I don’t care how morality be damned.
Kithrus > You can’t black mail me. this is the way AM has always been its just been sleeping a long time.

I wish AM the best of luck. You seem to need it.


Oh dear.

This is… hilarious.




Well then…

That was different.


I didn’t realize how low my opinion of the Khanid Kingdom was until I realized that I fully believed the Sansha.

Of course when you realize that Sansha’s Nation and the Blood Raiders are blue to each other, things make a lot more sense.


I believe there’s a gentlemanly agreement to grr at each other from across the Regional divide. ‘Blue’ while very technically true is also likely overstating it. There are occasional small scale raids going both ways.


Well now, isn’t this interesting.


I knew he was trouble when he caused the death of my daughter’s clone in the depths of the Abyss.

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As despicable as the Sansha creatures are, I find myself more disgusted by the thought that any Amarrian, their political stances set aside, would do something as heinous and traitorous to the Faith as to attempt to recruit those soulless things.

“Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.”

Slaves are slaves in order that they might serve, and so doing have their souls redeemed and Reclaimed. A soulless thing cannot be redeemed or Reclaimed, and thus cannot be a proper slave.


This entire conversation COULD be fabricated… But lately Kithrus’ been going off the rails so hard this doesn’t surprise me in the least.


It certainly could be. I’ve never known Evi to lie though.


Invite the man to defend himself, and speak his side. We are not God, gifted with the knowing to judge that which may not necessarily be true. But the accusation at hand is severe enough to warrant investigation.

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I wish that I could say this was unexpected or unbelievable, but… it’s really not.


…okay, sure. Sure. Whatever. Not like things have gone far enough to hell lately, what’s one more to the pile. Fine.


… but why would PIE be getting up in arms about a rooster? I mean, it’s not like it’s an assault chicken or whatever the Caldari name their ships, it’s just… a bird.


“And a great sound as of ten trillion foreheads all slapped in unison was heard throughout the Empire.”


I’m sure it’s all a big misunderstanding. No doubt we’ll laugh about this, later.


Some of us are laughing now


This does present the whole kitten-skinning Angel thing in a new and even more amusing light, doesn’t it.


From experience, all you have to do when working with TS-F is adopt a super edgy persona and respond to all the people who tell you, but you can’t do that with:

Oh, but I just did.

Also, actually being somewhat competent at space violence helps so when folks tell you that you are set -10 you just laugh in their face.