Biology of Sansha's Nation

In discussing the word narodnya, classification of Sansha’s Nation as either human or not-human has arisen. My thinking was that Sansha’s Nation is a bio-mechanical organism which spreads through viral attack. However, this is disputed.

What is the consensus on biology of Sansha’s Nation? Is it an empire comprised of humans; or, is it something that is not human?

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Sansha’s nation’s population can be divided in two main categories, a small elite minority, and a enslaved majority. The elite use cybernetic implants to control the slaves who are also themselves fitted with a certain amount of cybernetics, some look like everyday people, while most are augmented to the extend that they seem more machine then human.
The slaves are also hivelinked to one another, so their minds are interconnected.


Thinking of the dark gothic butterfly reminded me that “trans human” was vogue a while back. If I recall correctly, it emerged before Nation’s resplendent reentry into space jacked up on Jovian steroids. “Trans human” originally applied to pod people, but would certainly apply to Nation’s “True Slaves” (a delicious concept).

Oh! Oh! I remember an affair with one “True Plague.”

I think it was True Plague. How rude of me. She was very Stylish. If it is too much to Hope that Amarr or Matar will be blown up by angels or Prophet Nauplius, having Shesha turned into a plagueland by lost love wouldn’t be so bad.

I digress. It’s what I do. It was common to refer to Nation as “toasters” and “zombies.” Playground stuff, really. Appliances are people, too. I have the most wonderful conversations with my refrigerator. She is a charming, precious thing who always agrees that one more scoop of cookie dough won’t hurt anyone. Zombies are perhaps less charming. But…

But, but, but!

I should make a minotaur zombie for my lycanthropic Sebiestor to play with. Who is a good boy? Yes, yes, that’s right, you are! Scratch scratch scratch thump thump thump! What would the proper base for a minotaur zombie be? Down. Good boy. It can’t just be a min…matar zombie. That’s trite. Some hulking strong virile… oh, my!

I’ve been binge reading too many naughty novels.

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Well, a collection of humanoids unless those experiments extended to animals, like Sansha-controlled Slaver Hounds. Of course, there’s a good possibility whatever technology they have been using has advanced.

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Oh. My. God. I must have one. I’m sure that it has been done. Well, not sure sure. I don’t image Evi-darling pays much attention to discussions of Nation anymore. But if you do, sweetie, would you happen to know if this has been done?

They would go perfectly with infomorphic spectral slaver hounds.

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You know, if you’re going to ignore direct mails asking you what insanity you’re on about, you could at least respond to public inquiries about what insanity you’re on about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Recounting the full tale of lycanthropic Sebiestor at this point would be excessive even for me.

When Nation reintroduced itself after having eaten some Jovian fortress (so there is some connection to the present topic), there was a big brouhaha. Hundreds of people got involved in yelling at one another, complaining about Revan, and doing research. The research varied, from star maps to the “original” Ancient Factions (out of deference to age): Yan Jung, Talocan, Sleeper, and Takmahl. I moved to Araz, set up… I think five planetary colonies, and began studying Takmahl relics and blueprints.

This produced an infrastructure of wetframe, viral, cybernetic, transcrannial, robotic, whathaveyou. I also spun up a bunch of research agents. It occurs to me they are still going. I should say hi. The first product was an infomorphic sheep colony. They are now all happy as can be in Shesha. I’m not sure what prompted the move. Maybe the research agents. Araz is kind of out there.

Second product was an improvement of Sebiestor by merging them with slaver hounds, e.g. lycanthropic Sebiestor. I also proposed that the Republic improve its balance of trade by selling Amarr the Sebiestor back. Although the Sanmatar is obviously on board, as are the Kru, other tribes are being persnickety - particular the Stark tribe. They are so pious about slavery.

Oh, damn, I’m a nun now, aren’t I? The Starks are lovely people.

The third product was a giant metal eating mushroom grown on the shores of Great Frozen Tekojarvi as a bioremedial solution to the toxic catastrophe of a big space box burning through the atmosphere of Caldari Prime and crashing.

To their credit, the Caldari authorities did respond to my suggestion that the metal eating mushrooms be grown on the wreck itself, though that answer was “no.” At least the lake is beautiful.

Somewhere in all of the that planetary colonies became a real pain in the ass. I discombooberated or moved most of them. I think I am down to only Caldari Prime - of course that colony is basically a giant mushroom, now (one soon to be prowled by spectral slaver hounds and partially improved Sebiestor).

It isn’t that I disagree with replacing all of humanity with a few True Slaves and a blob of goo, but there are just too many spikes for my refined tastes. The lycanthropic Sebbies at least will do just fine in that remote and otherwise bleak future.

Soooo… no actual information, you’re just making this stuff up whole cloth as you go, eh?

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The inner world is much more satisfying than the cough real cough world.

They are bot aspirants.

(( This is an IC forum. Characters don’t know anything about Star Trek. :wink: ))



I pay attention to everything. What I respond to tends to fluctuate based on what else has me preoccupied. And it depends on what you’re asking about. True Slave implants are necessarily human based. Our work aims to save humanity despite yourselves. There are other ways to control and direct beasts.

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Right! There was a fictional exploration of that topic. I can’t remember the name. If I were to remember, the otherwise generic Sebbie who ironically is often on about character would probably generate more static. Some collective or other put humanity on trial for never amounting to more than a bunch of idiots killing each other. Said collective concluded that even if that were true, the crime is the punishment. Brilliant!

Nation’s premise is not invalid.

There was some other thing where the Ancient Creepy Exoskeletons started blowing up planets to keep them from casting Ancient Shadows…

Memo to Heaven: blow up a planet people care about right this instant!

There two fine choices. Blow up Amarr to spank us for losing your presents; or, blow up Pitter Pator because the Prophet has already tried to do so using your stream drives and let’s face it, darlings, that’s the most inventive use of space junk our Cluster has ever seen.

Well, I suppose you could blow up the third rock to solve that archaeological dispute. Oh! Oh! The third rock! I hear that idiot’s static already but it was so worth it.

The popular literature I have been reading favors labelling Sansha’s Nation a “zombie apocalypse.” However, in a busy news cycle, one professor of my alma mater has weighed in on the topic:

Dr. Umberto Pendulo of the University of Caille’s Department of Posthuman Studies, and author of Meta-archaeology of the Epistemological Crisis , told us that, “There are significant indications of a deep hostility towards forms of posthumanity that involve so-called ‘hive minds’, which would presumably include Sansha’s Nation and almost certainly their supporters.”

I asserted the term narodnya was a class which included both human and not-human instances, and therefore did not itself mean “human.” Categorizing Sansha’s Nation as not-human caused the controversy leading to the initiation of this thread. Some comments here have been helpful, which is appreciated.

In light of the professor’s remarks, I will amend my assertion. Narodnya is a class which includes both human and post-human instances. As a class which applies to human and post-human instances, narodnya does not itself simply mean “human.”

‘Post-human’ is a ridiculous term in and of itself. They’re human. Even True Slaves are human. They are abused, mutilated, crippled and maimed humans being controlled in large part by distributed processing, but they’re human. All of this ‘trans-human’ and ‘post-human’ nonsense is just the pathetic nattering of fools with fragile egos.


But the Federation has described itself as being a post-human society…



Oh my.


Sansha Nation, however, is DEFINITELY post-human.
They take humans, they kill them and turn them into zombies. Thus, they can be considered as already dead humans and what happens in Nation happens past human lives. Thus, they are post-human.

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Interesting thing about the motives of such mutilation-brainwashing is that the nation expects their people to sacrifice their freedoms for sake of progress that will better the lives of true citizens…

Sound very similar to the logic of freedom-hatred of certain empire nation isnt it?

That’s not brainwashing, that’s brainscooping. Unlike Gallente Federation, Sansha Nation doesn’t teach them random dogmatic ■■■■■■■■, like convincing them that freedom is not evil or democracy is not as terrible management system as it is. It simply re"wires" their brains so they do as they’re programmed.

Not really. Besides, hating freedom is way better than fanatical worshipping of it, not realizing how evil it is. At least, hatred of freedom is rational, while a belief that freedom is “good” is a dogmatic anti-intellectual approach.