Biology of Sansha's Nation

Spoken like a true fanatic yourself!
I am born and raised in a privileged position from a society that looks down upon freedom much more than the Caldari does.
From such society, which views oppression as a holy duty, I was fortunate enough to enjoy all the luxuries as the oppressor.
I rejected all that for sake of dedicating my life as an apostle of true divine truth that freedom is a given right and all those deny from such truth must face perdition.

This is where we differ fundamentally my lady, you believe freedom and democracy are evil while I believe the only reward fitting for all tyrants, no matter how ‘benevolent’ their intentions, their own severed heads and none else.

I believe due to such differences we are not going to have any fruitful results from any debate between us, so why just dont we conclude it here, flaunting our own dogmas like fanatics we are?

Let me just say one thing, you will make them a great True citizen, or a True slave even without the mutilation.

Except there’s nothing fanatical in my speeches, I only point out on inconsistences in ideals of freedom worshipping fanatics.
I do believe in meritocracy, but unlike brainwashed gallenteans, I do not worship it, I offer everyone chance to prove me there’s something better. Yet, gallentean fanatics only insult me when I point out on their brainwashed propaganda. So, who is us is fanatic, really?

It’s a pity then that your family has failed in teaching you the humanity and values that humans shall have… I could have asked you, what happened that you degraded yourself to that degree, but that’s not really the subject of the conversation, and if you will feel spilling out the beans like you started, you could continue that via NeoCom mail or by making another discussion.

I really doubt the Scriptures teach that. Reference, please.

That’s what gallenteans do. Oppressors and hedonists, bathing themselves in their luxuries. Now I can understand more clearly on your underlying motives.

“true divine truth that freedom is a given right” - now that’s a quite fanatical statement. “True divine truth” - very interesting concept. Was it written in Scriptures? Could it be proven by logic? What is that then? You’re planning on claiming yourself as a new prophet? New Nauplius, make your own religion of Raholanism?

There is a good saying, let the Winds lead me to those who are seeking the truth and blew away from me those, who have found it.

And moreover, in your so-called “divine truth”, there are obvious flaws. First of all, none of the rights can be given. Nothing can be bestowed on you unless you earn it. Those, who call for so-called “rights” are only claiming to get something that they don’t deserve. It’s annoying and arrogant.
Second, even if a freedom will be offered, only fools will choose it. Freedom is not even a right. Freedom is a state of ruin. Nobody in sane mind will choose that path willingly. Well, maybe that my statement was a bit harsh, since there are monks who want to separate themselves completely from the mundane and leave as hermit without any bounds with anyone and anything, but I dislike them as well, of course not as harshly as freedom fanatics, who try to enforce their foolish ideals on others with force.

I truly believe that every freedom fighter deserves to have their own severed head on a pike.
As for regiciding benevolent rulers, well… that can be fit under a number of crimes, definitely murder or murder attempt, probably terrorism, anarchism, high treason. I have read a lot of examples in history where madmen were going for regicide to become “famous” - even if for a day.

But think about that - you don’t worth even a finger of those who became rulers. Your merits are incompatible with theirs, you always will remain in their shadow. And even if you manage somehow to kill one of them, you’ll never achieve their greatness. And you will be famous just for one day.

Except I am not flaunting any dogmas. I might say my conclusions about freedoms, rights, rulers - just to save room and because it’s not really relevant to discussion. But it doesn’t mean I can’t prove any of my word that I speak, and for this I can offer several different discussions: - about futility of rights; - about benevolent rulers;
I don’t think I have any open discussion about whether freedom is good or bad, since I did a lot of discussion about that in the past and so far nobody brought a good argument to me showing it is not evil - but if you wish, you can start a new discussion on that (usually it degrades to someone like Arrendis jumping in and yelling left and right “Freedom is not freedom! You don’t understand!” etc etc etc)

Really, if someone of us will better suit a candidature of True slave - that clearly will be you, not me. Whole Sansha Nation is a perfect example of what can happen when you give to certain person too much freedom.

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You are challenging to read, Enemy Strike Commander Kim. However, that is a profound observation.

Unsure if this tangent is better or worse than the original line of questioning.



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Although I agree with you most I wanted you remember that those midlenss Sansha slaves (second category) are once free human beigns and many of them either tricked into this terrible faith or simply abducted.

We must also not forget this fact…